Rorschach Inkblot

Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring time blues in California this week! The weather is making quite an interesting detour and it seems as if some scattered showers will be resonating well into next week. I suppose this may be a good time to get some "Spring Cleaning" in. But for those who are experiencing better weather or plan on going elsewhere, do you guys have any Spring Break traditions? Traveling to Cancun or Tijuana or possibly an exotic island such as the Maldives, Bali or Fiji? Whatever your plans may be, I hope you enjoy this new season. Anyways, I received this interesting dress from OASAP a few days ago. It is entitled "Sequined Floral Tunic Dress" however, I believe the print resembles the infamous Inkblot Test by Rorschach. It's probably just my imagination running wild again... What's your first impression of this print? Anyways, this dress is great for a day out or grabbing a bite to eat with friends. It serves a dual function since it can function as an every day dress or for work! Hope you guys enjoy this post! Purchase this dress HERE.

// OASAP (Purchase HERE) // L. A. M. B. Heels // CHANEL Sunnies //

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