New Perspective

Sunday, January 07, 2018

NEW YEAR, NEW PERSPECTIVE ON LIFE. I hope everyone is enjoying they year and keeping warm - especially those on the East Coast! I feel so fortunate to live in toasty California since the weather is perfect all year round! All of my goals are academic and I am working hard to make them reality. Are you guys able to check off every item on your list?  I know the typical resolution revolves around fitness and the desire to reduce your body mass index but I never felt compelled to make that my primary goal. Whatever your goals may be, conquer them with passion and devotion. I know this may sound a bit peculiar but I usually make everything seem like some sort of macabre game. For instance, if I make it my goal to run for 30 minutes and I begin losing my breath at 25 minutes, I start saying to myself, "If you don't complete this, something truly devastating will happen to some one you care for...." Obviously, I do not want anything horrible happening to anyone I love so I utilize every ounce of energy that is left to finish it. You probably think I am insane but it works... for me at least! As for my outfit, I decided to start off the year with a casual outfit post. Unless I am going out with my mom, I am more prone to throw on something comfortable. I have been studying and finding refuge in libraries or classrooms so this is the perfect attire for just that!

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