Gold Studded Boots

All Black Outfit for School

I got these beautifully crafted Sam Edelman Mila Studded Booties, courtesy of Yoox, about 2 years ago however, I never found a way to style them. I would occasionally throw these gold and black booties on with random things I found in my closet. Pants, shorts, dresses... if you can name it, I probably tried it. I'm pretty petite so the outfits I conjured up made me feel tiny and a bit stumpy. But I wanted to wear these bad boys at least once. I spent my morning trying different outfits but none really worked. Another hurdle I had to face was wearing something that wouldn't be blown away by Santa Ana winds.

I eventually decided to go with an all black outfit. It was interesting working my attire from the bottom-up since I usually choose my shoes last. I tossed my favorite black motorcycle jacket over a basic black spaghetti strap and paired it with my black pleated leather skater skirt. Since I usually wear my 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli satchel, I decided to switch it up to my ZAC Zac Posen Mini Loren cross-body. This all black ensemble works for school or a casual shopping day out since these boots are surprisingly comfortable! Hope you enjoyed this post! Until next time!

Black Quilted Leather Skirt with Black Boots

Motorcycle Jacket_Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus
Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus_What to Wear to A Casual Date_Crossbody and Casual School Outfit
How to Wear a Motorcycle Jacket with A Flare Leather Skirt_Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus

// SAM EDELMAN Mila Studded Booties (Purchase HERE// TWENTY TWO CHANGES Motorcycle Jacket // ZAC Zac Posen Loren Mini Crossbody // FOREVER 21 Black Spaghetti Strap // CHANEL Sunglasses //

Doctor of Pharmacy

Oh, how applications suck the soul and life out of students. As if school and extracurriculars weren't enough, if one wishes to advance into graduate studies, another round of grueling applications awaits. That means writing a personal statement with the ability to jerk some tears out of the admissions committee or making yourself stand out with a unique voice, gathering glorious letters of recommendations from professors/mentors/employers etc., answering a gazillion questions such as "why do you want to be a student at this school" and/or "where do you see yourself in 10 years?", and possibly having to take standardized tests. Yay.

Trust me, it's not that bad.

I went through this entire process starting in July 2015.

I was fortunate to be accepted to every school I applied so I am now in the process of looking for housing near the Pharmacy School I will be attending this coming Fall. I decided that I will be detailing the most important (if not all) aspects of the application and interview process on my blog to help give insight to future applicants. When I applied, I did not receive any guidance since I did not know anyone applying to pharmacy school, let alone graduate school. I was in my own bubble but I kept myself in the loop by reading Student Doctor Network (otherwise known as SDN) religiously.

Do remember to take what you read on SDN with a grain of salt. Some information may be dated and requirements for acceptance into schools change yearly [G.P.A., prerequisite courses, required testing (PCAT)]. DO NOT let another members' comments or stats deter your decision to apply to any school. I sure didn't let anything get to me.

how to get into pharmacy school_Pharmacy school blogger_UCSD Skaggs school of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences
When PharmCAS opened in July, I decided to get ahead of the curve by filling out everything I could. I went through two categories in a jiffy: Applicant Information and Additional Information. The one category that I found the most tiresome was Academic History. Like many of you, I took a ton of classes therefore, sitting in front of my laptop, typing everything from my transcript onto this program, was beyond tedious.

I attended the University of California, Irvine during my undergraduate years and we ran on a quarter and units system. In the PharmCAS manual, there was a fancy section about converting units to credits but I disregarded that little blurb. I entered my units, as printed on my transcript, under the credits section. I did not experience any problems with PharmCAS or the schools.  Mind you, as I was pounding away at my keyboard, I still had yet to complete my personal statement... Actually, I didn't even a working draft (ERROR #1).


Though I finished all the "easy" things within two days, I stared blankly at my laptop for a couple hours before I managed to type up my personal statement. It took me about three days to have something I was content with, that fit the character requirement, but then I left it there for a week. I'm the type of person who likes looking at important things with a fresh set of eyes. If I were to continuously read and edit my essay, I would probably memorize it and skip over any grammatical errors. I waited a bit too long before I began editing my statement so you can imagine the panic that engulfed me when August came (ERROR #2).

With only 4500 characters (including spaces), I felt that it was difficult to tell my full story. But after seeking help from my mentor and a fellow colleague, I was able to develop an essay I believe was able to resonate with members of the admissions committee. I was fortunate enough to be able to draw upon past experiences though I know it may be difficult for some to come up with ideas. If you're stuck in a rut and don't know what to write, speak from the heart. If you REALLY need help, I'm pretty sure you could GOOGLE examples of personal statements but don't be tempted to plagiarize!

The broad question to answer in your own unique voice is:

"Why Pharmacy?"

 [ N O T E to future pharmacy students reading this, every school I interviewed at posed this question ] 

A lot of my classmates used to joke about how the personal statement was a competition - it's all about the essay that proves to be the most heart-wrenching, tear-jerking, relatable, compelling story. Roll your eyes and laugh all you want but I bet there's some truth to it. Do pour your heart into your essay and tell the admissions committee how you fell upon pharmacy but don't try to weasel your way into their hearts with a fake story. Think about all the essays they've read over the years - I'm sure they can pick out the fabricated statements. Don't give them a sob story. Make your voice unique. Make a bold statement. Make yourself memorable.


      1. Start your personal statement E  A R L Y !
    • I would recommend brainstorming ideas in early June. This gives you ample time to write a draft and make multiple edits of your statement.
      2. Get a  S E C O N D   O P I N I O N !
    • Don't be shy! I asked my research mentor of 5 years, who happens also happens to be a Hepatobiliary and Pancreas Surgeon, to read over my statement. He gave it a quick read along with some suggestions however, since he is highly demanded in clinic/OR and time is of the essence to him, I got help from his Physician's Assistant. I ended up revising my statement a few times before sending it off.
      3. R E R E A D   your statement !
    • Make sure to re-read your statement at different times of the day over the course of a few weeks! I chose to fully edit my essay about 8 times until I was content. Although I still wanted to work on my essay, it was September and I wanted to be done.
    • Print out your personal statement - I'm an old school kind of girl. I love hard copies since it allows me to do some real color damage to my paper. I also like this method since you can keep track of what you're changing.
       4. S T A N D    O U T  !
    • Easier said than done, right? Out of thousands of essays the committee goes through, you want to be the one that sticks, the one they'll discuss with their colleagues, the one they choose to interview. I cannot give you advice here since everyone has their own story but make sure to have a powerful ending. Here's some wisdom from my PA friend that I'll be passing along to all you Pharm youngsters:
      • Instead of telling the admissions committee why you want to go to their school, tell them why the school needs you (i.e. what can you bring to the school, what unique attributes do you have?). Just don't sound too cocky!

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you in a timely manner! Up next will be experiences, letters of recommendations, and a preview of what to expect on supplemental essays (especially to those applying to California Pharmacy Schools).


Crop Top Armani

How to wear a crop top with pants+palazzo armani purple pants_Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus

There's a fancy little spot in my heart reserved for palazzo trousers. Why do I hold so much affection for them? Well, besides the obvious fact that they elongate my frame, they're actually comfortable! I saw these Armani pants sticking out of the rack and they were seriously calling out my name... "pick me, pick me!" I tried them on and they just felt oh so good! These palazzo pants are great for work but I also wanted to integrate them into my daily wear.

To create an outfit that differed from my typical work wear, I paired these palazzo pants with my newly acquired crochet crop top with some intricate criss-cross action in the back. Since I'm petite, wearing a shorter top along with a longer bottom ALWAYS makes me appear longer - that's my secret weapon! This was the perfect outfit for lunch and an afternoon of some quick shopping! Until next time!

How to Wear a White Lace Crochet Crop Top to A Casual Lunch Date or Shopping Day_Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus
How To wear a crop top to work_Classy and Fashionable_Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus
Business Casual in a crop top_California Fashion Blog_Orange COunty_Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus
Pharmacist Fashion Blogger_Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus
Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus_What I wore to A Casual Day At Work_Crop Top and Flare Pants

// L'ATISTE BY AMY Crochet Crop Top (Similar HERE) // ARMANI Violet Flare Palazzo Pants (Similar HERE// MARC FISHER Salmon Platforms (Similar HERE)// TED BAKER Clutch (Similar HERE// CHANEL Sunglasses //


Hedy Kitten Heels - Banana Republic

Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus_How to Wear a Dress Over Pants_Open Dress

Time for another Banana Republic x invictus collaboration! I have to say the packaging for these Hedy Slingback Kitten Heel Pumps is cute! Written on the little black box are the words, "Hello sole mate!" Cute, no? It's also on the sole of these pumps! Anyways, I never, yes, NEVER, buy shoes online since my shoe sizes ranges depending on the brand. I'm the type of girl who likes to be able to physically hold a pair of shoes and slip my feet into them.

When I saw these pointed slingbacks, I must admit I was ecstatic. I wanted to find a pair of comfortable black heels for research/work but a pair found me! Besides, it's shoes! How could any girl not be happy! When I first put these on, they were a bit big but I've been able to walk around in them. I was pondering on whether a 7 would have been a better choice instead of my usual 7.5 but I bet that would have been too small. Overall, they're very versatile - they transition eloquently from work to play. It's made of leather and comes with memory foam to provide a cushioned insole for all day comfort! Plus, it's only an inch high so it's easy to walk in!

I decided to create a casual outfit centered around these heels. I slipped on my comfy stretchy black pants along with a cream swing top and finished it off by wearing my butterfly and floral dress as a coat. Purchase these Hedy Kitten Heels from Banana Republic and see more on their website! Until next time!

Banana Republic x Adrienne Nguyen_Sponsored Post_Collaboration with Banana Republic
Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus_Cream Swing Top and Black Cigarette Pants_Classic Style_Classy and Sophisticated
Audrey Hepburn Style Inspo_What to Wear to School_What to Wear to a Casual Work Day
Adrienne Nguyen_What I Wore to School_How to Wear Black Kitten Heels
What to Wear with Black Cigarette Pants_classy
Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus_girly and Classy Banana Republic Fashion
Butterfly and Flower Dress_Adrienne Nguyen_Invictus

// 3.1 PHILLIP LIM for TARGET Butterfly Zippered Dress (Worn as a coat) // ZARA Cream Swing Top // ZAC ZAC POSEN Mini Loren Crossbody // BANANA REPUBLIC Black Hedy Slingback Pump // CHANEL Sunglasses // SAKS FIFTH AVENUE Gold Floral Double Finger Ring // BUFFALO DAVID BITTON Black Pants //

*BANANA REPUBLIC provided these black Hedy Slingback Pumps however, all opinions are my own*