Saturday, January 16, 2016

MUTED TONES make me yearn for Paris even more; for some peculiar reason, I associate France with pale, muted colors. I own a number of turtle necks however, I rarely wear them due to the warm temperatures in Southern California. Fortunately or unfortunately, whichever way you want to view this, we have been experiencing piercing cold weather for the past week - it was actually colder here than New York City! Despite the static that results from the wind and the intolerable weather, I enjoy layering and finally being able to wear my coats! Anyways, I could not find a bag to match this outfit so I decided to accessorize with my iPad! 

On another note, I recently received an email from Firmoo about a possible collaboration. I was a bit skeptical about this not because of the website but due to my inability to find glasses that "fit" my face. I always spend an enormous amount of time scavenging for sunglasses that can enhance the features of my face. Additionally, I always wanted to pull off the "nerdy" glasses however, all of the previous ones I tried on, IN STORE, made me appear cross-eyed. I wanted to test my luck so I decided to go for this pair which you can get HERE! Once I received this in the mail, I immediately ripped open the package and placed the glasses on my face. I looked in the mirror and it looked good on me, wink wink! These glasses are amazing however I do find something odd about them. I do not wear glasses or contacts so I ordered these as "fashion glasses" yet they irritate my eyes and make me feel a bit dizzy. I would only wear these for fashion posts however if you do have prescriptions, these are great! As a promotion, Firmoo is offering a "your first pair is free deal!" You only have to pay for shipping and you can get it here!

// Zara Turtle Neck // Kenneth Cole Necklace // Rachel Roy Skirt // Anne Klein Belt // Vince Camuto Bracelet // Firmoo Glasses //

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  1. Love your look, and SO IN LOVE with your shoes!


  2. a really cool look with neutral tones! :) rad!

    Pudding Monster