Gone With the Wind

Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus_Bohemian Style Summer Boho Fashion
It's been a pretty busy week since I just started making use of my intern license - I decided to start working this summer to gain some experience. For those that have been following my blog, I entered pharmacy school without any ounce of exposure into the field. I was heavy on research and I still am. I've never had such a jammed packed academically focused summer... ever! Even though I'm doing research at both UCI and UCSD while working, I'm not as stressed as when I'm in school. The feeling of being able to leave my work behind me at the end of the day is relieving. Sure, I continue my research at home but I'm not staying up late to cram in last minute material for an exam.

I suppose it's all about my outlook on things. The notion that I will not be tested on anything at the end is comforting. It's all about facts and being about to fully execute all my tasks with precision. But enough about my life, here's a bohemian inspired outfit I recently wore on an absurdly humid day in San Diego. I got this Forever 21 maxi dress not too long ago and I styled it my own personal way. I love, love, love sleeveless duster coats so when I realized how versatile this dress could be, I quickly snatched it up! I went out to lunch with my mom after we snapped these pictures and it was so good to feel the crisp cool air from the AC after suffering in the sun. Hope you guys like this post! Until next time!

American Pride

Fahrenheit Swimwear Fourth of July Bikini_Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus_Stars and Stripes_American Pride_Independence Day Bikini_Bow Bikini_Scrunch Butt

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! I hope y'all have a fun day with friends and family! Things can get pretty crazy so take extra precautions! This will be my first Independence Day in San Diego and I'm currently researching the best place to view fireworks! Traffic in SD is horrendous... I can only imagine how much worse it'll be later this evening! Anyways, I spent yesterday back at my old stomping grounds - UCI Medical Center...well, my old cubicle in the City Tower! I can't believe my spot is still the same even after one year - my name tag and paper cranes are still there though they were all covered in dust! I'm continuing to do research this summer for UCI and these upcoming weeks will be especially hectic. I'll be juggling research for UCSD and UCI as well as doing actual pharmacy related work and getting some of my IPPE hours down.

Onwards to my outfit, I'm wearing this cute Fourth of July Swimsuit from Fahrenheit Swimwear! Each piece is meticulously made in California - support Made in USA products by purchasing from this growing brand! Make sure to use: ADRIENNE15 at checkout to get 15% OFF your purchase of $30! Get this exact bikini at Fahrenheit Swimwear and check out all their other bikinis!