Gold Studded Boots

Monday, May 30, 2016

All Black Outfit for School

I got these beautifully crafted Sam Edelman Mila Studded Booties, courtesy of Yoox, about 2 years ago however, I never found a way to style them. I would occasionally throw these gold and black booties on with random things I found in my closet. Pants, shorts, dresses... if you can name it, I probably tried it. I'm pretty petite so the outfits I conjured up made me feel tiny and a bit stumpy. But I wanted to wear these bad boys at least once. I spent my morning trying different outfits but none really worked. Another hurdle I had to face was wearing something that wouldn't be blown away by Santa Ana winds.

I eventually decided to go with an all black outfit. It was interesting working my attire from the bottom-up since I usually choose my shoes last. I tossed my favorite black motorcycle jacket over a basic black spaghetti strap and paired it with my black pleated leather skater skirt. Since I usually wear my 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli satchel, I decided to switch it up to my ZAC Zac Posen Mini Loren cross-body. This all black ensemble works for school or a casual shopping day out since these boots are surprisingly comfortable! Hope you enjoyed this post! Until next time!

Black Quilted Leather Skirt with Black Boots

Motorcycle Jacket_Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus
Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus_What to Wear to A Casual Date_Crossbody and Casual School Outfit
How to Wear a Motorcycle Jacket with A Flare Leather Skirt_Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus

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