Body by Victoria

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

body by victoria
A lingerie post in collaboration with none other than Victoria's Secret and! I was so thrilled when I received these delicate pastel pink pieces *SQUEALS* I will give you guys my honest opinion about these three newly released "B O D Y  B Y  V I C T O R I A" bras so scroll along and get ready for detailed pictures!

Before ripping open my package and putting these bad boys on, I took the FIT QUIZ available on the Victoria's Secret website. I usually have a difficult time purchasing bras since I want something a French woman would wear (delicate, seductive yet sophisticated) but I also need it to fit! I have this love-hate relationship with push-up bras but this quiz walks you through all possible problems! For instance, one question asks whether or not you have gaps whenever you wear a bra. This quiz covers practically every problem you might encounter whenever you're trying on a bra. What's the plus side to purchasing the recommended bra through this FIT QUIZ? It's RISK FREE! If you purchase the suggested size but it's still not quite right, you can return it for free - NO shipping or handling charge!

** ATTENTION ** Starting July 28th - August 2nd, Victoria's Secret will be running a Body by Victoria (BBV) Sweepstakes! Purchase any BBV bra and enter to win a JAGUAR! Incentive, much?  


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N E W  :  Body By Victoria - P E R F E C T    S H A P E    B R A

victori's secret bra reviews

Now who doesn't love p i n k? I know... we're all into the whole minimalistic, sleek black and white look but a little pop of color never hurt nobody! When I first opened the packaging for this bra, my eyes were immediately glued to the lace! The new collection offers more colors and styles than ever before - they even added new lace onto their pieces! What's one thing I generally look at when I try on a bra? Well, besides the cup fit, I always pay attention to whether or not bulges start forming above or below the bra band. Anyone with me? I dislike having those bumps appear whenever I happen to put on a form fitting top or dress - it's just one of those tiny things that irritates me. With this PERFECT SHAPE BRA, there are more than enough columns on the hook and eye tab to get your ideal fit. So long odd bulges!

How did the cup fit? It actually fit well after I adjusted the bra straps. Though I must say that my bosoms got a bit sore after wearing them for half a day. But isn't that the case with any push-up bra? This bra eye pleasing bra is only $46-$54 depending on what color you choose. Get it HERE.

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the comfiest bra

N E W  :  BODY BY VICTORIA - U N L I N E D    L A C E    D E M I     B R A

are victoria's secret bras comfortable?

Parisian Chic? YES! Comfortable? YES! Pretty? YES! What's not to like about this bra? Between you and me, I actually prefer this UNLINED DEMI LACE BRA over the Perfect Shape Bra above. I can wear this with everything - with work clothes, my school attire or a casual day out. It even looks cute when it ever so slightly peeks out from underneath my top. Even though I may not have a lot of cleavage, I can honestly say that I am comfortable in my own skin. This bra allows for maximum comfort while making me feel bubbly inside! Speaking of comfort, this underwire bra gives me much more breathing room than any push up could! Get it HERE.

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the perfect bra
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N E W  :  BODY BY VICTORIA - T H E    L O U N G E    B R A L E T T E

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The newly released bralette is under $30! It's not too skimpy and not too conservative - it's just right! Now with increasing temperatures in Southern California, this is the perfect lounge top. It's SUPER soft, comfortable, and features intricate lace details. Unlike other bralettes, this particular one was relatively easy to put on. Most have bands that are way too tight and getting into them seems like a major feat. The cups are unlined and wireless. Get this pretty pink bralette HERE.

*NOTE: I used padding for this post... didn't want to expose too much! *


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