Casual Parisian

Casual Parisian French Girl Off Duty Look_Little Black Dress with Camel Duster Coat_Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus

Hey guys, it's been a while! I just finished my 4th week of school and took my first midterm of the quarter. For those of you who follow along on my Instagram, particularly my Instagram Stories, you saw that I spent the weekend in Santa Barbara! I had the honor of giving a podium at the Southern California Chapter of the American College of Surgeons. After many years of research, I was able to present my results to a group of peers. My project was a, "Comparison of Insulin Requirements in Distal Pancreatectomy Patients versus Whipple Procedure." I believe I was the only attendee who wasn't an MD, PhD or both. Many of my classmates asked me if I was nervous but I only felt tired. I juggled school, completing my presentation, my research paper and a new research proposal for this coming summer. I'm still suffering from "travel-lag" but I'm hoping to catch up on sleep this weekend!

Anyways, this is a typical outfit I would wear on cool or warm school days. When I was an undergraduate at UCI, I wore heels to class a majority of the time. Yes, I trekked up those crazy hills in Aldrich Park with heels and my feet did suffer... the things I do for fashion... Over time, the pain outweighed my desire to wear heels. My sneaker and flats collection is gradually getting larger though my heeled shoes closet is simultaneously growing at the same rate. When I began pharmacy school, I thought I could wear heels since P1 classes are in a single classroom. What I did not account for was the walk from the parking lot to the actual campus. Since I spend a great deal of my day at school and in traffic, flat comfortable shoes are my best friends. I love these leopard calf hair slip-ons from Kate Spade.

To all my future pharmacy students, what topics would you like to know more about? Many of you asked me about my typical day, life at UCSD/ San Diego and activities I'm involved in. I will be uploading my next pharmacy post in early February! I have to get through a four more midterms but then I'll finally have time to create posts that hopefully helps future or current applicants! Until next time!

Ruffling with the Blues

Cold Shoulder Ruffle Tier Dress from Zara _ Adrienne Nguyen _ Student Pharmacist INVICTUS

Long weekends are always the best! Even though I don't get much studying done, I do catch up on much needed sleep! Besides getting some extra ZZZ's, I did A LOT of shopping! I was glad to get a break from my packed schedule this quarter! I had free clinic for the first time last week and I found it rather fun. I heard mixed reviews from my classmates but my experience alongside a medical student was pleasant. The clinic I attended is located in Pacific Beach and there is quite a large turnout. From past experiences to now, I found it's only when you're immersed in the medical field that you understand how much knowledge you've acquired from school/life. Furthermore, you get to see firsthand how convenient it is to know Spanish. Thankfully, I'm taking it this quarter!

This particular outfit was taken when I first started pharmacy school... when it was still warm and I had time to actually dress up! What sucks is having to go to school early to get parking and beat traffic! Anyways, this cute cold shoulder ruffle tier dress from ZARA is one the of cutest ready to wear pieces I have in my closet! I love the subtle design and pop of color! This dress didn't restrict any arm movements and I actually wore this under my white coat! I can't wait to whirl around in this again!

I decided that I will make separate posts for pharmacy related topics. I will dabble here and there about life as a pharmacy student within my outfit posts but I will reserve pharmacy shenanigans to their own posts. I plan on making a separate "PHARMACY" category in the navigation bar above for easier access so be on the lookout! Until next time!

Bomber Chic

I can't believe I just finished my first week of school! Technically it was 3 days worth of classes but having to readjust my biological clock to wake up at 6AM sure took a toll on me. I'm taking more classes than last quarter and I was able to catch up with all my school work over the weekend! I also signed up for Spanish since it's the second most spoken language after English! It'll definitely help me wherever I end up putting down roots. Fingers crossed my knowledge of the French language helps me through it! Anyways, my fingers are all bandaged up since I was pricking my fingers to test my blood glucose level in a glucometer - we have "Diabetes Care" this quarter for Pharmacy Practice and a lot of our Top 150 drugs are for diabetes. After pricking myself for a day, I can't begin to imagine the daily pain diabetics have to go through along with monitoring what's consumed. However, this assignment did give me a new perspective of my eating habits and how I should be more aware of the things I put in my mouth. Not too worry though guys, I'm totally normal!

Anyways, one thing I cannot live and survive school without is my agenda - it gets really messy as the school year progresses but it helps me stay organized. Not only does it help me highlight deadlines and midterms (high five to anyone who uses colored pens), my agenda helps me manage time! I highly recommend getting one even if you're no longer it school - it works for everyone no matter what you're doing in life. Now on to temperature! The weather has been a bit bipolar here in San Diego and Orange County has been experiencing the same temperature roller coaster. It's sunny and warm enough to leave the house without a jacket one day but then it starts pouring down the next. This outfit was taken in 2016 when warmer weather permitted me to leave the house in a maxi without shivering my skin off. I love wearing maxis since it elongates my petite frame and feels oh, so great to move in!

I've been getting a good amount of responses from potential pharmacy student candidates in emails and through the form and I'll address of your concerns within my posts! A lot of you wanted to know what my days are like and what you should do to prepare yourself for life as a professional student. More of this will come real soon! In the meantime, keep your comments rolling in! Until next time!

Oh Deer

Christmas Sweater_Adrienne Nguyen_ALl Black Christmas Outfit

Happy New Year, lovelies! I hope you're all enjoying the first day of the new year with lots of food, shopping, and spending time with loved ones! I wish I enjoyed my break more but I knew what I was getting into by agreeing to speak at a conference and writing up a research manuscript. I have to stay positive though - it's all for a better resume and future! I still have spring break to look forward to and I'm hoping I actually get a mental break by then!

Anyways, this is my version of a not so ugly Christmas sweater! It's the cutest thing ever and my mom found it within a midst of your really really ugly sweaters. I paired this with a subtle floral embroidered button down underneath and black leather shorts. The pop of color is from my new maroon black Pashli my mom got me for Christmas - it's slowly becoming one of my most used bags! But I wanted a bit more color so I wore my newly acquired embroidered black suede Nanette Lepore booties! They were an impulsive buy and I suppose you could say a Christmas gift for myself! You can get my exact bag and boots linked at the bottom! I've accomplished so much this past year and I have so much to be thankful for.

Here are my New Year's Resolutions:
1. Aim for honors in all my classes
2. Spend more time enjoying life (traveling, eating, etc.)
3. Get back into photography
4. Write more pharmacy related posts
5. Eat less chocolate and chips ):

What are your resolutions? I hope you all have a wonderful week! Until next time!