Back To School - Olive Parka

Monday, August 11, 2014

'Tis the season of heartache for many for the long school year awaits. But then again, Autumn and Winter fashion is so much better, don't you think? The art of layering and throwing on coats with cute boots is just thrilling - feel that adrenaline rush! I used to actually "dress-up" when I went to school. I had a Blair Waldorf phase from high school till about my second year in college; the ease of sophistication she possessed was definitely alluring. For those of you who follow my blog, you can tell that my outfits still revolve around this classy sentiment. But once my third year started and the classes got more involved, I was always "on the run" so my outfits consisted of many basic items such as the ones pictured in this post. These Zara combat boots have been with me ever since the beginning of college and I still wear them to this day. Even though there are some prominent imperfections on the boots, i.e. tons of scratches, I just cannot let them go! 

I recently found this lightweight parka from Soft Joie and it is extremely versatile! It can function as an accessory around your waist, beat the cool, breeze on a Southern California night, and store a ton of things! Speaking of accessories, I finally started wearing a backpack, during my third year. That's right. F I N A L L Y. I have been a crossbody, messenger bag, satchel, handbag kind of girl all throughout high school and college until I met this backpack from Marc by Marc Jacobs. It's holds everything I need and it's super chic for school! I decided to accessorize with a crystal necklace courtesy of 9th and Elm. This website is unique unique since it features handmade and independent designs from numerous designers. More back to school looks to come! Enjoy!  

// SOFT JOIE "ELEXUS" Parka // FOREVER 21 Pants // ZARA Combat Boots // CHANEL Sunnies // MARC BY MARC JACOBS Backpack // TIFFANY'S DESIGNS Necklace c/o 9TH & ELM //

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