Fairmont San Francisco

Fairmont San Francisco Interior Design - SF Blogger - Adrienne Nguyen

The Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco is unlike any other. For those who have not seen or heard of the hotel, it's definitely one to visit. This hotel has been featured in multiple films and is a gem in the heart of San Francisco. The rooms and views are also exquisite though I must admit, my first room was absurd in the most ridiculous way. I requested a room with a view and I literally got a room with windows looking at walls. For anyone who has watched Casey Neistat's Vlogs, I was in the exact room where he climbed out of the window and onto the roof of the Fairmont. It was really disheartening so I went back down and switched rooms... for a pretty penny, of course. My room had a view and I could see the fog roll in and out each day. Saying it was magical is an understatement. More pictures of this hotel to come!

Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco

San Francisco Part 3! This is the relaxed and casual outfit I wore to explore The Golden Gate Bridge. Unfortunately, Karl decided to hang around. It took some sleuthing on my part to find out that the fog was named Karl. It started in 2010 and wasn't coined by a celebrity but rather by an anonymous Twitter account! 

During my time in The City, I felt like a true San Franciscan. I walked up so many hills and what felt like 60 degree inclines, took so many Ubers around town, ate food from various cultures... It is such a lively city but there were still parts that were deserted. The isolated patches are mostly residential neighborhoods where I was able to walk in the middle of the road without worrying about traffic. What are your impressions of SF?

The Painted Ladies - SF

The Painted Ladies in San Francisco_Full House Homes in SF_What to do in San Fran_Adrienne Nguyen
Were you a fan of Full House? I remember watching it as a kid and in all the times I've been in San Francisco, this was the first instance I've been in front of these Victorian and Edwardian homes! It was extremely crowded but everyone is very civilized and there's enough room to take pictures without anyone else photobombing your shot! I stopped by the Alamo Square Cafe right before coming here to grab a sandwich and it was delicious (you'll find it if you walk along the perimeter of the block with The Painted Ladies)! Whoever created Dutch Crunch Bread, I love you (see picture below)! You can find this landmark location between Steiner Street and Hayes Street in SF. 

The other snaps below were taken near and at Japantown. My mom and I walked there by foot and it's fairly easy and flat... unlike the rest of SF! Have you been to these places? Would you want to visit?