Asymmetrical Houndstooth

Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus_Sheer Houndstooth Asymmetrical Top with Denim Shorts

I cannot believe the year is almost over! I already finished my Foundations and Cardio block this quarter and I have my Pulmonary final coming up next Wednesday! I surprisingly got much more sleep this block which was only possible since I didn't attend class... I have a Type A personality and I'm what you would call a "good student" who typically attends all lectures however, I value sleep much more than waking up in the wee hours to fight for parking and hustle my way to lectures. I'm pretty I'll start attending lectures regularly after Thanksgiving.

Although we're well into Autumn, it is still warm in San Diego... despite the random bout of rain we experienced on Friday. We don't exactly experience all four seasons in California but when it does get chilly (I'm talking about the high 60's), I start bundling up like an eskimo. This outfit was actually shot earlier in October though it would have worked just fine earlier this week! A simple sheer top with shorts is a typical outfit I would wear to school - minus the heels, of course! I actually got this top as an undergrad but never had the chance to wear it... I actually forgot I had it until I started moving some of my clothes. Anyways, I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend! I'll be posting up a holiday gift guide in the very near future! Until next time!

Taco Boats with Old El Paso

Old El Paso Dinner Taco Boat_Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus

I stated in the past that I wanted to expand my blog by incorporating a variety of fields from fashion and pharmacy to food and lifestyle... Well, here's my first shot at a food post! Cue the mariachi music because this post is all about Mexican food featuring Old El Paso's Dinner Kit! I'm a sucker for Mexican food or anything with a Southwestern touch.

These Taco Boats are great for busy college students or families looking for a quick and simple way to fill up.... not to mention they're reasonably priced! Not only do these Taco Boats from Old El Paso make preparation easy, the tortilla:ingredients ratio pretty much perfect.

Before receiving these tortilla boats, I played with basic round tortillas. I tend to stuff my burritos generously but it eventually leads to their predictable demise when lifted. I don't know how all of you feel about burritos that can actually fold into it's proper round shape but, I'm grief-stricken whenever I take my first bite... all the good stuff never makes it all the way to the edges. So when I tested out how durable these were, I was ecstatic! You can a sense of all the ingredients from every angle!

I popped the tortillas pictured here into the microwave and it was decent but I placed my next batch (not pictured) into the oven and OMG! The added crunch mades everything taste better! These Taco Boats leave you longing for more though I was only able to chomp down two. My mom actually made these boats and she added an Asian touch to one of them! Old El Paso definitely knows how to tickle your creative juices! Whether you're going for a classic Mexican theme with salsa, chicken and lots of cheese or fusing your own culture into it, you'll definitely have fun making these boats! I don't have an ingredients list for you guys since everything was made to taste. Hope you guys like this post!

Outpatient Pharmacy

Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus_Pharmacy Student_Life as a Retail Pharmacist_What does a Pharmacist Do

When I began pharmacy school, I came in with the mentality that I would later pursue a career in industry. I never considered any other path but if my first year has taught me anything, it's that people change paths very often. I actually changed majors as an undergrad from Biomedical Engineering to Biological Sciences. Not much of a leap however, I took fewer Math and Chemistry classes! I digress... People often say that you should have a plan in life. To know what you're supposed to do early on but wouldn't that be boring? Besides, life is complicated.



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