Autumn Crop Top

It's finally getting cooler - well, at least the mornings are! Gloomy mornings are definitely my weak spot.. it has a seductive je ne sais quoi. This summer was all about crop tops however, I found myself gravitating towards loose button downs and flowy sweaters paired with distressed denim. But for some odd reason, I decided to pull out this houndstooth crop top right when the temperature took a drastic dip. Ironic, isn't it? To shield myself against the crisp, cool morning air, I added this white button down from Hollister.  I used to shop here as a teenager until everyone at school began wearing the exact same thing. I had, scratch that, I still have this mantra which basically reminds me to steer clear of trendy items since numerous people will have the exact same thing. Of course, there are exceptions like my 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel. Even though I own a couple "overrated" items, I just like wearing things that fit my style despite what is considered "current." Anyways, I received these destroyed Current Elliot boyfriend jeans courtesy of Bloomingdales over a year ago and I finally decided to wear them. That's right. This is the first time I incorporated them into an outfit and I must say that they are extremely comfortable! It's described as a relax fit and it definitely lives up to its name since I feel like I am swimming in them! These will be my go to pants for road trips! Until next time!

Dangling Flowers

For those of you who are working, what do you guys like wearing to the office? The typical 9 to 5 workday probably involves a lot of sitting and staring at a screen or walking around to see clients or dealing with chemicals... Well, it all depends on what you actually do but I always try to incorporate a bit of myself into my outfit. So here is a taste of what I like wearing to research though I added a clutch here for the sake of my outfit - I usually carry my 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel. My workplace has restrictions against certain nail polish colors and clothing colors so my options are limited to dark or neutral colors without any bold designs. I thought this top from, courtesy of OASAP, could function well at work as well as a casual day out. I was a bit ambivalent about this top when I took it out of the packaging but it actually looked nice once I put it on! It's a "one size fits all" top however, I found that it was incredibly tight around my waist. It is also a bit itchy but a camisole can solve that problem! Hope you guys enjoy these pictures.

 [[ If you guys didn't already see in my last post, I am sorting out a bunch of clothes from my closet and selling them on Poshmark! I will be updating my account daily with new and gently worn items. Check out my closet HERE. If you guys do not already have an account, use the code BZMGE when you're signing up for $5 credit! ]]

Laser Cut

Looking back at previous Ready to Wear shows has allowed me to see how my style has drastically changed. I used to put a tremendous amount of time and effort into my outfits however, I would say that my style has taken a turn towards the more casual side. Don't get me wrong though. I do not consider the California, laid-back, cool a bad thing. I usually pick a sweater and pair it with jeans since I hate wasting a perfectly good outfit for an uneventful day. Since the weather is beginning to get on the colder and gloomier side, I can finally pile layer upon layer! Even though change is good, I hope to embody the old me in my future looks as the one featured here. You guys must remember Gossip Girl, right? Everyone I knew was mesmerized by Serena van der Woodsen's attire. I was attracted to some of her clothes but to me, Blair Waldorfs' outfits were a hit in practically every show. Each outfit was like a piece of art that exuded a sense of ladylike sophistication and power. I know this particular outfit isn't what she would wear but I am drawing inspiration from her and giving it my own modern flare. Always add personality to your outfit and own it! 

 [[ I am sorting out a bunch of clothes from my closet and selling them on Poshmark! I will be updating my account daily with new and gently worn items. Check out my closet HERE. If you guys do not already have an account, use the code BZMGE when you're signing up for $5 credit! ]]

Casual with Mallzee

With the increasing number of shopping apps on the market, it's hard to know which ones are safe, user friendly and let's face it... many do not have the best selection of clothing. If you guys want to find trendy and current items at affordable prices, check out Mallzee's revamped personal shopping app. Download it HERE - it's free! My favorite brands on the app are French Connection and Free People. If you guys are following me on instagram, @adriennenguyenn, then you might have seen this picture. As you can see in the 5th picture of this post, the exact bomber I wore is now on sale at Mallzee for just 70 euros! If you do not want to purchase something on the spot, that's okay since you have the ability to save and/or share the item. Convenient? I think so! If I need something new but do not have time to go to the mall, I can always refer to Mallzee's trusty app. To view pictures of the app, continue scrolling down. 

This outfit is what I would call, "I need to find a birthday gift and I am running out of time" look. It's definitely comfortable, plain and very simple. Grey and white go so well together but I also wanted to add a bit of color therefore, I paired my outfit with these orange, suede Burberry flats. Nothing feels as good as walking around in flats after a week in high heels! Until next time!

Breezy Bohemian Lace

Hey guys! I just changed the look of my blog yet again! I believe this looks much more attractive and the classic hues of black, white and gold give great aesthetic pleasure. This new bohemian look also plays with the colors present on my theme! Jonathan found this secluded area that overlooked Corona del Mar. It had an interesting gazebo-like structure that served as my shelter from the sun during the majority of the shoot. So as a proper farewell to summer, this is my final summer 2014 look which incorporates a little bohemian, Cali girl vibe. It's a great outfit to go out for lunch with friends, the farmer's market or to do some outdoor shopping. I've had this lace skirt for quite some time but finding a top to match it has been quite difficult. To keep my look casual, I paired the skirt with a simple black tank top and accessorized it with gold necklaces.