Body by Victoria

body by victoria
A lingerie post in collaboration with none other than Victoria's Secret and! I was so thrilled when I received these delicate pastel pink pieces *SQUEALS* I will give you guys my honest opinion about these three newly released "B O D Y  B Y  V I C T O R I A" bras so scroll along and get ready for detailed pictures!

Before ripping open my package and putting these bad boys on, I took the FIT QUIZ available on the Victoria's Secret website. I usually have a difficult time purchasing bras since I want something a French woman would wear (delicate, seductive yet sophisticated) but I also need it to fit! I have this love-hate relationship with push-up bras but this quiz walks you through all possible problems! For instance, one question asks whether or not you have gaps whenever you wear a bra. This quiz covers practically every problem you might encounter whenever you're trying on a bra. What's the plus side to purchasing the recommended bra through this FIT QUIZ? It's RISK FREE! If you purchase the suggested size but it's still not quite right, you can return it for free - NO shipping or handling charge!

** ATTENTION ** Starting July 28th - August 2nd, Victoria's Secret will be running a Body by Victoria (BBV) Sweepstakes! Purchase any BBV bra and enter to win a JAGUAR! Incentive, much?  


Cupcakes & Caffeine

how to wear graphic tees
I don't typically wear graphic tees so this happens to be one of those rare occasions. The only time I do sport something similar is when I'm terribly cold and studying within the confines of my room. Hello, big fluffy sweaters with my Alma Mater's acronyms! But cupcakes and caffeine? I'll make an exception and expose this top to the world! I paired this with my new favorite jeans from PAIGE. I own numerous flare jeans / bell bottoms yet none seem to hug my thighs like these. I think it gives my legs more shape... Besides, it makes my booty pop! Now, who doesn't want that? I am quite petite in frame so I try to buy bottoms that have the ability to elongate my frame. I steer clear from from skin tight jeans (cue *Katy Perry*) and bubble anything... Skinny jeans aren't my friends unless I pair them with boots or some sort of heel.

I decided to make my posts more personal and attempt to reach out to all of you! I would love to establish some long lasting relationships with my dear readers. I don't post too often so keep updated with me on Instagram and Twitter. I hope you guys enjoy this post! Scroll down to see my picks for the Nordstrom Anniversary SALE!


how to wear a suede dress
A boxy suede dress is typically a foe for summer yet I still decided to put it on. (Un)Fortunately, this gloomy Southern California day brought rain (YAY for being able to survive in this dress but BOO since it (kind of?) damaged my dress and d'Orsay's!). I found this Kate Moss for TOPSHOP suede dress as I was rummaging through racks of spring clothes! It's the perfect transitional piece for work and a casual day out. The tiny slit on the left hand side allows for more movement. Don't you hate it when you try on dresses you really like only to find out that it prevents you from making any sort of movement?

On another note, I hope you all enjoyed your Independence Day weekends! I must say, the illegal fireworks firing all around Orange County were much better than Disneyland's. Anyways, check back soon because I will be posting my top picks for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Until then!

Cropping Work Attire

how to look fashionable in a pencil skirt
Black. White. Navy Blue. Brown. Those are the predominating colors in the workforce. Professional? Yes. But, don't you get tired of having such a depressing looking closet? Sure, I love wearing all black when I'm running errands and the likes... But if I have to be around the same people in an enclosed capacity for extended periods of time, I'd like some variation - in color AND style. Or to quote Elle Woods, "a little something extra."  Don't get me wrong. I understand most places enforce a strict dress code policy, which I respect. However, I try to bend the rules as much as possible. *Wink Wink* I spend the majority of my time conducting research in a tower (waiting for my prince charming - I kid!). So I can usually dress the way I want... within reason, of course! Nevertheless, I do conform to the dress code whenever I work at the hospital.

As for this particular outfit, I got my inspiration from Suits. Do any of you watch that show? It is one of my all time favorites! I've watched the entire series, up to this point, f i v e times in its entirety! MEGA FAN! The women on that show have very different styles yet they're all very refined and classic. I emulated one of Rachel Zane's crop top and pencil skirt variations with a slight twist. I found this amazing Clover Canyon Crop Top on sale (I linked a very similar one) and paired it with this H&M pencil skirt that I have owned for years! I typically buy lots of bottoms and tops that don't mix well so when I find a pair that fits, I'm beyond ecstatic! I hope you enjoy this post! Until next time!