Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus_San Diego Fashion Blogger_San Diego California_Student Pharmacist_Pharmacy Student_Pop Up Art_Wonderspaces

This post has definitely been a long time coming! I visited Wonderspaces in San Diego over the summer and haven't had the chance to upload my pictures until now though I did post some on my Instagram and VSCO! If you know me, then you must know I love pop-up art installations and museums/art in general! I'm all for traveling a bit of a distance to see something unique and of course, instagrammable. From neon lights to playing with a floating ball complete with charcoal tips, my favorite exhibit had to be the virtual reality experience - it was my first time and it certainly did not disappoint. Jonathan and I both chose Transition and it was a 4D experience. When I first sat down, there was a fan pointed directly in my face, I did not understand it prior to putting on the VR gear but once the film started, it all made sense. There was a point where my boat flipped and I felt as if I was falling over - it amazes me how the brain can be easily tricked into feeling all kinds of emotions.  I hope you guys like the pictures! Until next time!

Striped Lace Up with Jamba Juice

Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus_Energy Bowls Jamba Juice_What I Wore_Casual Weekend Style_California Cool

Hey guys! If you've been following along on my instagram, you know that I recently tried Jamba Juice's new Energy Bowls! The one pictured here is the Island Pitaya Bowl along with their Matcha Green Tea Blast Smoothie! I needed a break from studying and of course, I naturally wanted food so I opted for healthy options at Jamba. The Island Pitaya Bowl is only 470 calories with 6g of protein and 12g of dietary fiber. I must admit, I came in with the preconceived notion that the pitaya would be bland but to my surprise, it was just the right amount of sweetness! The added dash of honey was in perfect proportion with all the other ingredients which include: pineapples, bananas, strawberries, mangos, pumpkin flax seed granola, blueberries, chia seeds and coconut! 

I'm wearing one my my typical weekend outfits which calls for something comfortable and casual. Instead of wearing my go to black leather shorts, I decided to mix it up with my sequined ones! This is definitely something I would also wear to exams. Some of the classrooms at UCSD have their AC on full blast so it's a good idea to have an extra layer just in case! Anyways, I'll have another post up in the future on their other Energy Bowl: Chunky Strawberry. Until next time!


Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus_All Black Outfit_Quilted Leather Shorts_dfrntpigeon

dfrntpigeon was launched by New Avenues For Youth, a non-profit organization, to provide a creative environment for at-risk and homeless youths in Portland, Oregon. At first glance, you may pick up on the fact that these tees are a good representation of life - from highlighting the unspoken truths about society to providing hope in dark times. However, what you may not know is that each design is created by a talented artist facing the challenges of living in a disadvantaged community. The original work by these young designers feed into the dfrntpigeon's mission of helping marginalizing youth transition out of street life towards a path to success.

From dfrntpigeon:

"We are the different ones... who know what it means to eat, sleep and breathe survival. Who aren't defined by the hand [we've ] been dealt. We are here to show that struggle made us better...and when it comes to adversity? We don't just rise above it, we take flight."

I'm wearing their Classic Graphic Logo Tee featuring the brand logo. Check out their tees and support their mission!

Borrego Springs Boho

Adrienne Nguyen_San Diego Fashion Blogger_Invictus_Borrego Springs Scultures

Howdy folks! I just started my second week of school and I cannot fathom the amount of material that has already accumulated. I've technically only been in school for seven days but whew this block schedule is definitely different. I personally prefer the scheduling since class lets out around noon each day. Even though I'm falling slightly behind, I'm taking my time to review concepts since they all build upon each other. It's better to develop a strong foundation of the topics rather than cram the material solely based on blind memorization. I've never been a fan of watching videos on Youtube but I found the "science" explanation videos truly beneficial this time round though I may be biased since I'm more of a visual learner... I'm making use and taking full advantage of every resource available to me! I'll be writing more pharmacy related posts in the near future!

Now let's flash back to the summer when I was in Borrego Springs! I live somewhat far from campus up in the mountains so it's still pretty warm... so what better time to post this desert bohemian outfit! The weather at home is completely opposite with that in La Jolla since it's always foggy and gloomy (even sprinkling at times) but that's probably because it's so close to the beach! Anyways, these sculptures in Borrego Springs are scattered all over the place! Jonathan and I had a map but we still had to drive up and down the dirt roads to find these beasts. I'm uploading most of my pictures on VSCO but here's a taste of what it's like in this sunny area. It was oddly quiet with very few residents. People come here for the sole purpose of taking pictures and you can drive up within inches of them which means lots of dust and dirt whirlwinds as you're attempting to snap the perfect picture. Nevertheless, we managed to get a few snaps in before I hopped into the middle of the road pretending to be a hitchhiker! Until next time!

Vertical Stripes

off the shoulder vertical stripes top with bows_Adrienne nguyen_Invictus

Summer is dwindling down way too fast... I have orientation today and I officially start school after Labor Day. I must admit that I'm excited to be back in school though I'm not looking forward to exams. As for reflections, this has been one abominable summer. I don't share too much about my personal life online to maintain privacy (besides my pharmacy experience) but for those who follow me on Instagram, you're already aware of my situation. From my grandmother passing away hours before boarding her flight from Vietnam --> America, me landing in the hospital after coming back to the States and other tiny nightmares, this summer has really tested my ability to persevere - life has ways of testing your endurance both physically and mentally. But I've also had some great moments this summer! Jonathan and I went to the Museum of Ice Cream in Los Angeles where we tried some really interesting ice cream and took a ton of pictures (linked here). We also ventured off to Wonderspaces in San Diego last week - I'll have my Wonderspaces post up shortly!

I managed to shoot some outfits here and there; this outfit was shot earlier this summer. I decided to take on a casual look in this multi-colored striped off the shoulder top with wrist bows! I wore this outfit for a day out at Seaport Village in San Diego. It's a pretty quaint area and a typical tourist attraction though it wasn't exactly crowded. The one thing I noticed when I was here was that it has an uncanny resemblance to Shoreline Village in Long Beach. If you run out of things to do, you can venture towards the USS Midway which is docked within a walkable distance from the village. I'm hoping to post more during the school year - I'll be incorporating lifestyle, travel and photography along with my usual personal style posts.

Back to School Essentials: Pharmacy Edition

I love wandering through stores that offer a large selection of school supplies. I would say I'm an old fashioned kind of gal; I love writing things down on paper. You should see my growing collection of empty journals on my bookshelves! Even though I bring my laptop to school, I still rewrite my notes afterwards... I feel that I learn and absorb the material better using this method. This school year may prove to be different. During our second year of pharmacy school, we take classes with medical students which are primarily podcasted.  This means that I'll have the opportunity to listen to these lectures within the confines of my room and write notes at my own pace.

I compiled a list of back to school goodies in this post that I believe every student pharmacist should own before starting pharmacy school. Sure you need your basics (i.e. pencils, highlighters, multi-colored pens, white-out, etc) but I think these extra things make life that much simpler. Oh, I took the picture above when I went in after class to study for Histology (also the same room used for Gross Anatomy). This is what the room will look during exams so you guys definitely have an edge already! I didn't know the layout of the test until a few days beforehand. For any future Tritons out there, make sure you don't touch anything in the room before you eat... you might accidentally eat a piece of cadaver or fluid from them!

Army Strong

Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus_camouflage romper_army girl

Happy Total Solar Eclipse day! Are any of you in a prime viewing area? I'm currently situated in San Diego, pretty far from Oregon, but it's projected that we'll be able to see a "partial" eclipse. I'm going to try to be a glass half full kind of girl. Better than nothing, right? Well, I hope you guys all have fun trying to safely view this rare phenomenon! I'm hoping to see something and if I do, I'll definitely share it with you guys on Instagram Stories. On another note, I start school in less than two weeks so I'll be posting some back to school essentials in my next post! As for this one, I adore this camouflage romper I acquired quite some time ago. I have this love-hate relationship with them. It's easy to style and versatile but it's such a pain when you need to use the facilities. High five to any gals out there who know what I'm talking about. I paired this camo print romper with my Timberland boots and finished my look off with tortoise shell sunnies. I'll be posting more pharmacy related posts soon since I've had so many emails with similar questions! Until next time.

Downtown Vibes

Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus_Black Forever 21 Sweater Dress_Black and White V Neck Sweater Dress

I'm back to my regular outfit posts though I would love to move my blog into the direction of also incorporating lifestyle and travel. I mentioned it in the past but I did not realize how life as a student would rapidly consume me. I'm typically in front of the camera lens whenever I have a DSLR around however, I do snap a lot of pictures on my iPhone that I upload onto my VSCO. It's been one crazy summer and I cannot believe I start school in two weeks. From the numerous conversations I've had with upperclassmen, the second year of pharmacy is both a blessing and a curse. Why? Well, we have shorter days along with podcasts! One of the unique things about UCSD is that pharmacy students take courses with medical students during their second year. Which leads to the most common negative thing I hear. According to my colleagues, medical students typically regard pharmacy students as lower on the totem pole. I've seen and heard about this from a non-health professional patient's standpoint but to face this bias amongst healthcare providers? It's absurd. I'm excited for the school year to come and I'm hoping for the best. Hopefully there's no patronizing and all the stories I heard were isolated events.

Anyways, this outfit was actually taken in April 2017 for a day out at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. I found this comfortable black and white sweater dress that kept me warm throughout the chilly day. Since Jonathan and I planned on walking around Downtown San Diego, I wore my platform sneakers ( Get these exact oxford platform sneakers here at ZAPPOS ). We ventured into Little Italy where we came across this Firehouse Museum. Although it was closed, it made for a great contrasting backdrop! I've explored quite a bit of Downtown San Diego... from Seaport Village to the San Diego Passport Agency Building but I still feel like a transplant in the area. There's always something new around the corner and the streets are filled with so much life (not to mention tourists) on the weekends. I'm slowly discovering secrets spots in San Diego and I can't wait to document and share them with you guys! Until next time!

From Vietnam, With Love

Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus_Vietnam_Travel Blogger_Travel to Vietnam_Hoi An Ancient Town
To all my lovely readers, you may have noticed that I've been MIA and for all of those who follow me on Instagram, I made Insta-Videos and posted pictures explaining why my online presence was scarce. Truth be told, it's been a brutal month for me. My grandma was hours away from boarding her flight to America with my relatives before suddenly passing away. It was very unexpected since she was otherwise healthy and active. I'll never forget the moment my mom called me to inform me that my grandma passed away. I was volunteering for Pharmacy Day at Rady's Children Hospital when I heard the news. It was towards the end of the event but I was left in shock. I just stood there amongst my colleagues without engaging with anyone. I didn't know how to react. How to respond. How to function. All I could muster in my mind was, this isn't real. The world seemed to tense and shrivel up into a ball. I drove home as fast as I could to schedule an appointment to make emergency passports for my California family members. Unfortunately, I got back at 5PM and of course, the passport agency called it a day. I was able to talk my way to get in touch with the national officer in Washington D.C. and I truly appreciate everything she did for me. She worked with me from 5PM -10PM PCT which means she was still responding to my emails and calls at 1AM. After sending paperwork her way, she opened up an office right here in San Diego on Saturday. Although it took around 3.5 hours to complete, we were all able to hop on the plane that night/next day and fly out to Vietnam.

As the saying goes, live life without regrets. Well, no offense to whoever spoke those immortal words, but I wish I got to know my grandma better. It was hard to see her lifeless body in the casket but she seemed happy, at peace... as if she were sleeping. In traditional Vietnamese Buddhist funerals, immediate family members wear white as opposed to wearing all black as we do here in America. I can go into detail about the funeral arrangements and actual procession but I will omit that part from my post.

After attending my grandma's funeral in Vietnam, I was able to better appreciate my mother's heritage and the Vietnamese culture itself. I was surprised to see how developed Da Nang, Vietnam was from the last time I was there (around 8-9 years old). I explored many parts of the city and took numerous pictures which I'll share in this post, my Instagram, and VSCO (contains higher quality and edited pictures). I really do wish I brought a DSLR with me but all my pictures were taken on my iPhone 6... typically in the back of a moving car. I pretty much stayed in Da Nang during my entire trip though I did venture to Hoi An - a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

I endured a long flight back to LAX and returned to research the following day. I didn't experience any jet lag and thought I was healthy... but then I landed in the hospital. Nevertheless, I'm up late writing this post because I'm a bit restless from everything that has happened these past two weeks. This happens to be one of my most personal posts in quite a long while. I just wanted to share with all of you what's been going on in my life. Until next time.

Gone With the Wind

Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus_Bohemian Style Summer Boho Fashion
It's been a pretty busy week since I just started making use of my intern license - I decided to start working this summer to gain some experience. For those that have been following my blog, I entered pharmacy school without any ounce of exposure into the field. I was heavy on research and I still am. I've never had such a jammed packed academically focused summer... ever! Even though I'm doing research at both UCI and UCSD while working, I'm not as stressed as when I'm in school. The feeling of being able to leave my work behind me at the end of the day is relieving. Sure, I continue my research at home but I'm not staying up late to cram in last minute material for an exam.

I suppose it's all about my outlook on things. The notion that I will not be tested on anything at the end is comforting. It's all about facts and being about to fully execute all my tasks with precision. But enough about my life, here's a bohemian inspired outfit I recently wore on an absurdly humid day in San Diego. I got this Forever 21 maxi dress not too long ago and I styled it my own personal way. I love, love, love sleeveless duster coats so when I realized how versatile this dress could be, I quickly snatched it up! I went out to lunch with my mom after we snapped these pictures and it was so good to feel the crisp cool air from the AC after suffering in the sun. Hope you guys like this post! Until next time!

American Pride

Fahrenheit Swimwear Fourth of July Bikini_Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus_Stars and Stripes_American Pride_Independence Day Bikini_Bow Bikini_Scrunch Butt

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! I hope y'all have a fun day with friends and family! Things can get pretty crazy so take extra precautions! This will be my first Independence Day in San Diego and I'm currently researching the best place to view fireworks! Traffic in SD is horrendous... I can only imagine how much worse it'll be later this evening! Anyways, I spent yesterday back at my old stomping grounds - UCI Medical Center...well, my old cubicle in the City Tower! I can't believe my spot is still the same even after one year - my name tag and paper cranes are still there though they were all covered in dust! I'm continuing to do research this summer for UCI and these upcoming weeks will be especially hectic. I'll be juggling research for UCSD and UCI as well as doing actual pharmacy related work and getting some of my IPPE hours down.

Onwards to my outfit, I'm wearing this cute Fourth of July Swimsuit from Fahrenheit Swimwear! Each piece is meticulously made in California - support Made in USA products by purchasing from this growing brand! Make sure to use: ADRIENNE15 at checkout to get 15% OFF your purchase of $30! Get this exact bikini at Fahrenheit Swimwear and check out all their other bikinis!

Summer Soiree

What's the one thing every student longs for after a year long of hard work and late nights studying material they'll most likely forget by the end of the quarter or semester? Summer! There's nothing quite like enjoying those long summer days just basking in the sun. Sure, the first few days will involve catching up on much needed sleep but then it's time to plan for summer festivities! 

I could forego all the details to a party planner but writing notes in my agenda, making lists and things of the sort keep me calm...though I'm sure my mentality will change once I'm older. I'm an old fashioned kinda gal so I love hard copies of everything including invitations. But I can't live in the past. Our generation is becoming more dependent on technology therefore, I too must adapt. Paperless Post has a growing selection of meticulously designed online invitations you could use at your next party or gathering. Planning on throwing a backyard BBQ? Planning a brunch with your girlfriends? Planning a bridal shower? Trying to come up with a clever way to invite all your friends to your next birthday bash? Why not send them invitations from Paperless Post? Instead of being basic with a typical Facebook blast, send all your good friends an online invitation!

Bunny - VB X Target

Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus_Victoria Beckham for Target Bunny Collar Pink Dress_Pink Collar Dress_How to wear Pastels at Work_What to Wear to Work in the Summer

I completely forgot to post this! Life was a bit hectic during school and for those following my blog, you saw how scarce my posts were. Not going to lie, spring quarter was a beast... it certainly kept me occupied days and nights. Anyways, I bought a bunch of items from Victoria Beckham for Target collaboration the first day it came out! The Target near my home still had a good quantity of items in stock though my size was pretty much gone. Those following my Instagram Stories saw that I actually bought a girls XL dress (not the one pictured in this post but the scallop one) because adult sizes were gone! I've since worn this dress twice, once briefly for Easter brunch and the second time was my first day of summer research! It was a humid day and I drove from one hospital to another - turns out I'll be dividing my time between 2 of the 3 Palomar Hospitals in San Diego! It's going to be one busy summer! To all my readers, pharmacy candidates and fashion aficionados, what would you guys like to see more of? I want to experiment this summer while I still have free time!

Museum of Ice Cream

Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus_Museum Of Ice Cream Los Angeles_Banana Room_VSCO_Pharmacy Student_Travel Blogger

The first thing I did after finals was take a long nap but the day after? I went to the Museum of Ice Cream with Jonathan!!! Insert all the smiley face emojis! Jonathan was able to get tickets the day right after my finals - which happened to be the day after his birthday and a few days after our 10 year anniversary! We ventured from San Diego to Los Angeles to make our 6:30PM slot and we were surprised at how many people were also there. We entered as a group of 10 but we lost our group within the first five minutes since we stayed back to take pictures! I'm so glad I was able to visit this museum and it really did live up to the hype! Unfortunately, we were unable to take close up pictures with the ice cream figurines or even touch them since they were damaged by earlier museum patrons. I hope you guys enjoy this post! All pictures were from my iPhone 6! To see more images, follow me on Instagram, Twitter and VSCO.

A Typical Week In the Shoes of a Student Pharmacist

hitchhiking_california fashion blogger_california pharmacy student_adrienne Nguyen_invictus_ootd_boho_roadtrip_fashionista

Hey guys! I'm finally back! I just took my last final and I'm officially done with my first year of pharmacy school! I was planning on adding videos I shot while at school however, the quality wasn't up to my standards so I'll be sharing my thoughts with words and a few pictures.

For those who haven't been following my blog, I am a first year student pharmacist at UCSD Skagg's School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. I was debating on how to go about documenting what an average week (during my last quarter of my P1 year) looks like; it was difficult since each day and week varies. Not to mention that my life for the past month revolved around studying for exams, working on projects, presenting said projects and participating in extracurriculars. Anyways, for the remainder of this post, I will condense everything that occurred this past month to give you guys better insight to my academic life. 


California Bohemian_Adrienne Nguyen_Boho_fashion blogger_san diego_Newport beach_fedora_off the shoulder_summer fashion

I only have 3 weeks left of school before finals - then I'll be done with my first year of pharmacy school! I cannot fathom how quickly this year, especially my last two quarters, has passed. If you think about it, we only have approximately 6 more months until 2018. My first quarter was pretty slow since I was required to do a lot of busy work and I still didn't know my classmates well. As the year progressed, I realized how good I had it at UCSD. The small class size allows me to become acquainted with everyone and the P/NP grading is a blessing in disguise since the courses are so rigorous. I can't imagine what it'll be like next year since I'll be taking courses alongside medical students.

Anyways, this week was pretty packed! There were deadlines, homework, the annual banquet and BBQ. I documented daily shenanigans in my Instagram Stories and as promised, I will upload my peak in a life of a pharmacy student post very soon! I wish I lived closer to school so I could attend more school functions and be more socially active but I'll have to make do with what I have. There's still so much work left before the quarter ends and the projects are piling on fast! I can only keep sane because I write every little detail down in my agenda! Anyways, this outfit was taken in Newport Beach when I still lived in Orange County. Dusk happens to be one of my favorite times in the day but I still have yet to watch the sunset on the beach in San Diego. I really must take advantage of this city when I'm on break! I hope you guys are enjoying the warm weather in California! Until next time!

How to Prepare For Pharmacy School

California Pharmacy School Blog_Pharmacy Student Blog_UCSD Student Pharmacy_First Year Pharmacy Student_California Pharmacy Schools_Tips_What to know before going to pharmacy school
(Picture Taken at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Downtown SD - Check out more of my photography at my VSCO)

Hey guys! As promised, this post will only contain pharmacy related material! I received a bunch of requests about what you guys would like to see on my blog! Practically all of you want to know what a typical day in the life of a student pharmacist entails however, each day is different. To address this, I will document what a typical WEEK looks like as a first year pharmacy student, P1, in Spring Quarter. I decided to wait until after midterms because if I did this beforehand, I would simply write about how much I procrastinate and cram before exams and how I take really, REALLY long naps. I will begin documenting this next week and I'll have everything up before June! For those of you who really want to know what goes in my life, follow along on my Instagram @adriennenguyenn. I upload Instagram Stories every day!

Another common request I got through emails and the mentor-mentee form involves the question,

What do you wish you knew before starting pharmacy school? 

The easiest way for me to lay out everything is by a list so scroll down to see what I recommend - these are in no particular order and they involve everything from classes, experiences and things to purchase.

Down To Earth

What to wear to the Farmer's Market - Maxi Dress and Jean Jacket - Simple Jean Jacket and Dress Look _ Adrienne Nguyen - Invictus - Pharmacy Student Style Blogger - San Diego

I've been constantly telling myself to wear more dresses in addition to honing in with clashing prints -one of my favorite past-time activities. But with midterms rapidly piling up, it's becoming that much more difficult to dress up. I find myself migrating towards easy and simpler choices such as shorts and a top - just check out my Instagram, @adriennenguyenn, and you'll know what I mean. Pictured here is a simple "running errands" look for the weekend. Since I've moved to San Diego, I've been fortunate enough snag A TON of great clothing deals. However, my closet is beyond capacity and I do need to manage it all. I plan on updating my Poshmark account towards the end of the quarter so be on the lookout!

To all my potential or current pharmacy students, I promise my next post will be related to pharmacy and school life. I took my first midterm of the quarter this past Friday and it was longer than I expected. What was supposed to be a 3 hour exam (8AM-11AM) turned out 4-4.5 hour exam... obviously the attendance rate for our 11AM class was extremely poor. I have four more midterms to power through and then I have a bit of a break before finals... Even though I'm researching this summer, I won't have to study! Just a few more weeks! Until next time!

Golden Pheasant Bird

Embroidered Jacket _What to wear with an Embroidered Blaxzr_Military Jacket_Adrienne Nguyen

I survived my two weeks back in school and I finished my first "MULTI-OSCE" this past Friday. I'm still trying to adjust waking up at 6AM for class but my biological clock isn't there yet. The OCSE was torture but I actually enjoyed it since I was able to see how I handled situations under pressure and what areas needed improvement! I'll create a separate "What is an OSCE" post in the near future! Anyways, I participated in "Doc 4 A Day" yesterday and it was fun getting to know local high school students. I was glad to see so many females interested in pursuing science as a career! We created coconut/vanilla flavored lip balm and helped them count M&M pills! I made a bunch of videos via Instagram stories but of course, I didn't have any reception so my videos vanished! For a more behind the scenes look of what goes on in life as a pharmacy student, follow along on Instagram @adriennenguyenn.

I love the embroidery trend this season so a bulk of my newly acquired items possess some sort of embroidery on it. I have yet to wear most of them since it's still a bit cold. As of now, I'm still layering with blazers and duster coats! The details on this Zara blazer are impeccable - from the embroidery to the gold buttons and red piping! I didn't know what sort of bird was on my blazer but I realized that

Oversized Scarf Layers

Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus_Houndstooth Oversized Scarf with Leather Belt and Fedora_Winter Layers_Flare Pants_How to wear a black turtleneck

Hey guys! I enjoyed a much needed week-long Spring Break! I was astonished at how little I used my laptop over my tiny vacation from school... though I was on Instagram a lot! For those of you who follow along, @adriennenguyenn, you saw all my adventures through IG stories. I spent the beginning half of my break in La Jolla / San Diego at the Pfizer Research and Development West Coast Division! After I complete my Pharm.D., I plan on extending my knowledge in industry - more on that soon! I went back to Orange County and spent the bulk of my break there... mostly running errands like taxes and such. What surprised me was the amount of security at Downtown Disney - there were checkpoints at every entrance so there was no way to avoid it! Another bummer? No more fireworks! I was able to hear fireworks every single night when I still lived in Orange County so I was very disheartened when I found out they discontinued it!

I always get nostalgic every time I'm back "home" but it's now back to the grind. I'm in class five days a week at 8AM and most of my classes extend into the late afternoon. I heard this is the worse quarter in all four years of pharmacy school... *insert teardrop emoji face* I'm taking 7 courses so forgive me if my posts become more scarce. I do plan on putting up more pharmacy related posts so be on the lookout!

I recently acquired this reversible oversized houndstooth scarf from Zara and it's such a versatile piece! Not only does it function as a scarf top, you can use it as a throw/blanket. I layered this over a black ribbed turtleneck for added warmth and boot cut Tahari pants to elongate my figure. To keep this scarf from flying off, I secured it with a brown leather belt! I finished off my outfit with a felt fedora that I found hard to keep on my head. I typically pin my hats down but it was a particularly windy day so pins did not suffice. I ended up holding my hat a majority of the time but it's all good! Hope you guys like this post! Until next time!

Pioneertown, California

Adrienne Nguyen_UCSD School of Pharmacy_Travel Blogger_Casual Style

Hey guys! I have a ton of outfit pictures I've taken in 2016 but have yet to post such as this one when I went on a semi-road trip to Pioneertown, Palm Springs and Big Bear. I hope to finish posting all my old outfits before the start of next quarter so I can show you guys my present style or rather my style at school.

I wore this DIY Breton Stripe dress for ease of movement and comfort however, I did not realize that it was this short when I wore it! I did wear shorts underneath so it was all good! On the day Jonathan and I took this trip, it was relatively cool so I layered this dress with a thin olive utility coat along with a black paisley print scarf wrapped around my neck a million times. One trend I love is tying small silk neck scarves around bag handles. I believe it evokes a sense of eloquence and power. This scarf was a bit too long and thick to function as a "bag scarf" but it was great for pictures whenever there was wind.

This outfit was taken at Pioneertown, California. I never knew this place existed until Jonathan told me about it. It's the cutest western area where the wi-fi connection sucks and the population in this particular area is at a mere 350 residents. I'd love to have a summer outfit shot here though I think my skin would melt off. If you guys follow me on Instagram, you know that I took my last final yesterday and I'm officially on SPRING BREAK! Grades are slowly coming out and so far, the results have been pleasing! This quarter was much more intense than the previous with an OSCE, 4 finals and two presentations. I thought I left procrastination behind me but everything piled on fast - I definitely need to manage my time better. For my pharmacy readers, I'll further expand on what OSCE's are since I believe it will help those interviewing at schools with an MMI format.


Hello my fellow Pharm.D. candidates!

It's been a while since I've specifically addressed pharmacy. By now, all the candidates are done with interviews and are awaiting acceptances or (hopefully) already placed a deposit to one or more schools. Many applicants applying this cycle asked me, in person or via email, why UCSD? I was bombarded with a ton of other questions that I plan to answer in this and future pharmacy related posts. Hopefully this particular post will help you understand my mentality in school selection and help you make an informed decision about your future!

UCSD School of Pharmacy Class of 2020 _ Pharmacy students_Student Pharmacists_California Pharmacy Schools
UCSD Class of 2020

*All pictures minus the one above are my own*


Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus_What to Wear with A Watermelon Bag _ Watermelon Clutch_California Fashion Blogger

I'm finally done with all my midterms - I wanted to have a new post up much earlier but I've been catching up on much needed sleep! After a brutal week of exams, I hopped into my car and blasted to Los Angeles in the rain to finalize some business details. I don't exactly know my way around LA so I used Siri and she ended up leading me into East LA as a shortcut. Not so great when it's raining, dark and gloomy... After getting stuck in traffic on the way back, I ended back in my hometown of Orange County! Anyways, I had a much needed break this weekend but it's back to the grind in San Diego!

I received this adorable watermelon clutch courtesy of Nylon Shop! I wanted to pair this with an outfit something bright and since it was still a tad bit cold, I decided to pull out my mustard coat from Zara! I believe the juxtaposition of the colors works extremely well and it's a great Spring outfit! Even though some of my clothes only fit certain criteria and/or events - I do love it when I can add something versatile, such as this coat, to my closet! It works for school, work, and play! Plus, the pop of color adds more life to everything!

As for pharmacy school, I cannot believe it's already Week 7! Finals are creeping up and within a blink of an eye, it'll be Spring Break! I'm taking 7 courses this quarter but it's zooming by way too fast! I wish I had a pause button in life just so I could live in the moment and have some time to breathe. Pharmacy school is no joke - if you're not passionate about pursuing a career in the field, you'll just be miserable all throughout school. Sure, I do other things and I still continue with all my hobbies however, I no longer have time to travel or explore with leisure. Anyways, I am so glad I am able to assist so many of you with all your questions and even meet some of you in person! I promise my next post will be Pharmacy related so be on the lookout! Until next time!

Casual Parisian

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Hey guys, it's been a while! I just finished my 4th week of school and took my first midterm of the quarter. For those of you who follow along on my Instagram, particularly my Instagram Stories, you saw that I spent the weekend in Santa Barbara! I had the honor of giving a podium at the Southern California Chapter of the American College of Surgeons. After many years of research, I was able to present my results to a group of peers. My project was a, "Comparison of Insulin Requirements in Distal Pancreatectomy Patients versus Whipple Procedure." I believe I was the only attendee who wasn't an MD, PhD or both. Many of my classmates asked me if I was nervous but I only felt tired. I juggled school, completing my presentation, my research paper and a new research proposal for this coming summer. I'm still suffering from "travel-lag" but I'm hoping to catch up on sleep this weekend!

Anyways, this is a typical outfit I would wear on cool or warm school days. When I was an undergraduate at UCI, I wore heels to class a majority of the time. Yes, I trekked up those crazy hills in Aldrich Park with heels and my feet did suffer... the things I do for fashion... Over time, the pain outweighed my desire to wear heels. My sneaker and flats collection is gradually getting larger though my heeled shoes closet is simultaneously growing at the same rate. When I began pharmacy school, I thought I could wear heels since P1 classes are in a single classroom. What I did not account for was the walk from the parking lot to the actual campus. Since I spend a great deal of my day at school and in traffic, flat comfortable shoes are my best friends. I love these leopard calf hair slip-ons from Kate Spade.

To all my future pharmacy students, what topics would you like to know more about? Many of you asked me about my typical day, life at UCSD/ San Diego and activities I'm involved in. I will be uploading my next pharmacy post in early February! I have to get through a four more midterms but then I'll finally have time to create posts that hopefully helps future or current applicants! Until next time!

Ruffling with the Blues

Cold Shoulder Ruffle Tier Dress from Zara _ Adrienne Nguyen _ Student Pharmacist INVICTUS

Long weekends are always the best! Even though I don't get much studying done, I do catch up on much needed sleep! Besides getting some extra ZZZ's, I did A LOT of shopping! I was glad to get a break from my packed schedule this quarter! I had free clinic for the first time last week and I found it rather fun. I heard mixed reviews from my classmates but my experience alongside a medical student was pleasant. The clinic I attended is located in Pacific Beach and there is quite a large turnout. From past experiences to now, I found it's only when you're immersed in the medical field that you understand how much knowledge you've acquired from school/life. Furthermore, you get to see firsthand how convenient it is to know Spanish. Thankfully, I'm taking it this quarter!

This particular outfit was taken when I first started pharmacy school... when it was still warm and I had time to actually dress up! What sucks is having to go to school early to get parking and beat traffic! Anyways, this cute cold shoulder ruffle tier dress from ZARA is one the of cutest ready to wear pieces I have in my closet! I love the subtle design and pop of color! This dress didn't restrict any arm movements and I actually wore this under my white coat! I can't wait to whirl around in this again!

I decided that I will make separate posts for pharmacy related topics. I will dabble here and there about life as a pharmacy student within my outfit posts but I will reserve pharmacy shenanigans to their own posts. I plan on making a separate "PHARMACY" category in the navigation bar above for easier access so be on the lookout! Until next time!

Bomber Chic

I can't believe I just finished my first week of school! Technically it was 3 days worth of classes but having to readjust my biological clock to wake up at 6AM sure took a toll on me. I'm taking more classes than last quarter and I was able to catch up with all my school work over the weekend! I also signed up for Spanish since it's the second most spoken language after English! It'll definitely help me wherever I end up putting down roots. Fingers crossed my knowledge of the French language helps me through it! Anyways, my fingers are all bandaged up since I was pricking my fingers to test my blood glucose level in a glucometer - we have "Diabetes Care" this quarter for Pharmacy Practice and a lot of our Top 150 drugs are for diabetes. After pricking myself for a day, I can't begin to imagine the daily pain diabetics have to go through along with monitoring what's consumed. However, this assignment did give me a new perspective of my eating habits and how I should be more aware of the things I put in my mouth. Not too worry though guys, I'm totally normal!

Anyways, one thing I cannot live and survive school without is my agenda - it gets really messy as the school year progresses but it helps me stay organized. Not only does it help me highlight deadlines and midterms (high five to anyone who uses colored pens), my agenda helps me manage time! I highly recommend getting one even if you're no longer it school - it works for everyone no matter what you're doing in life. Now on to temperature! The weather has been a bit bipolar here in San Diego and Orange County has been experiencing the same temperature roller coaster. It's sunny and warm enough to leave the house without a jacket one day but then it starts pouring down the next. This outfit was taken in 2016 when warmer weather permitted me to leave the house in a maxi without shivering my skin off. I love wearing maxis since it elongates my petite frame and feels oh, so great to move in!

I've been getting a good amount of responses from potential pharmacy student candidates in emails and through the form and I'll address of your concerns within my posts! A lot of you wanted to know what my days are like and what you should do to prepare yourself for life as a professional student. More of this will come real soon! In the meantime, keep your comments rolling in! Until next time!

Oh Deer

Christmas Sweater_Adrienne Nguyen_ALl Black Christmas Outfit

Happy New Year, lovelies! I hope you're all enjoying the first day of the new year with lots of food, shopping, and spending time with loved ones! I wish I enjoyed my break more but I knew what I was getting into by agreeing to speak at a conference and writing up a research manuscript. I have to stay positive though - it's all for a better resume and future! I still have spring break to look forward to and I'm hoping I actually get a mental break by then!

Anyways, this is my version of a not so ugly Christmas sweater! It's the cutest thing ever and my mom found it within a midst of your really really ugly sweaters. I paired this with a subtle floral embroidered button down underneath and black leather shorts. The pop of color is from my new maroon black Pashli my mom got me for Christmas - it's slowly becoming one of my most used bags! But I wanted a bit more color so I wore my newly acquired embroidered black suede Nanette Lepore booties! They were an impulsive buy and I suppose you could say a Christmas gift for myself! You can get my exact bag and boots linked at the bottom! I've accomplished so much this past year and I have so much to be thankful for.

Here are my New Year's Resolutions:
1. Aim for honors in all my classes
2. Spend more time enjoying life (traveling, eating, etc.)
3. Get back into photography
4. Write more pharmacy related posts
5. Eat less chocolate and chips ):

What are your resolutions? I hope you all have a wonderful week! Until next time!



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