Bella Ruffle Pop of Pink

Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus_Topshop Fuchsia Bella Cropped Ruffle Jacket with Crop Top and Black Pants

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all had a relaxing winter break! Unfortunately, mine was only two weeks and I'm now well into my second week of school! If you've had the chance to venture out and click the buttons in my navigation bar... specifically the "about me" section, you'll learn that I started blogging as an outlet during undergrad as a way to escape. It can get tedious and sometimes downright depressing finding out how many lectures I'm behind or how many podcasts I have to listen to. To pull myself out of my studying rut, I hop onto the piano, pull out the good ole violin or dress up, take pictures and blog! Sure, I venture out to enjoy other things in life and have lots of extracurriculars to consume my time but these are just some of the simple pleasures I can enjoy on an immediate basis.

My first post in the new year typically consists a list of my New Years Resolutions. This year round, my only desire is to travel more and possibly grow my blog (be on the lookout for more outfit and pharmacy school posts). I know it will be quite difficult since I'll be balancing work (both pharmacy and my own business) and school but this blog, whatever it may be, has kept me sane throughout college and Pharmacy School. So here's to a wonderful year filled with new opportunities for personal growth and experiences that will forever be engraved into your heart. Cheers!

I got this cute cropped ruffled jacket from Topshop sometime this past Fall and it's become one of the greatest additions to my closet! Granted, I did forget about it for two months but once I rediscovered it, I couldn't wait until I had the chance throw it on! I think this is great for so many different occasions from work to a night out or even to school! I paired this cropped jacket with a sheer ivory top and houndstooth crop top! Until next time!

Hostess Gift Ideas

Christmas Gifts Flatly - Urban Decor_Moody

Heading off to a holiday party but don't know what to get your host/hostess? I've compiled a list of last minute gift ideas that will make everyone happy! Don't go to your party empty handed!

Layered Pinstripe Shirtdress

Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus_UCSD School of Pharmacy_Pharmacy Blog_What to Wear to School

Nothing like a good energy boost before finals! This Chunky Strawberry bowl from Jamba Juice has a dash of peanut butter that makes the fat little girl in me scream and jump with joy! It has the right ratio of creamy, gooey goodness to fresh bursts of strawberries! This bowl may seem small but it keeps me full and energized for a sufficient amount of time!

Anyways, I'm in maximum overdrive mode as I cram for my GI final this coming Monday! Just one more and I'm done with the quarter! I have a love hate relationship with Fall Quarter. On one hand, it's the best since all my favorite holidays fall within the last leg of the year but it's also the worse since I pretty much have to study around these festive events! An additional con to this year's Fall quarter is the length which reduces the amount of days off I get for winter break. The breaks during our P2 year are a bit odd since we run in conjunction with the School of Medicine's block schedule. I'm not sure if I'm traveling anywhere outside California but wherever I end up, I'm going to make sure I spend time detoxing from school. I plan on getting back in touch with my creative and artistic roots this break! Until next time!



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