What’s In A Name?

Sunday, September 22, 2019

White Lace - Bohemian White Lace Wedding Dress - Adrienne Nguyen Pharmacy Student
There's something about a simple gold necklace that can elevate even my most basic outfit. Whether I'm in a rush to school or in need of something to complete my work wear, I tend to gravitate towards simple pieces. I received this dainty engraved gold disc necklace from Sincerely Silver and I must admit I've already worn it on numerous occasions. Besides customized engravings, this necklace comes in three different colors: gold, rose gold or silver. It's the perfect every day accessory that defines sophistication while maintaining minimalistic simplicity. Learn more about this necklace at Sincerely Silver.

How to Wear a Gold Dainty Simple Necklace_Adrienne Nguyen_Casual Cream Lace Outfits
Intimates_Adrienne Nguyen_UCSD_Gold Name Necklace
Adrienne Nguyen_Cream Lace Dress_Cream Lacy Wedding Dress_Lace Robe


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