Enjoying the Scenery | Southern Belle

With the increasing temperature in Southern California, the number of outdoor activities rapidly diminishes. Though the beach is my go to spot when I have nothing to do or no place to venture to, I'd rather not burn under the sun. Besides, the parking situation is dreadful. So I have been staying at home or seeking refuge at any air conditioned spot. Today was a bit cooler so I decided to finally wear this Southern Belle ensemble. I do not know how many of you watch Hart of Dixie on the CW but it is one of my favorite shows. Not because of the very interlaced storyline but because of Lemon Breeland's attire! I was mesmerized by her style from the first episode and I cannot wait until the new season begins. Anyways, I received this scenic skirt and pink statement necklace courtesy of OASAP. The touch of aristocracy this skirt exudes is undeniable plus, the bold necklace adds a special touch of elegance. I decided to pair this with muted salmon platforms and my Proenza Schouler PS11 Clutch. Oh, just remember to look at the skirt measurements before purchasing - it runs smaller than your actual size... MUCH MUCH smaller! Click here to purchase the skirt or necklace or see my outfit details at the end of this post.

Summertime Greens

 I hope you're all having an amazing summer thus far. With the peculiar, cool and cloudy weather in Southern California, I always want to be outdoors. I received this emerald maxi dress, courtesy of OASAP, about two weeks ago and I have been quite busy so I did not find any time to post this until now. I love the irregular cut since the sides just fall down towards your sides as well as the pleats! I can see myself transitioning this piece into an autumn staple by piling on a sweater and possibly a coat. Anyways, I had some trouble trying to find accessories for this dress. Nude colored heels seemed to simple to be and yellow made me resemble the Brazilian flag. I wanted to find some royal blue heels however, the pumps I had did not match. In the end, I resorted to some brown leopard slingbacks and belts - I avoided adding on a brown bag to prevent myself from looking like a tree. Anyways, to view more details or to purchase this dress, check out OASAP here.

Scarf Top + Pencil Skirt

Taking full advantage of the cloudy overcast in California even though I still have a nasty cough! Although it may be cloudy, it is still quite hot...Anyways, I received this hot pink midi skirt courtesy of Vault Lifestyle. When I first tried on this skirt, I wanted to make my outfit "stand out" from the norm. The typical black or white top was out of the question for me so it was now a task of how I could make this unique. After some contemplation, I decided to play around with my scarves - I have a ton of scarves that are just occupying space in my drawers. To my luck, this was the first scarf I pulled out. I created a makeshift head scarf however, my mom suggested that I turn this silk floral scarf, from TJ Maxx, into a top. So with a simple twist, voila! This skirt is great for casual outings and is extremely stretchy! To purchase or learn more about the company, visit Vault Lifestyle HERE.

// TJ MAXX Scarf worn as Top // IVANKA TRUMP Suede Heels // DIOR Sunglasses // PROENZA SCHOULER PS11 Clutch // VAULT LIFESTYLE Midi Skirt c/o //


With eyes burning from charcoal smoke and illegal fireworks lighting up the sky, I hope all of you had a wonderful Fourth of July weekend! Unfortunately, I caught a nasty cold of some sort from my colleagues at research. I was asleep for half the day and I felt miserable when I woke up so my weekend wasn't as merry as I wanted it to be. I am slowly recovering though I somehow developed an irritating cough and extremely red eyes... Anyways, here is an outfit post from one of my better days! This sheer, white top is becoming one of my favorites since it goes with practically everything. As for these scalloped shorts, I have had them for about a year but I could never find anything top that worked with it until this one came along!