Bendel Stripes

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Even though I love the year-round warm weather in California, I crave changing seasons. Watching the snow collect on the ground during winter, seeing the flowers bloom during spring, seeing the leaves change at the first glimpse of autumn but not so much of the melting during those humid summers. I've been dancing around the idea of moving to New York City since high school but I've had so many restraints keeping me here in California. Maybe I'll take a leap of faith once I'm done with pharmacy school! Until then, I'll enjoy the toasty weather!

We've been experiencing scattered rain in San Diego but when it does rain, it rains hard. Nights in the mountains are extremely cold and windy so I'm always bundled up when I go out. When Jonathan came to visit me, we went out for morning pictures. It was quite warm on this particular day and I just wanted to showcase this umbrella. Little did we know that it would start raining cats and dogs a few hours later! Anyways, I have many memories in this bright little number - I presented my research at my undergraduate symposium in this bad boy! Speaking of research, I can't believe my postgraduate research was accepted into the Southern California Chapter of the American College of Surgeons! I'll be presenting at the conference this coming January! What should I wear!? Well, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas or Hanukkah with friends, family and loved ones. Happy Holidays!

Life As A Student Pharmacist

Adrienne Nguyen_Casual Look_What to Wear to School_Utility Jacket_Parka with Black Leather Shorts

Sleep, sleep and more sleep! I'm so happy I can sleep in during winter break... though my idea of sleeping in is waking up at 9 AM. It's been one full week of break and I've already been back and forth from San Diego to Orange County twice! The drive past the San Onofre plants to Camp Pendleton is quite a drag and my eyes become blazing red afterwards but it's nice to be back in a place I associate with "home." My new location in San Diego is pretty great since it's close to everything you can think of: malls, restaurants, freeways... but it just doesn't feel the same (nothing compares to the malls in Orange County)! I also live in the mountains so driving up and down all the hills means lots of changes in altitude therefore, lots of ear popping! It's definitely a change of perspective since I used to be so close to the ocean. I plan on going back a few more times to finish off the last leg of my research at UCI and to do more damage to my bank account!

This is a typical casual outfit I wear to long days at school or during exams. I got this shearling lined parka/utility jacket from Zara quite some time ago but it was never cold enough in Orange County. I can definitely see myself wearing this on repeat in San Diego though... especially in my freezing cold classroom... Anyways, I saw these Timberland boots and I immediately fell in love - I linked the exact same style below (some colors are on sale under $100!). Even though they're 3" in height, they're beyond comfortable! I was able to walk up and down the crazy hills at UCSD without any trouble or pain! Style AND comfort? Yes, please! 

Anyways, grades finally came out and I'm so glad I passed with honors! For those of you not familiar with the grading system at UCSD's Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, all of our classes are graded as Honors, Pass or No Pass (H,P and NP, respectively). I'm so thankful I survived my first quarter in Pharmacy School. It was definitely no walk in the park. My first quarter consisted of 5 classes: Law and Ethics, Pharmacy Practice, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Advanced OChem) and BioStatistics. Of those, I found Pharm Chem and Bio Stats to be my easier classes because I could visually see things meaning I could see electron movement and numbers. I ended up studying the least for these classes due to time restraints. The more demanding and aggressive class, to me, was Pharmacy Practice. I came into Pharmacy School without ANY experience in the actual field so I found myself spending a great deal of time trying to memorize brand names vs. generic names, dosing, ADE's, contraindications, etc. Even though I was able to get into all the Pharmacy schools I applied to without prior experience, I would definitely recommend all applicants to at least shadow a pharmacist if becoming a pharm tech is not a feasible option. Exposure to community pharmacy prior to admission into a pharmacy school not only helps you become acquainted with drug names, but you also learn a great deal about laws and regulations as well as "dangerous drugs." Even though you may not be interested in pursuing a career as a community pharmacist, like myself, dipping your toe into that line of work will be beneficial. I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I'm not sure if incorporating outfits into my pharmacy related posts is a good idea but hey, you get two for one and who doesn't like a deal. Until next time!

White Coat Ceremony

white coat ceremony_UCSD skaggs school of pharmacy_health professional_Student Pharmacist_Pharmacist Blogger_Pharmacy Student_UCSD_california pharmacy student_medical student_dental student_adrienne nguyen

I cannot believe I'm officially done with my first quarter of Pharmacy School! I must say that I procrastinated / crammed like a mad woman the week before finals. I ended up studying for some classes just 1 or 2 days before the actual exam - I really don't recommend it since it involves lots of late nights and heightened anxiety levels. Anyways, I now have time to focus on my blog! I will be taking lots of outfit pictures during my break and I will definitely post more often (at least once a week). Oh, I got a lot of feedback from you guys through personal emails and the mentor-mentee form so I will be addressing a lot of your concerns in future blog posts!

Even though school's out, I still have yet to talk about my white coat ceremony! It was pretty low key since it was held in a lecture hall. It was quite a large turnout though - friends, family and loved ones gathered to celebrate our "initiation" into the health profession. All 56 of us were called up to receive our white coats. It was a symbolic moment for us and I am certain everyone in the crowd felt the same. I was waiting for some sort of glorious feeling to overcome me and was quite disappointed when it didn't. As the last person dawned their white coat, we were asked to remain in front to read, "The Oath of a Pharmacist." It was only then that I began feeling as if I were a true professional. To this day, the notion of calling myself a student pharmacist and future pharmacist still seems foreign but maybe I'll get used to it someday.

I made numerous of life-altering decisions leading up to my first day of orientation however, I won't dwell on all the details in this particular post. A plethora of my pharmacy school applicant readers emailed me about my choice to attend UCSD even though I was accepted at UCSF. The most influential reason, that ultimately determined the school I would pursue my pharmacy degree, was cost. I loved everything about UCSF but there were many things I had to put into consideration - I was looking for a house in the bay area and the price tag was absurd. UCSD was the most cost effective decision - it's a reputable public school with a strong emphasis on research and has great housing opportunities all around. I'll save the rest of my reasons for a separate post or this one will drag on!

Keep your comments and questions about pharmacy school, applications or anything else coming my way! I really do enjoy reading all your emails! Oh, a majority of my class also participated in the mannequin challenge - scroll down to see the UCSD, Skaggs School of Pharmacy, Class of 2020's take on the current rage. Until next time!

90's Revival

Adrienne Nguyen_UCSD_How to Wear Velvet_grunge Look_Velvet and Sequins

How do you guys feel about the 90's making an epic comeback this season? I remember collecting a bunch of chokers in elementary and middle school but they were more on the bohemian side since they were in desert shades and beaded. I am pro-choker but a little bit indifferent about velvet. 

When I received this velvet cami from Banana Republic, I was excited since it's currently on trend however, I really had no idea what to wear pair with it. I tried this top with leather pants, flare pants, and skinny jeans but those outfits just seemed so ordinary. I eventually stumbled onto these sequined shorts in my pile of boxes (I still have yet to fully unpack). To fully embody the 90's look, my mom cut off the an inch off the bottom of the camisole to make a choker - she even added a little trinket in the middle! I love the back of this cami and it's perfect for a night out or a casual day with friends! I finished off my look with snake embossed gold sandals, also courtesy of Banana Republic. They are much more comfortable than I imagined! I don't know if any of you recognize my backdrop, but it's the Geisel Library! My boyfriend came to visit over the weekend and our intention was to take pictures Downtown but it started pouring! We drove around aimlessly for a bit until deciding to head back towards UCSD. It was pretty crowded over the weekend... probably because finals are right around the corner. Anyways, I managed to make my way all the way up and down the snake path without any trouble or pain! These golden heels run true to size though the cami was quite big on me (I got an XS from Banana Republic). I hope you guys like this post - I linked my outfit details at the bottom! Off to studying I go, until next time!

Fresh Work Wear

Adrienne Nguyen_UCSD_California Pharmacy Student

I finished all my midterms last week and took my first final yesterday! I honestly cannot believe how fast this quarter is going - looking back at my workload and weekly schedule, I have no idea how I managed everything. Comparing my situation as a pharmacy student compared to my undergraduate years is a bit disheartening. When I was an undergrad, I thought I spent too way too many nights staying up (midnight seemed too late for me). As of now, I no longer have a regular sleeping schedule (insert sad teardrop emoji). I crave naps and sometimes I have to stay up until the wee hours of the night, I'm talking about 3 to 4AM, to finish all of my work. Just three years left of actual memorizing, studying and writing! Anyways, I know a lot of you pharmacy applicants are now going to interviews and I've had a lot of feedback from my posts. Starting next year, I will initiate a virtual pharmacy school mentor-mentee program to aid applicants! I'll have a signup and we can have sessions as time permits!

Now on to this post...I wore this over the summer in Orange County - as you can tell I am WAY behind on posts.  I got this sheer overlay TOPSHOP pencil skirt at Nordstrom and I'm just waiting to wear this on rotations (which will, unfortunately, be the summer of 2018 since I'll be doing research this coming summer)! I love dressing up but its quite hard at UCSD - check out my Instagram posts to see what I wear on a daily basis. The parking situation here is B E Y O N D terrible and I have to park at Revelle and scramble across the street to get onto campus (High five to those who know what I'm taking about, #TheStruggleIsReal). The highest heel height I can manage without tumbling down hills is 2 inches! I wanted to avoid wearing these heeled flats to school since the road is uneven but I gave into temptation. I wore these yesterday and they're still in great condition. I will try to post more often - I have some exciting collaborations to share with you guys in the future! Until next time!

Down By the River

Adrienne Nguyen_Boho_fedora and blue and white striped dress

I've been M.I.A. lately since school and life have been taking up a lot of my time. I still have a ton of outfit pictures to post but I no longer have the luxury of time to sit down to filter and edit my pictures.   I just finished my 5th week of school and survived this past week with the least amount of sleep to function- I had two midterms this week (Monday and yesterday) and a law and ethics essay. Oh, I also attended a wedding this past weekend... I eventually crammed for all my assignments but I managed to pass with honors for my Biostatistics midterm on Monday (#TimeManagement?). I have yet to find out the results for my other classes but I'm feeling optimistic! I know a lot of you are currently applying for pharmacy school and I was quite surprised to see so many people emailing me and reading all my blog posts pertaining to the application! I'm glad I can pay it forward and help you guys - I should seriously start an online mentor-mentee program! As of now, I am writing up this post during class (star student, no?). 

Anyways, this past summer, Jonathan and I ventured out to explore numerous places that depicted California's natural beauty in unique ways. One of the places we visited often, besides the beach, was Thomas Riley Park. This wildlife sanctuary is very picturesque, great for running and for anyone looking for an escape. Just a heads up, if you do visit this park, make sure to bring along a pair of sneakers! I wore snakeskin print sandals (that have only been worn a couple of times), and the sole of my sandals were flew off in pieces! The terrain is uneven so do be careful!

What do I like most about this place? The opportunity to get away from the fast paced city life and the chance to sit back and watch the tall grass sway back and forth. It's just like a scene taken out from The Sound of Music. I would give anything to have just a moment of solace without anything running through my mind. Be on the lookout for more photography integrated into my blog posts in the far future! I can't wait until winter break! Until next time!

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Adrienne Nguyen_Summer Style_Fedora and Dress
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Adrienne Nguyen_What to Wear on a Casual Summer Day

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Sequined Nomad

Sequinned Top and Leather Shorts_Adrienne Nguyen

Reminiscing to a time when I didn't have to worry about imminent exams or drowning in a massive pile of work that continues to grow. I miss going to the beach every weekend without feeling guilty about pushing my studying aside... listening to the waves crash against the sand, picking up broken seashells, watching the sun disappear in the horizon, eating way too many sweets, trying to prevent birds from attacking me to steal my food, waiting for the occasional dolphin to appear (you can actually see them inNewport Beach)... Oh, how I miss all these simple pleasures in life.

This outfit was actually taken quite some time ago when I only had to think about meeting deadlines for my research project. This past month has been hot and humid but the nights are getting much cooler. I wonder what the weather in San Diego has in store for me this season - it'll be my first Fall here! Hopefully it gets cold enough so I can start layering and playing around with my clothes. As of now, I'm still trying to get a good grasp of SD. I explore a few areas each weekend but I would love to know the more livelier and non-crowded areas... anything that will make for good pictures! But being a foreigner to a new area makes for good day trips, no? Besides locations for outfit posts, I plan on picking up photography again. The last time I actually focused on it was my first year of undergrad however, life and academics prevented me from fully committing myself to photography. It may be a slow process since I'm still settling into my new place, juggling school and a business but I do plan on committing myself to a few hobbies to keep myself sane. Until next time!

Adrienne Nguyen_ Fishtail Braid_Summer Fashion_Newport Beach
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Adrienne Nguyen Photography_Birds Flying in the Sunset_Newport Beach, California

// ASTR Sheer Sequin Sleeveless Top // 3.1 PHILLIP LIM Pashli Satchel // CHANEL Sunglasses //


Banana Republic x Invictus III

Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus_california Fashion Blogger_Southern Belle_Merino Wool pink sweater

Hello everyone! I just finished orientation at UCSD and yesterday was my first official day of school! Looking at my course schedule is a bit overwhelming but I am beyond ecstatic to be a full time student again! There are multiple potential outfit post locations around campus so you might see some UCSD backgrounds in the future!

Onwards to fashion: Banana Republic generously provided me with some of their new arrivals! This particular post shows 3 different outfits - each with something from Banana Republic. To start off, I immediately fell in love with this blush colored merino wool featherweight sweater.  Besides the hue, I adore the feel of wool against my skin! It's the perfect transitional piece from summer to fall and it works wonders with both skirts and pants. Though this crew neck sweater isn't offered in petite sizes, I opted for an X-Small and it fits extremely well. I was a bit afraid this sweater might be too loose on me but it fits just fine! I paired this top with a full circle midi skirt to bring back some Southern Belle roots to my blog.

Adrienne Nguyen_UCSD School of Pharmacy_Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus_Souther Belle Fashion_Flower Full Midi Skirt _ Pink and purple outfit

// BANANA REPUBLIC Merino Wool Featherweight Crewneck Sweater in Blush c/o (Get it HERE// PROENZA SCHOULER PS11 Clutch // MARCO SARTO Salmon Platform Heels // CHANEL Sunglasses //


This denim dress is just perfect for work and/or play! I got the 0 Petite and it was as if the people at Banana tailored it for me! There's an invisible zipper in the back which makes this little number look that more chic. However, there are some things to note about this denim dress. One of the set-backs happens to be the material itself - the blue denim color rubs off. I was able to avoid this since I read the warning was placed on the label. But if I immediately yanked off the label, I might not have been that fortunate. Another "issue" is this dress wrinkles easily. Even getting up after one car ride leaves multiple wrinkles and creases. But then again, this material is prone to wrinkles... Overall, I do like this dress -  the length and everything about this makes it work appropriate. Get this Denim Sheath Dress from Banana Republic HERE.

Adrienne Nguyen_Banana Republic Sponsored Post_Denim Bodycon Pencil Dress_What to Wear to Work)Work Wear Ideas_Petite Fashion
Adrienne Nguyen_how to wear denim to work

// BANANA REPUBLIC Denim Sheath Dress c/o (Get it HERE// L.A.M.B. Blue Suede D'Orsay Heels // L.A.M.B. Cheetah Spots Wallet // CHANEL Sunglasses //  


Adrienne Nguyen_Classic Black and White Outfit

One of the most versatile pieces I now own is this sleeveless lace trimmed top from Banana! If you peruse the Banana Republic website, you'll notice that a lot of items, offered in their standard sizes, are not available for petites (insert sad face emoji).  I got the X-Small and it's a tad bit long and big but it's nothing a simple alteration cannot fix! I decided to stick with a classic black and white color scheme for this outfit. But I couldn't do without a splash of color! This is a great outfit for a casual day out or even school! I just found out that this exact trimmed sleeveless top is sold out but I linked an alternative Banana Republic top at the bottom!    

White LAce top with Black Trim _ Tahari Flare Pants
Adrienne Nguyen_Casual SD Fashion Blogger
adrienne nguyen_korean fashion bloggere_Japanese fashion_Vietnamese fashion
Adrienne Nguyen_jimmy choo bag

// BANANA REPUBLIC Lace Trim Top c/o (Get it HERE// TAHARI Black Pants // MARCO SANTO Salmon Platforms // CHANEL Sunglasses // JIMMY CHOO Satchel //

* Banana Republic provided the Featherweight Merino Wool Crew Sweater, Denim Sheath Dress, and Lace Trim Top however, all opinions are my own *


Sailing Stripes

Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus_Summer Style_french Girl Style_Sailor_Sailing Outfit_Blue and White Stripes

Greetings, everyone! My sincere apologies for being M.I.A. - I just moved into my new home! I made so many fond memories at my old place... so of course tears were shed however, I am excited to embark on a new adventure in San Diego! I spent the last few weeks packing up my life and tossing away unwanted clothes, home goods, etc. I really could not believe the amount of clutter I acquired over the years but then again, I did live in one home my entire life. Anyways, I hired the most amazing movers that were able to pack up and take care of all my belongings - including my piano! After they left, my old house felt so much bigger but the feeling of abandonment became real.

As the afternoon came at my new place, I found myself in the midst of a plethora of boxes. I didn't feel like I could call this my new home. It was missing that solid, strong connection I created at my old place - something hard to come by... something irreplaceable. I know it might sound odd but I grew very fond of my past home. I was so attached that I decided to go back to my old house for one last night even though I already cut the electricity - fortunately, the water remained on for 48 hours! I slept in a sleeping bag on the floor by candlelight - totally romantic, right? It was hard to say goodbye but it'll always have a place in my heart. I have so many pictures and I took something away from it - both literally and figuratively.

I don't know when I'll be comfortable calling my new place, my home but it's an issue that I believe will be resolved within time. Until then, I'll keep myself busy by unpacking and eating way too much take-out for my own good. I can say I am beyond thrilled to be a full time student again - more on this soon! On another note, I finally pulled out these adorable white culottes and paired them with my striped sailor crop top with a bow in the back. This is the perfect outfit for a summer day out at any beach or coastal place.

Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus_Breton Stripes with White Pleated Culottes from Tahari
Adrienne Nguyen_Fashion Blogger from California_SD Blogger_Summer Outfit_Blue and White Striped Crop Top with Zipper and Bow
Adrienne Nguyen_How to wear Crop Tops_How to Wear Culottes and look tall_how to not look short in culottes
Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus_How to Wear Crop tops with Culottes
Adrienne Nguyen_Fashion Blogger_Yellow and Blue Color Combination_Color Blocked_What to Wear for a Boat trip
Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus_What to wear to lunch on the beach

// LAMB Blue Suede D'Orsay Heels // TORY BURCH Bright Yellow Clutch // CHANEL Sunglasses // TAHARI White Culottes // PINTAIL Pineapple Pin //