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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus_Zara Cold Shoulder Dress_White Baby Doll Bow Dress_Arm Bows

With each summer, we see new trends, inspired by past eras, accelerate in popularity throughout the warm season just to vanish by winter. This year's more promising look happens to be the cold shoulder dress or top. They're everywhere... from your favorite style icons to your celebrity style crush to the mannequin at your favorite store - I believe this trend is here to stay. What's not to love about it though? This cold shoulder look is a great alternative to your basic sleeveless or short sleeved dress/top. I got this dress from the crazy end of summer ZARA sale. Have you guys ever been to the store during the sale - it's pure madness! But I digress. Besides the chic bows on the side of my arms, I love how it's in a simple baby doll style. Great for pigging out and it works wonders with the wind!

An update on life: I have one week left in Orange County but it still hasn't hit me. My departure is imminent yet I'm not feeling the sense of sadness I know I should. Sure, I'm just moving down south (an hour and a half away) but I'm leaving so much behind: the home I've spent my entire existence in, my research family whom I've grown very fond of (they've given me so much more than mentorship and friendship) and of course, my boyfriend. Long distance relationships are far from ideal but it's just something we'll have to figure out.

 I'm still packing up my life essentials (clothes, clothes and MORE CLOTHES), throwing things away left and right, finishing up at work/research... The stress is real! Anyways, I get the keys to my new house next week and I'll be moving in a few days afterwards. I cannot believe I'm starting school again! Life without school has been quite fun - no homework,  no all nighters, NO EXAMS, going to different places during the weekday to avoid crowds... but I must say, I truly miss being a student. I might be mad but I cannot wait to be intellectually stimulated again! Until next time!

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// ZARA Cold Shoulder White Bow Baby Doll Dress // COACH Nude Heels // REED KRAKOFF Boxer Tote // BETSEY JOHNSON Flower Statement Necklace // CHANEL Sunglasses //


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