Smells like TEAM spirit! It's time to feast on unhealthy appetizers and gather round the television to watch the S U P E R B O W L !! Who are you guys rooting for? I'm hoping this years game is better than the debacle of 2014... We practically knew who was going to win after the first play! Anyways, a football viewing party calls for lots of food and this is a typical outfit I usually wear to the market. To give this otherwise simple outfit a kick, I added my Steve Madden Work Boot Mules which I believe complimented my outfit very well. Hope you guys keep safe this weekend! Until next time!

Ruffles and Frills

Here is my rendition of a classic black and white look with a pop of color! I recently found this ruffled top in the back of my closet - I honestly didn't even know I had this! To make this outfit a tad bit playful, I paired it with my leopard, calf hair Mary Janes from Pelle Moda. Anyways, the wind typically flattens and messes up my hair so please excuse the lack of volume. I would love to experiment with a new haircut but I am not sure what to do. I was thinking about trying the "SWAG." Seriously, who names these?  But it's a very bohemian look with waves and bangs - Taylor Swift recently rocked this look at the AMA's. It would require a tremendous amount of maintenance and I have extremely flat hair so this may not be the best option. Maybe I will just cut off a few inches... Until next time!

Little Darling

Hey everyone! I have been working on something major for the past few months and it finally came to life this past week so pardon my delay - I cannot wait to reveal details about it in the future! After being cooped up indoors for so long, it felt nice being outside and immersed in the sun. Do you guys have any traditions you partake in after something stressful (e.g., an exam or the likes)? Writing that makes me want to start something such as gobbling up some apple pie! Well, even though I managed to pull myself through that intense whirlwind, I have many more obstacles to overcome in the near future. But it's the end result that matters right? The taste of sweet victory on your lips is the best.

I received these round, orange sunglasses from Polette last year and I finally had the chance to wear them! I found that it went well with many of my summer and spring attire however, it was next to impossible to try to pull those outfits off during this time of year. So I decided to incorporate these bad boys with this particular outfit. I think the pop of color adds a nice contrast, do you? Anyways, Polette sunglasses was created by Pierre Wizman. With only 2000 euros, he soon became a leader of the online optical market and garnered over 2 million euros within a year. Must be wondering how that happened, huh? Not only do they carry prescription lenses and sunglasses in a variety of shapes and colors, the prices are unbeatable. Polette is able to offer extremely low prices since they omitted the middle man. Once an order is placed, Polette contacts the factory to make and ship the item directly to the customer. Though the eyewear is inexpensive, this does not mean it is of poor quality. Make sure to check them out via facebook, instagram and twitter!

Power Dressing

Happy New Year, everyone! I wish you all the best for this beautiful, coming new year! Many of you are returning to work or school this week and it definitely does seem like a drag. However, the sudden heat wave frolicking through California does make things easier! Ice cream and tank tops during Winter? Don't mind if I do. Anyways, have you guys made any New Years Resolutions? Mine include academics, business, health and blogging, of course! I am going to put more effort towards my posts including the integration of creative sections such as my Closet Essentials which proved rather popular to my readers. So to start off the new year, I wanted to shared a hidden gem that's been collecting a bit of dust in my closet - my Tory Burch polka dot coat! I wanted to create a sophisticated yet fun look so I paired this with a shirt dress I got from Nordstrom while I still a youngin` in college. Pairing this coat with a white sheath looked too bland for me (possibly good for the office) so I chose a more adventurous route with bold colors.