When I visit various other blogs, I develop a sense of distaste if it is not regularly updated, the composition is poor or the website itself is not appealing. In no way am I stating that my blog is top tier with excellent photography or page design but I was getting quite bored with my "usual" outfit shoot locations. After passing by my typical spot, I found a brown wall that was pretty bland but different. After turning into the parking lot I noticed some abandoned, or so it seemed, step ladders scattered all over. I immediately ran over and my mom started taking some shots. I eventually found one that wasn't taped up so I naturally climbed the steps. It started wobbling like crazy and I then realized that these were damaged ladders that were thrown out as a safety precaution. Well, those "danger" signs didn't alarm me. They were perfect props for this outfit which gave it some edge. Anyways, I am not a fan of body-conscious dresses but this casual collar dress, courtesy of Blue Vanilla, functions well for school or casual days out. To spice up this dress, I added a motorcycle jacket from Twenty Two Changes from Nordstrom and leather Michael Kors Booties. This exact outfit is something I would wear to go out for lunch or to class. Until next time! 

Casual Day - Halter and Distressed Jeans

Can you believe today is the final day of summer? The sun has been setting much earlier and mornings are gloomy - just the way I like it! Gloomy days conjure up wishful desires of rainy days in Paris, London or New York. For the past few days, many of the interior accounts I am following on instagram posted bedroom pictures with large windows overlooking a very gloomy Manhattan. Now doesn't that just sound nice? Spending a cozy day indoors with your favorite book and a cup of coffee while looking over the concrete jungle... someday, maybe! But enough daydreaming! I finally wore these distressed skinny white jeans to go grocery shopping. White pants tend to increase my width and decrease my height so I usually avoid them. But I had to have these! They're versatile and they can easily transition from summer into fall. Also, jeans never fit me perfectly in length so I always cuff them. Most of the time I roll them in but I decided to expose my cuff for these jeans. One thing to note, for petite girls like me, over-cuffing can make you appear shorter than we actually are! So cuff wisely! To give the impression of longer legs, I paired this outfit with Realove heels from Steve Madden. Anyways, I cannot wait until Fall comes in full swing! I have lots of  past season runway outfits I cannot wait to re-create! Until next time!

Feeling Yellow - Mixing Prints

My style has been quite bland lately so I decided to spice it up by reverting back to my old ways of mixing prints! As contradicting as that may sound, I miss creating outfits and wearing things in a way other people wouldn't. If you have been reading my posts, you may remember an article I wrote stating that I would start a tips section on my blog. Well, the lack of a photographer and time are my enemies so I might start doing "The Runway, My Way" posts in lieu of regular ones. I enjoyed reinventing runway looks in high school with things I had in my closet - some looked very similar while others followed the same color scheme or theme. Although fashion month is in full swing, they are showcasing Spring/Summer 2015 looks. Autumn is right around the corner so I will be utilizing looks from last year's Fall/Winter 2014 shows and possibly earlier ones too. 

Now onward to my outfit! I finally found heels to replace my old BCBG Max Azria's. It usually takes me a while to break into new shoes but these are surprisingly comfortable - I hope I didn't jinx myself! But I am a fan for nude, beige, or tan heels since they make me appear taller than I actually am! Though these brown heels don't fit that criteria, they're mighty comfy. Fashion and comfort working together? Who knew that was possible! Anyways, I actually wanted to pair this Lovers and Friends floral top with the yellow skirt featured in one of my most recent posts but it looked quite plain so I opted for these houndstooth shorts from Forever 21. Until next time!


Even though it has already been one week into September, it feels more like summer than ever. The humidity is making everyone seek refuge for any air conditioned room and this heat is making it extremely difficult to do anything outdoors. This outfit post was taken in the morning but even then, it was still hot. So I ran around and about for a few snaps until my makeup started to melt and my hair decided to take on a new style. I have been debating on how to pair this top and I ultimately settled with these high-waisted, wide legged pants by Kensie. It's a simple outfit that can be worn to the office or a lunch meeting. Besides, I am a fan of anything that can elongate my figure.

With the year coming to close, I decided to reflect on my life and I realized that there is still so much I want to accomplish. But with every thing I aspire towards, there always seems to be a road block. Whether it's finances, academics, time, and resources, I hope to achieve all my life goals.

Brighten Up- Zodiac DIY Scarf Top

I cannot believe that it's the first day of September! To celebrate the the end of a hot and humid summer, I wanted to wear something bold and bright. I had a bit of trouble coming up with something that would match this skirt so I decided to work some magic with my zodiac scarf. As in my other d.i.y. scarf top post (Check it out HERE), I wrapped it around my body and finished it off with a bow in front. I also added two shoulder straps to ensure nothing was accidentally exposed! I actually paired this outfit with the Zac Sac from Zac Posen but I forgot it at home - yes, I forgot my bag at home! My hands felt so empty during this outfit shoot but I worked with what I had. Anyways, I cannot stop wearing this crystal necklace courtesy of 9th and Elm (whoops, double negative). This website is unique unique since it features handmade and independent designs from numerous designers. Until next time!