Black and White Scallop

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends - I avoided turkey and consuming large amounts of starchy foods so I didn't experience any food coma, whew! Maybe it's just me but holidays on the East Coast seem so much better. The snow. The homes. The decor. The warmth... Looking at all the holiday inspiration on Tumblr conjured up a lot of ideas and emotion. Plus, I love layering so colder temperatures would definitely suffice my desires. Possibly I'll be an East Coaster someday... A girl can dream, right?

Instead of waking up in the wee hours of the night, I decided to do some late afternoon shopping on Black Friday. Most of the good stuff was gone but I wanted to avoid the crowds... Boy, was I wrong. The amount of cars trying to get in and out of South Coast Plaza was insane - especially, with all those cones blocking parking areas. But once I made it out of the traffic, it was fairly easy to find parking underground. I scored some amazing things that I'll soon share on my instagram @adriennenguyenn

Holidays call for symphony concerts, the opera, themed musicals and other festivities. This is an outfit I would wear to a day concert - it's simple, in that it's black and white, yet sophisticated. An added bonus is this entire ensemble is comfortable! I love this newly acquired crochet/lace crop top from Sister Jane. My mom added a DIY satin black bow since it was plain without any neck details. Instead of opting for black skinny pants, I went for a more feminine and classic look with palazzo pants from Kensie. Since I am quite petite, I am always looking for ways to elongate my frame. The best way to achieve this, during colder seasons, is with high-waisted, flare pants. I also get to hide my sky high platforms! To add a hint of pizzazz, I paired my rather classic outfit with leopard print platform Mary-Janes by Pelle Moda. Until next time!

Irresistible Me

How to Wear Black Leather Shorts - How to Look Sophisticated in Black Leather Shorts
This look was taken some time ago when it was still warm in Southern California - the temperature has drastically dropped ever since! I recently acquired this oh so cute trapeze top from Forever 21 and I've been mixing it with different bottoms non-stop! I was going for something casual so I ended up pairing this top with my favorite leather shorts and tan heels!

Onward to the good stuff... this post marks the first time I ever used hair extensions. I typically spend more time on my hair than my makeup each morning - anyone with me? Every day seems to be some sort of bad hair day for me... my hair typically inverts and dances to it's own beat. If I'm fortunate to find a style that suits me, it doesn't exactly matter by the end of the day since my hair tends to flatten out. I'm the person who has to spray half a bottle of hair spray, tease my hair until it looks like a bird's nest, and use tons of mousse to keep my hair in tact.

So what's my hair really like? I have thick hair but it's also very fine. I never thought about using extensions as an alternative to teasing my hair for that voluminous effect. It was only until Irresistible Me that I saw the wonders of extensions. If you've been reading my blog for a while now, you can see that my hair is voluminous in most posts - I can say with certainty that it took a lot of hair spray and teasing to achieve those looks. Now in this post, I didn't use ANY hair spray! I just clipped the pieces onto my head and was surprised at the volume of my hair! Yes, I still had to tease a few parts here and there but it managed to stay in tact!

The package comes with 10 pieces - 1 large and very thick piece, 2 medium pieces, 5 small pieces, and 2 additional clip-ons. I was surprised at how accurate the color was to my natural hair color! I have this unusual virgin hair color - it appears dark brown without any direct light however, my hair seems like it has highlights and turns medium brown under the sun.The clips are extremely reliable and stay in place - just make sure you actually clip it into your hair!

If your hair color resemble my natural color, then you should definitely get the Chocolate Brown extensions - I chose the 200 grams since I love having that voluminous effect! Check out Irresistible Me, HERE.


How to Wear a Mesh Bomber - Casual Everyday Outfit
A lightweight jacket perfect for summer and a possible layering piece for fall? This mesh bomber definitely fulfills both! You may have noticed this piece on my blog before when I posted it with my exercise attire (HERE). If there's something I love more than staple pieces (a plain white tee shirt, distressed jeans or a black coat), it's unexpected versatile and transitional treasures! This bomber worked perfectly for an off-duty look and I can see myself styling this in so many different ways! For instance, when the temperature permits, I can layer this underneath a few short sleeved sweaters or on top of some plain blouses! I cannot wait until it gets colder - anyone with me?

I linked some alternatives below so you can check them out - the first linked mesh bomber is on sale for $18! Get it now while sizes are still available! It looks identical to mine! Some say wear black when you feel like there's just nothing to wear in your closet so that I did.

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