SugarPLUM Fairy

how to make a cape top look casual
Cue Nutcracker music! I remember playing this piece and numerous other soundtracks in orchestra... oh, memories. I enjoyed performing each score then (re)watching the movie to pick up all the details *music nerd*! Nevertheless, I came up with this niffy title, SugarPLUM Fairy, because of this adorable cape top! I'm a bit indifferent to purple... I don't own many items in this color scheme but I'm crushing on plum. I might even be bold enough to say that it's one of my favorite colors! This top has been in my possession for almost a year yet it's been quite difficult to find a matching bottom. I finally settled with my brown leather pants and I believe it worked out just fine, wouldn't you agree?I finished this outfit off with heels and a necklace following the purple scheme. Until next time!

Classic Floral Crochet

how to look classy in an all black outfit
What do I usually wear when I'm running late to class or have some errands to finish? Anything black. It's the most versatile "c o l o r" that goes with practically everything! It also works for numerous occasions and events... well, except weddings!

For this outfit, I channeled a darker side of my inner Southern Belle. I already miss seeing Lemon Breeland's fruity ensembles - she was meticulous about her appearance and she could do no wrong! But, I digress. I recently added this incredible crochet midi skirt to my collection and I can already see it as a great seasonal piece. Instead of pairing this with your typical black top and either tucking it in or leaving it out, I decided to crop it. Why? Showing a sliver of my abdomen warranted a more summery look as opposed to a regular top. To transition this skirt into fall, I would toss on a cape or an over the shoulder coat. Want to make this look a little more rebellious? Why not try a motorcycle jacket? Until next time!