All Black Ruffle Sleeves

Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus_How to Wear an All Black Outfit_What To Wear with A Sheer Black Top

Finished my first week back at school! It was definitely tough waking up at 6AM after two weeks of getting up some time around 10-11AM though I must admit, it felt good seeing the sun rise as I drove to UCSD. I was rarely on campus last quarter since I opted to podcasting a majority of my lectures however, I will be putting in my best effort to attend all classes for my last quarter as a P2. Easier said than done though! I'm more of a visual learner so I've personally found that physically being in class is a more effective learning method than sitting behind a laptop. The only con of going to class is having to wake up in the wee hours of the morning just to beat traffic and get parking... which, I might add, isn't even close to my classes! I can't wait until the new parking structure in front of Skaggs is complete - it'll only be a few feet away from class and I can finally wear heels to school! Speaking of heels, since investing in Michael Kors Leather Lace Up Combat Boots, these leather booties, also by Michael Kors, have gone into retirement. They're extremely comfortable but definitely not appropriate for those hills I have to ascend and then descend during my walk from the parking lot to class.

My outfit color gradient has dipped into the dark side. If you scroll through my blog or Instagram, you'll notice that my earlier posts revolved around bold and bright statements. I still possess a plethora of "colors" in my closet but I've been migrating towards darker options of the late. Not sure if that's a reflection of my personality or if it's easiest to work around for professional clothing. Whatever the case is, April will be my month to shine in brighter colors so bee on the lookout!

This is completely irrelevant but I've had a couple P1's and potential pharmacy candidates ask me what I find most effective when I study so I'll be creating a blog post for that also! I'm still working on the content of my UCSD pharmacy interview but you can expect to see it sometime in April! Until next time!

Bow Peep Sleeves

Adrienne Nguyen_Invcitus_COld Shoulder Bow Zara Navy Blue and White Top with Hudson Jeans and High Heels
As Spring Break reaches its end, I'll be sleeping in and enjoying a couple more stress-free days. It was a nice break from my academic studies and was long overdue. I indulged in a number of guilty pleasures during this time from stuffing myself with chocolate to binge watching my favorite shows. Nevertheless, all good things must come to an end, right?

To honor the first few days of spring, I thought I'd post this outfit! This was actually taken last summer but cold shoulder tops and bows are still all the rage for Spring! I rarely wear skinny jeans but this top paired perfectly with my distressed denim to create the epitome of casual cool. I somehow managed to not take any real outfit pictures over my vacation but I'll try to shoot some new material this weekend! Keep your suggestions and questions coming! Whether it's fashion or pharmacy related, I enjoy reading all your emails! Until next time!

Fuzzy Wuzzy Sweater

Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus_Fuzzy Pink Turtleneck Sweater with Quilted Black Leather A Line Skirt and Leather Lace UP Combat Boots
SPRINGGGGG BREAK!! It's been a hectic few weeks thus why I wasn't able to get a post up until now! I'm so glad second years get a 2 week break at UCSD and it's well deserved after the quarter I just endured! I caught up on some much needed sleep this weekend and I plan on making the most of my spring break before heading into an intense Spring Quarter!

Does anyone know the Fuzzy Wuzzy song? It was one of my favorite childhood songs I got from PBS! I immediately thought about it when I put on this sweater. Fuzzy sweaters are incredibly warm and cozy but these things are so darn itchy! I wore a short sleeved tee shirt underneath but it was still poking through. Nevertheless, I forgot about it when I was at the mall and SeaWorld! Yes, I  wore high heeled boots for a night with sea creatures! Anyways, I'll be posting more on my Instagram as well! Feel free to follow along! Until next time!