ASHP Midyear Las Vegas 2019

Midyear feels like it happened  such a long time ago! I have a tremendous amount of unpublished content and I cannot wait to share all my pictures and tips on the blog! Get ready for numerous posts on interview prep, what to bring, outfits, receptions and anything else associated with the madness of PPS at ASHP Midyear! These posts will be sprinkled throughout the year leading up to Midyear 2020... hopefully it's not a virtual Midyear!

LOCATION: Las Vegas, Nevada
Great place to be if you're there for pleasure - all the folks applying for residency were able to take it easy. For those applying to fellowships, I found myself writing thank you cards each night, reinforcing the knowledge I had about programs and running to receptions. Oh, taking an Uber took much longer than walking to different hotels for receptions (more details in a later post) since there was a Cowboy Rodeo, Marijuana Convention and Hockey Game... 

VENUE: Mandalay Bay Convention Center
The convention center is massive but I spent the vast majority of my time in PPS with a slight detour to the Posters Ballroom for my Poster Presentation! This is in no means to downgrade the PPS layout because I averaged 15,000 steps each day. I found myself running from one end to another (in heels ๐Ÿ˜“) to make it to my interviews on time; I had to schedule some back-to-back interviews due to scheduling conflicts. More details to follow...

Balboa Leopard

How to Wear a Leopard Crop Top with Sequin Tap Shorts_Adrienne Nguyen San Diego Blogger
Your girl is back! This is an ensemble I'd wear to school when the temperature takes a dip. It's a simple, comfortable outfit with a splash of color and prints! You may notice that I'm in Balboa Park, San Diego for these pictures. These were taken quite some time ago as I would not venture to such a crowded area today...

It's been one crazy start of the year and we're just three months in. From the wildfires in Australia to the panic of coronavirus - here's to hoping COVID-19 is contained as soon as possible. Not only is this pandemic preventing us from enjoying the simple things in life, a drive down the road shows how much stores and restaurants are affected.

I'm still an intern pharmacist at CVS and it's been wild. The parking lot is actually full! I had to circle the store for parking... something that NEVER, EVER happens. Everyone is attempting to get three months worth of their prescriptions and stockpiling on gloves, hand sanitizer, Lysol anything, wet wipes, toilet paper, etc. In this time of uncertainty, please be nice to pharmacy staff. We're understaffed and severely overworked. More importantly, please don't threaten us... we do not control how fast things are sold and we most definitely cannot control how fast the lines move when you to pick up your medication. Things come up! Prescriptions go missing, insurance information wasn't registered, the system crashes, prior authorizations are required... try to understand ๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ™. Be safe and be kind to one another.

Raindrops + Wolford

For those of you following me on instagram, @adriennenguyenn, you may have already seen my black and white post in Wolford's Velvet de Luxe 50 Stay Up Tights. This is my second look paired with these luxury tights and they are worth it. Not only do they stay up on your legs, it's as if you're getting a soft hug! This isn't your typical hosiery and it may be a tad bit clichรฉ but you certainly get what you're paying for. These tights are double-wrapped with elastane in three separate rows running around the circumference of each stocking to provide that "perfect fit" we all dream of. These are the best tights I own and I am not saying that because this is a sponsored post but because it truly is of the utmost highest quality. Don't forget to visit Wolford online or visit their storefronts. Until next time!