Popsicles on the Run

Thursday, April 23, 2015

How do you guys keep in shape? I enjoy yoga and running! I try to run at least twice a week (I successfully ran 4 times this week *jump for joy*) and I do yoga every day. I slacked off for a month and all my hard work disappeared FAST... Besides, I eat a lot of junk food. So I decided to pump up my exercise routine this month by running more. I will also try eating cleaner by the end of this month... after I finish eating all the snacks I have laying around (Bring on the OREO'S!!!).

Anyways, I'm the type of girl who likes listening to really loud music, complete with an over-usage of beats, when I'm running alone. I frequently update my playlist so I don't get bored but I still wind up being able to predict the next song... I tend to run really fast so I need something that can stay in my ears and theoretically block out all my surroundings. I recently received headphones from Ankit and they're the cutest thing ever! I was surprised by the amount of noise they were able to block out! Plus, which girl doesn't want a fashionable accessory for her ears! See more details here. Remember to follow me on instagram @adriennenguyenn - I will put close up pictures of these earbuds within the hour!

// REEBOK Sports Bra // REEBOK Capri // IVANKA TRUMP Quilted Sneakers // ANKIT Popsicle Headphones //

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  1. Love this!! If only I can look that chic in workout clothes ;D

    xo, Alice
    The Inconnue Blog || Inconnue on Etsy

  2. That’s a pretty nice outfit. I really liked the workout leggings. My friend shared this blog with me as she is a big fan of this blog. It was great coming across this post. I think outfit is looking very good on you and I must also hurry and grab it.