PALE - Graduation Attire

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Summer is just a few days away and I cannot wait to enjoy some time off! Though I am a native Californian, I haven't dawned a bikini on the beach for quite some time. When I was younger, I would wear bikinis every week since I took swimming lessons. The only reason I do not like baring a lot of flesh is due to the fact that my skin is extremely sensitive. No matter how much sun protection I slather onto my skin, I eventually burn and become three shades darker, seriously! But I might frolic around the beach in the morning. With the perfect weather in Southern California, why not take advantage of it? Plus, I love the fresh morning air!

Onward to this outfit! Since graduation is coming up, I wanted to show all of you what I wore last year! I wanted to keep things simple and of course, I wanted comfortable heels. I didn't want to trip or fall down the stairs as I shook hands with the dean - talk about a picture perfect moment! For all you ladies out there, I would caution you about sky high heels - just stick to comfortable heels you've already broken into. Hopefully you won't have to walk through grass! To see what my graduation was like, check my graduation post here!

// LUSH Dress With DIY Beading // STEVE MADDEN Heels // CHANEL Sunnies //


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