Thursday, February 11, 2016

How to Look Good in a Forever 21 Dress
Hey, lovelies! I am truly sorry for the lack of posts these past few weeks - I was invested in paving my own road towards the future. To all my readers out there, you probably noticed how my posts were becoming less frequent and far from loquacious (BAM - there's an SAT/GRE to feed your soul). Anyways, my blog started off as a personal space for me to share my life and fashion to others all around the world. I feel that I've lost touch of the true essence of my blog so I promise to put more effort into these posts.

I know the beginning of the year yet but I found myself doing a lot of self-reflection these past few weeks. I was able to think back to my past accomplishments and to the many things I achieved in 2015. So why the sudden myriad of thoughts? Graduate school interviews! I only applied to a few schools in California and I received acceptance letters in less than a week from my interviews! I will definitely make a post on my entire experience in the future... if not so I can spill my heart into another outlet, then just so I can help future applicants. You can follow my experience on instagram @adriennenguyenn.

Onward to this outfit! I recently got this Aubergine V-Neck Dress from Forever 21! It's such a great piece since it's loose enough to hide that belly fat after a meal and it flows with the wind! Besides, who doesn't love this aubergine color? The dress looked a bit plain so I added my fedora and finished it off with my favorite leather pieces! My mom and I were on our way to the fabric store when we saw an abandoned restaurant so I hopped on in for a few shots... it smelled a bit funky though...

Only those who truly know me understand my tenacity. Thank you to all the fans who stuck with me while I was absent from the blogosphere. Until next time!

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// FOREVER 21 - Contemporary Aubergine V-Neck Dress // 3.1 PHILLIP LIM Medium Pashli Satchel // MICHAEL KORS Leather Booties // BCBG MAX AZRIA Felt Fedora //

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