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Friday, October 28, 2016

Adrienne Nguyen_Boho_fedora and blue and white striped dress

I've been M.I.A. lately since school and life have been taking up a lot of my time. I still have a ton of outfit pictures to post but I no longer have the luxury of time to sit down to filter and edit my pictures.   I just finished my 5th week of school and survived this past week with the least amount of sleep to function- I had two midterms this week (Monday and yesterday) and a law and ethics essay. Oh, I also attended a wedding this past weekend... I eventually crammed for all my assignments but I managed to pass with honors for my Biostatistics midterm on Monday (#TimeManagement?). I have yet to find out the results for my other classes but I'm feeling optimistic! I know a lot of you are currently applying for pharmacy school and I was quite surprised to see so many people emailing me and reading all my blog posts pertaining to the application! I'm glad I can pay it forward and help you guys - I should seriously start an online mentor-mentee program! As of now, I am writing up this post during class (star student, no?). 

Anyways, this past summer, Jonathan and I ventured out to explore numerous places that depicted California's natural beauty in unique ways. One of the places we visited often, besides the beach, was Thomas Riley Park. This wildlife sanctuary is very picturesque, great for running and for anyone looking for an escape. Just a heads up, if you do visit this park, make sure to bring along a pair of sneakers! I wore snakeskin print sandals (that have only been worn a couple of times), and the sole of my sandals were flew off in pieces! The terrain is uneven so do be careful!

What do I like most about this place? The opportunity to get away from the fast paced city life and the chance to sit back and watch the tall grass sway back and forth. It's just like a scene taken out from The Sound of Music. I would give anything to have just a moment of solace without anything running through my mind. Be on the lookout for more photography integrated into my blog posts in the far future! I can't wait until winter break! Until next time!

Adrienne Nguyen_invictus_UCSD School of Pharmacy
Adrienne Nguyen_Summer Style_Fedora and Dress
Adrienne Nguyen_How to Wear a Fedora with a Dress
Adrienne Nguyen_UCSD_How to Get Into Pharmacy School
Adrienne Nguyen_What to Wear on a Casual Summer Day

Adrienne Nguyen_Sunglasses_Invictus
Adrienne Nguyen_What I Wore


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