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Saturday, December 01, 2012

THE SUN ALSO RISES even though it's been raining in Orange County. Oh, as a side note, that novel was one of my favorites in high school by Ernest Hemingway. Finals are in less than two weeks and the end of my undergraduate years are starting to hit me. It's time to devote more time to school and get rock solid grades. I am planning on staying at research longer so I can update my database to have enough information to present at the symposium May 2013, doing more clinical work, and becoming more active in community service (I haven't been able to do a lot this quarter since I'm taking pretty dense courses...which is pretty unsettling since I love volunteering). I will update my blog to the best of my ability but I must say that school is more important to me. However, I can promise that I will have a new post up by December 14th at the latest. Hope you guys understand!

As for my outfit, I received this dress from Sugarlips which you guys can purchase HERE. When I received this dress, I have to admit that I did not like it. It is not something I would even try on at the mall if I saw it on the racks but I wanted to make it work. I went through my accessories and tried to mix and match things to see if I could make it "mine" and put my own personality into it. After scouring through jewelry, belts, and shoes, I finally found the perfect combination and this is the result. 

// Miss Violeta Dress you can purchase HERE // Marco Santi Platforms // Chanel Sunglasses // Free Press Necklace //

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  1. Superb outfit, I love your skirt!

  2. love this! super cute outfit, loving the necklace!

    xx Rebe


  3. This outfit is amazing! <3


  4. okay its safe to say you have the cutest skirts ever! I love this one too!



  5. great look, hyped! love the heels and the blouse so cute and chick!