Little Darling

Hey everyone! I received these round, orange sunglasses from Polette last year and I finally had the chance to wear them! I found that it went well with many of my summer and spring attire however, it was next to impossible to try to pull those outfits off during this time of year. So I decided to incorporate these bad boys with this particular outfit. I think the pop of color adds a nice contrast, do you? Anyways, Polette sunglasses was created by Pierre Wizman. With only 2000 euros, he soon became a leader of the online optical market and garnered over 2 million euros within a year. Must be wondering how that happened, huh? Not only do they carry prescription lenses and sunglasses in a variety of shapes and colors, the prices are unbeatable. Polette is able to offer extremely low prices since they omitted the middle man. Once an order is placed, Polette contacts the factory to make and ship the item directly to the customer. Though the eyewear is inexpensive, this does not mean it is of poor quality. Make sure to check them out via facebook, instagram and twitter!

The Fringe Jacket

Suede Brown Fringe MURAL Zipper Jacket, Black Sugarlips Skater Dress, Casual Weekend Everyday Look

It has been been pretty cool in Southern California... don't let this outfit post fool you! I got this fringed zipper jacket from Nordstrom a few months ago and I've been dying to wear it! So the occasion and weather presented itself a few days ago when I went out to lunch with Jonathan. This is rapidly becoming one of my favorite pieces! It works with dresses, shorts, jeans.... practically anything (E X T R E M E L Y   V E R S A T I L E)! Plus, it has a bohemian, California vibe - can't say no to that! You may have noticed that I am wearing boots with only a slight heel! A majority of my posts (around 99.99%) feature me in some sort of high heel. But with all the running around I've been doing, I decided to trade in my heels for some comfortable DV by Dolce Vita boots

Autumn Crop Top

It's finally getting cooler - well, at least the mornings are! Gloomy mornings are definitely my weak spot... it has a seductive je ne sais quoi. This summer was all about crop tops however, I found myself gravitating towards loose button downs and flowy sweaters paired with distressed denim. But for some odd reason, I decided to pull out this houndstooth crop top right when the temperature took a drastic dip. Ironic, isn't it? To shield myself against the crisp, cool morning air, I added this white button down from Hollister.  I used to shop here as a teenager until everyone at school began wearing the exact same thing. I had, scratch that, I still have this mantra which basically reminds me to steer clear of trendy items since numerous people will have the exact same thing. Of course, there are exceptions like my 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel. Anyways, I received these distressed Current Elliot boyfriend jeans courtesy of Bloomingdales over a year ago and I finally decided to wear them. That's right. This is the first time I incorporated them into an outfit and I must say that they are extremely comfortable! It's described as a relax fit and it definitely lives up to its name since I feel like I am swimming in them! These will be my go to pants for road trips! Until next time!