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Thursday, December 22, 2016

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Even though I love the year-round warm weather in California, I crave changing seasons. Watching the snow collect on the ground during winter, seeing the flowers bloom during spring, seeing the leaves change at the first glimpse of autumn but not so much of the melting during those humid summers. I've been dancing around the idea of moving to New York City since high school but I've had so many restraints keeping me here in California. Maybe I'll take a leap of faith once I'm done with pharmacy school! Until then, I'll enjoy the toasty weather!

We've been experiencing scattered rain in San Diego but when it does rain, it rains hard. Nights in the mountains are extremely cold and windy so I'm always bundled up when I go out. When Jonathan came to visit me, we went out for morning pictures. It was quite warm on this particular day and I just wanted to showcase this umbrella. Little did we know that it would start raining cats and dogs a few hours later! Anyways, I have many memories in this bright little number - I presented my research at my undergraduate symposium in this bad boy! Speaking of research, I can't believe my postgraduate research was accepted into the Southern California Chapter of the American College of Surgeons! I'll be presenting at the conference this coming January! What should I wear!? Well, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas or Hanukkah with friends, family and loved ones. Happy Holidays!

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// ZARA Hot Pink Dress // PROENZA SCHOULER PS11 Clutch // STEVE MADDEN Nude Heels // CHANEL Sunglasses // HENRI BENDEL Striped Umbrella c/o //


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