Free People x Bloomingdales x Adrienne !

Friday, December 02, 2016

A TRIP TO NEW YORK along with a photo shoot for... wait for it... BLOOMINGDALE'S?!?! That's right. In early September, I was fortunate enough to fly to New York and participate in what I would call a once in a life time opportunity. I flew in the day before the shoot and I quickly adapted to the time zone - no jet lag ensued! I went around exploring SoHo and absorbing the culture at night. Most of the restaurants in New York are open late however, they were jam packed so I resorted to room service! The following morning was my shoot and it was far different from my typical outfit shoot for a blog post. As I stepped into Splashlight Studios, I was greeted by numerous people just roaming the halls. I must admit, I was completely intimidated when I first walked in. The studio was already set up, the clothes were being steamed and makeup products littered the table. I began talking to a model by trade, Britt, and I found myself easing into conversations with my hairstylist and makeup artist. Before I knew it, the show was starting. Britt went first so I could analyze the "how to's" of modeling - she makes every aspect of modeling seem effortless. As she wrapped up her last few pictures for her first outfit, it was my turn to change into my Free People clothes * As a side note, I am a huge fan of Free People and I personally own a good amount of their garments! * When I walked into the changing room, I was accompanied by 2-3 stylists. Who piled jewelry onto me and clipped my clothes... each article of clothing was a bit too big for me. As I made my way out for my first shot, I walked ever so shyly pass the photographer and creative directors. When I got to the "X" and turned around, I saw an incredibly large amount of people in the room. Of course I was "O.O" but I tried to play it cool, haha. My range of movement was very limited since I had to remain in a certain area for the best lighting so I was moving left to right and back again. I caught on very fast and I was having lots of fun with Lana Del Rey playing in the background! By the end of the shoot, all I could see were bright lights and I had incredibly dry eyes since the fan was blowing into my eyes however, I made some incredible connections and I will never forget the people I shared that day with.

Though it was a very, VERY short trip, I was honored to be part of the Bloomingdale's family for a day. The people I interacted with at the shoot were incredibly genuine and insightful - completely different from the people I deal on a day to day basis but that's a good thing. Medicine and fashion are on two opposite poles so it felt nice to escape my reality for a few days. Hope you guys enjoy the pictures!

CLIPS! The secret to well fitting pants in advertisements!

 Some behind the scenes pictures! 


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