The Secret Classicist

Friday, March 04, 2016

There has been some stagnant rain here and there but the sun is able to quickly find it's way out behind the clouds. The sound of rain drops trickling on the roof or tapping against the window evokes a whirlwind of thoughts. Reminiscing of past times and conjuring up scenarios for the future ends up consuming me. As the grey clouds are dominated by dark ink skies and the wind begins to increase in velocity, the desire to walk on the sand next to the ocean reaches a climax. The need to be in solitude to ponder about life surpasses the need for any other interaction. But, enough with my rambles. Here is an outfit I wore when the sun was hours upon arrival. These gloves have been in my possession for about two years now and I wanted to incorporate them into my attire. I believe they add a sense of sophistication and allure as Audrey Hepburn; even though they aren't arm length. To accessorize, I chose to add faux fur cuffs on top of my boots.  

MICHAEL KORS Booties // NINE WEST Gloves // CHANEL Sunnies // NORDSTROM Bubble Umbrella // STEVE MADDEN Fur Boot Topper


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  1. Overcool pics :)
    Nice outfit too <3

  2. Sometimes a Picture sings beautifully to you........
    Your does!!!!