Mens rea

 Gobble gobble! Fall happens to be my favorite season not only because of all the holiday decor and festivities but the food... THE F O O D!! So long diet! For some odd reason, apple pie and cinnamon rolls taste so much better this time of year. Well, to me at least, haha. Do you guys have a favorite hor d'oeuvre, entree or dessert you like eating during the holidays? If I could eat cookies and cake in lieu of everything else, I definitely would! Anyways, for this outfit post, I wanted to give you guys a sense of what I wear to business-like situations. There is a preconceived notion that professionals should wear dark or muted colors - especially if you wanted to be taken seriously. But where's the fun in that? No matter what season it is, I like incorporating my personality into my outfit! Despite questionable glances I might receive, I like wearing what embodies me best. Sorry, not sorry, conservatives! Oh, you may be wondering what my title means but I'm pretty sure many of you have watched Legally Blonde. Just think of this post as an ode to Elle Woods. I did want to become a lawyer at one point in my life! Have a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! 


Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Are you guys excited? I wanted to find some autumn inspired accents for my room but each time I enter a home decor store, I am bombarded with Christmas shenanigans. Don't get me wrong though. Christmas is a lovely holiday that I both celebrate and enjoy but I wanted to find some rustic decorations that could serve as transitional pieces. Despite my later than usual posting schedule, I wanted to post more often so I might include sales that grab my attention, pieces I would like to add to my closet or inspirational interiors. I believe that would allow me to interact with you guys more. Anyways, it still is hot but we did experience some strong winds a few days ago. Even though it was extremely dry, I decided to wear this ensemble. Plum and burgundy are two of my favorite colors. There's just something powerful and dark about it - it has the right amount of seduction, mystery and allure. I centered my outfit around these colors by pairing my plum BCBGeneration fedora with a crimson top and skinny pants from ZARA. By the way, I finally found a wool fedora hat that suited my face! They are usually too small on me but this one was perfect!

Mischievous Black Dress

Despite the brief bout of rain earlier last week, the temperature in Southern California is continuing to rise (90 degree weather in November!). But then again, why am I surprised? As a native Californian, I understand that I am living in an eternal summer with occasional rain. Most people would say I'm lucky however, I actually like the rain - I want to witness the transition of seasons. Whenever Christmas comes around, store decor typically revolves around snow, festive ornaments and who could forget good ole Saint Nick. Though it may be true that society implanted the image of a "perfect Christmas season" into our minds, everything seems so much more magical in the snow, right? The first time I saw snow was when I went tobogganing in Australia. Most of the people my age went skiing or snowboarding but I hopped onto my sled like vehicle and rapidly went down multiple slopes like a gangster, haha. My last encounter with snow was when I went to Big Bear for French Camp but I still haven't seen an actual snowfall. Maybe, someday. But I digress. So onwards to this post. I am in love with this dress I received courtesy of OASAP! It is something I can wear to research, school or out for lunch! If you are following my blog, you may have noticed these boots in my last post. Do you see anything different? The boots looked a bit plain so my mom added some fringe at the top. Gives it a little something extra! I finished off the look by maintaining the color scheme with this heart clutch. I am in the process of working on something exciting with my mom and Jonathan! I cannot wait to show and tell you guys our creation! Until next time!


November started off with heavy downpour but it was definitely nice waking up to the sound of rain! Do you guys like the rain? Cars driving on wet asphalt, rain hitting the windowpane, taking out the umbrella and layering! What's not to love? One place I really want to visit in the future is Paris, of course. Being able to see all the landmarks, trying new cuisine, practicing my French? Oui, s'il vous plaƮt! I did not take French for four years to let it go to waste! But what does my desire to visit Paris have to do with rain? All the books, music, and pictures I have seen make Paris appear so romantic in the rain. If I am ever lucky enough to venture off to France, not only would I visit Paris but I would also make sure to spend time in Provence, Versailles, Avignon, Strasbourg, and Bordeaux. A girl can dream, right? Anyways, this was my first outfit for November. I decided to wear this adorable black cat wool sweater I scored at Off 5th's! I decided to take advantage of the cold by layering with my silk black top and black wool cape. My mom purchased these knee high leather boots from Nine West over 10 years ago and they've been collecting dust over the years. I do not have any knee length boots so I wanted to see if I could squeeze into these bad boys. Success! I think it complements my outfit very well. What do you think? Until next time!