Windy Escapade

Monday, June 30, 2014

Do you guys ever have those days when you just want to lounge around the house? I used to love sitting around the house, playing the piano or violin, watching some television, scavenging for food in the fridge, exercising... don't get me wrong though! I still do all of this but times have definitely changed. I cannot bear the thought of being quarantined in my house all day unless it's to finish some work or study. Instead of being trapped indoors, I love adventure and being able to feel sun rays bounce off my skin. I have always loved traveling to new locations, finding all the local hot spots, and absorbing the culture around me - just sitting at a coffee shop in different states, countries and even different areas of Southern California exudes different vibes. So one sunny afternoon, Jonathan and I decided to venture to the rocks at Dana Point. Note to self, sandals and rock climbing do not go hand in hand! It was incredibly cold that day so we took refuge on one side of the rocks, opposite the Pacific Ocean. Here are some pictures without my hair in my face!

 // CHANEL Sunnies // STEVE MADDEN Sandals // 3.1 PHILLIP LIM Pashli Satchel //

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