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Sunday, April 09, 2017

Embroidered Jacket _What to wear with an Embroidered Blaxzr_Military Jacket_Adrienne Nguyen

I survived my two weeks back in school and I finished my first "MULTI-OSCE" this past Friday. I'm still trying to adjust waking up at 6AM for class but my biological clock isn't there yet. The OCSE was torture but I actually enjoyed it since I was able to see how I handled situations under pressure and what areas needed improvement! I'll create a separate "What is an OSCE" post in the near future! Anyways, I participated in "Doc 4 A Day" yesterday and it was fun getting to know local high school students. I was glad to see so many females interested in pursuing science as a career! We created coconut/vanilla flavored lip balm and helped them count M&M pills! I made a bunch of videos via Instagram stories but of course, I didn't have any reception so my videos vanished! For a more behind the scenes look of what goes on in life as a pharmacy student, follow along on Instagram @adriennenguyenn.

I love the embroidery trend this season so a bulk of my newly acquired items possess some sort of embroidery on it. I have yet to wear most of them since it's still a bit cold. As of now, I'm still layering with blazers and duster coats! The details on this Zara blazer are impeccable - from the embroidery to the gold buttons and red piping! I didn't know what sort of bird was on my blazer but I realized that

Adrienne Nguyen_Grad Student Fashion_What to wear to school
how to layer OTK over the knee suede boots _heeled boots_with causal clothes_Adrienne Nguyen
Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus_Pharmacy Student_Student Pharmacist_Fall layers
quilted ini skirt_What to wear with a leather skirt_Adrienne Nguyen

// ZARA B;ack Red Piping Military Bird Embroidered Jacket // IVANKA TRUMP OTK Suede Heeled Boots // ZAC ZAC POSEN Mini Loren Crossbody // CHANEL Sunglasses //


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