Cold Shoulder

Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus_Zara Cold Shoulder Dress_White Baby Doll Bow Dress_Arm Bows

With each summer, we see new trends, inspired by past eras, accelerate in popularity throughout the warm season just to vanish by winter. This year's more promising look happens to be the cold shoulder dress or top. They're everywhere... from your favorite style icons to your celebrity style crush to the mannequin at your favorite store - I believe this trend is here to stay. What's not to love about it though? This cold shoulder look is a great alternative to your basic sleeveless or short sleeved dress/top. I got this dress from the crazy end of summer ZARA sale. Have you guys ever been to the store during the sale - it's pure madness! But I digress. Besides the chic bows on the side of my arms, I love how it's in a simple baby doll style. Great for pigging out and it works wonders with the wind!

An update on life: I have one week left in Orange County but it still hasn't hit me. My departure is imminent yet I'm not feeling the sense of sadness I know I should. Sure, I'm just moving down south (an hour and a half away) but I'm leaving so much behind: the home I've spent my entire existence in, my research family whom I've grown very fond of (they've given me so much more than mentorship and friendship) and of course, my boyfriend. Long distance relationships are far from ideal but it's just something we'll have to figure out.

 I'm still packing up my life essentials (clothes, clothes and MORE CLOTHES), throwing things away left and right, finishing up at work/research... The stress is real! Anyways, I get the keys to my new house next week and I'll be moving in a few days afterwards. I cannot believe I'm starting school again! Life without school has been quite fun - no homework,  no all nighters, NO EXAMS, going to different places during the weekday to avoid crowds... but I must say, I truly miss being a student. I might be mad but I cannot wait to be intellectually stimulated again! Until next time!

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// ZARA Cold Shoulder White Bow Baby Doll Dress // COACH Nude Heels // REED KRAKOFF Boxer Tote // BETSEY JOHNSON Flower Statement Necklace // CHANEL Sunglasses //


B&W Fringe

Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus_black and White Sheer Fringe Top with Black Quilted Leather Shorts with a Silver Zipper

A not so simple black and white outfit for a casual day out. It happened to be fairly cool so there was a faint breeze that was able to move the fringes on my top. Jonathan and I decided to get some air and we ended up on an empty stretch of beach shortly after. We broke the stillness of the neighborhood with my clicking boots and his camera's inconsistent shutter sound. We've been through this neighborhood multiple times though we never took the time to walk through the residential alleyways or walkways.

The silence around us was a nice escape from my fairly hectic life. After spending quite some time searching for a new place to call home, I finally found property in a quaint little neighborhood. I'll be moving by the end of the month so please bare with me if my posts become a bit irregular. I still have so much to do with the limited amount of time I have left at my current residence. Though I'm terribly heartbroken to leave a place I've called home for my entire life, change is good. It's actually bittersweet. I will share more details about what's actually happening in my life within future blog posts - keep an eye out for that.

Back to my outfit for this post... Not only do I love black and white clothing, I adore black and white photography. I used to take so many pictures but I now find myself only utilizing my iPhone camera. This isn't a negative thing though - the camera produces surprisingly raw images (I use an iPhone 6 for all my VSCO images). I do want to get back into photography with a DSLR. Once I procure a new camera, I'll post pictures of my travels right here! I'll end with a quote that's stuck with me since undergrad:

 When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their souls.
- Ted Grant (photographer)

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// 3.1 PHILLIP LIM Medium Pashli Satchel // MICHAEL KORS Leather Booties // CHANEL Sunglasses // TWENTY ONE CHANGES Motorcycle Jacket //


Vacation Mode

Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus_Bodycon_Neoprene Pencil Skirt_Neoprene Crop Top

BODY - CONSCIOUS GALORE! I typically avoid skin-tight clothing since I end up looking like a tightly packaged fruit cake or Gus from Cinderella but I actually felt good in this outfit! I bought my top and pencil skirt separately however, they ended up working well together - they're both made of neoprene material yet I found them comfortable to be in all day. It may not seem like it but these are very versatile pieces! This crop top can be worn by itself during Summer or layered with a button down for Fall. Also, this super tight pencil skirt from Clover Canyon can turn into a work appropriate piece by styling it with a silk tank or button down top!

I've been debating on whether or not I should do style/fashion Youtube videos but I've put it off for quite some time. Working my creative juices even more to make short segments sounds like fun but time is always an issue. With my impending move less than a month away, I will have to put it off until I settle into my new abode. I still can't believe I'm leaving Orange County! I honestly wanted to attend graduate school in San Francisco but the cost of everything ended up being too much. I know I would have loved living there - it's such a vibrant city... how could you ever be bored? They say you should live life without regrets but this is another school attendance situation I know I'll always regret. Everyone I know says La Jolla is great and I know the school has a fantastic record but I would love a change of scenery. Who knows. Maybe I'll be able to make a big girl decision by myself and move to the big city in the future - New York City, anyone? Until next time!

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//  Pink Hawaiian Zipper Crop Top from NORDSTROM // CLOVER CANYON Tropical Pencil Skirt // STEVE MADDEN Nude Heels // CHANEL Sunglasses //


Coconut Baby

Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus_Bikini Blogger_Beach Babe_Swimsuit_Swimwear_Atelier 22 Swimwear_Orange Bikini
I recently tried out Skinny & Co.'s 100% pure and raw cold-pressed coconut goodies! I must say, they make my skin feel silky smooth! So how exactly are they different from any store brand coconut beauty product? Skinny & Co. utilizes wild-harvested coconuts straight from the jungles of Vietnam. Other competitors may add preservatives and/or other ingredients to enhance their recipe however, Skinny promises the integrity of pure coconuts in every jar.

The products offered on Skinny's website are made in small quantities without any chemicals or preservatives. When I first received my package, I was a bit disheartened since most of my products were liquid... But it's been hot so it was only natural for the products to lose their solid form. I placed them into my fridge and they solidified within the hour! So what products did I try out?

BODY BUTTER: Whipped Coconut Oil - Once it's a solid, you can rub it on like solid lip balm. It instantly makes your body shimmer! I must warn you that it smells more minty than coconut but it does make your skin feel moisturized! In addition to using this as a lotion, Skinny's Body Butter can be used on brittle hair! 

OIL PULLING: Open the jar and it'll instantly feel like you've eaten a York Peppermint Patty! Don't you just love those? This can be used as a mouthwash to can reduce the amount of stains and plaque that builds up over time. I will give you guys an update with my results in the future!

COCONUT OIL: this was the only one I actually thought smelled like fresh coconuts! This product can be digested but I used this as moisturizer! It's a tad bit hard to use in its liquid form... I found out when I brought this to the beach and attempted to apply it all over my legs. I found that the smell fades away quickly though.

FACIAL OIL: I decided to keep this as a liquid to make it easier to wash my face. It works miracles as a makeup remover but I do prefer using baby wash and a dab of Vaseline! This oil is good at the end of the day to wipe off any excess skin that might be clogging up your pores! I'll keep you guys updated with any noticeable differences to my complexion!

SUGAR SCRUB: Smells like COOKIES! I immediately fell in love with this Christmas in a glass bottle scent! I could gobble it all up in one sitting but I was able to refrain myself, whew. I am using this to exfoliate my face and body. Like all sugar scrubs, they're supposed to leave your skin glowing! My face felt very smooth after just one scrub - I will get back to you guys with my results! SIDE NOTE: I have very sensitive skin so I was pleased when I didn't experience any rashes or drying!

As you can see, I brought all of my Skinny products to the beach and only the Sugar Scrub was able to maintain it's crystal solid form. I slathered the body butter and coconut oil all over my legs and they stayed shiny up until I rolled in the sand. As for my outfit, I am wearing a reversible swimsuit from Atelier 2.2 Swimwear. Don't you just love the multiple string back? 

Get 15% OFF your Skinny & Co. order with the code: SKINNYCO15.

I received this wonderful care package courtesy of Skinny & Co. to try however, all opinions formed are my own.

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// ATELIER 2.2 SWIMWEAR Burnt Orange Crop Top Reversible Bikini // SKINNY & CO. Coconut Oil // HYDRAULIC Denim Shorts //