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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Cold Shoulder Ruffle Tier Dress from Zara _ Adrienne Nguyen _ Student Pharmacist INVICTUS

Long weekends are always the best! Even though I don't get much studying done, I do catch up on much needed sleep! Besides getting some extra ZZZ's, I did A LOT of shopping! I was glad to get a break from my packed schedule this quarter! I had free clinic for the first time last week and I found it rather fun. I heard mixed reviews from my classmates but my experience alongside a medical student was pleasant. The clinic I attended is located in Pacific Beach and there is quite a large turnout. From past experiences to now, I found it's only when you're immersed in the medical field that you understand how much knowledge you've acquired from school/life. Furthermore, you get to see firsthand how convenient it is to know Spanish. Thankfully, I'm taking it this quarter!

This particular outfit was taken when I first started pharmacy school... when it was still warm and I had time to actually dress up! What sucks is having to go to school early to get parking and beat traffic! Anyways, this cute cold shoulder ruffle tier dress from ZARA is one the of cutest ready to wear pieces I have in my closet! I love the subtle design and pop of color! This dress didn't restrict any arm movements and I actually wore this under my white coat! I can't wait to whirl around in this again!

I decided that I will make separate posts for pharmacy related topics. I will dabble here and there about life as a pharmacy student within my outfit posts but I will reserve pharmacy shenanigans to their own posts. I plan on making a separate "PHARMACY" category in the navigation bar above for easier access so be on the lookout! Until next time!

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// ZARA Cold Shoulder Periwinkle Ruffle Dress // SAM EDELMAN Gold Block Pointed Heels // REED KRAKOW Boxer Tote // CHANEL Sunglasses //


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