Windy Escapade

Do you guys ever have those days when you just want to lounge around the house? I used to love sitting around the house, playing the piano or violin, watching some television, scavenging for food in the fridge, exercising... don't get me wrong though! I still do all of this but times have definitely changed. I cannot bear the thought of being quarantined in my house all day unless it's to finish some work or study. Instead of being trapped indoors, I love adventure and being able to feel sun rays bounce off my skin. I have always loved traveling to new locations, finding all the local hot spots, and absorbing the culture around me - just sitting at a coffee shop in different states, countries and even different areas of Southern California exudes different vibes. So one sunny afternoon, Jonathan and I decided to venture to the rocks at Dana Point. Note to self, sandals and rock climbing do not go hand in hand! It was incredibly cold that day so we took refuge on one side of the rocks, opposite the Pacific Ocean. Here are some pictures without my hair in my face!

PIOL | Create Your Own Dress is a revolutionary website by which any woman can design the perfect, go-to dress - in color, style and fit - that completely suits her body. Using advanced make-to-measure technology, hundreds of beautiful fabric, and an intelligent system of design, PIOL offers customization at its highest level. Inspired by Edith Head, famed costume designer during Hollywood's Golden Age, the PIOL Dress system is three-fold: 

First is COLOR, Depending on the color of your hair, eyes and skin, there are certain colors that make you "pop." PIOL offers a variety of fabrics from Italy, France and Japan in colors and prints that are designed specifically to highlight your individual color. If you have dark colored hair, you may have noticed that the color scheme they offer you consists of many earth tones. Though these hues work with my physical features, I wanted a pastel color for summer. So I played around with the hair and eyes options to find the pink featured in these pictures. 

Next is STYLE. PIOL has five different sihouettes - each with its own selection of neckline, skirt and sleeve length. You can easily find the perfect cut that will show off what you like most and camouflage the rest. I have been in search for a good funnel neck dress and this was my opportunity to finally create the perfect shift dress. I am petite in size so I chose the shortest possible skirt size and I opted for a sleeveless dress.

Third is FIT. Most women are not perfectly proportional from top to bottom nor do they fit into the standard sizing of a typical dress. Using your body measurements, PIOL will custom make a dress that is guaranteed to fit you better than anything you can find off the rack. After choosing your color, neckline, skirt style and sleeve length, PIOL will prompt you to select your height, bust, hip, and waist measurements.

PIOL's unique understanding of color, style and fit allows you to create a dress that cannot be found anywhere else. Hand sewn in NYC, the dress will arrive in 3-4 weeks with the ability of a full refund for the price of the dress. I absolutely love the style and color of this dress - I believe it embodies Jackie O's simple yet extremely sophisticated sense of style. Check out PIOL's website HERE.


I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! I have been planning on renovating my blog for quite some time and the redesign of my layout is just the beginning. To make my site more interesting, I wanted to add a "tips" and "health" section. For my tips section, I would give all of you my advice on how to wear certain things, what to wear to certain events and d.i.y. projects - now who doesn't love those? I believe this would give me the ability to interact with all of you and hear your opinions about my projects. For my health section, I would have recipes, recommendations for super-foods that will clear your skin, some workout routines and how to still enjoy delicious meals even if you have a medical condition. I am still drafting ideas, finding people, and spare time to initiate my new and improved (ideal) site. So be on the lookout, this may happen in the not too distant future!

For today's post, I wanted to share this cute little 3D floral applique dress I received courtesy of OASAP. The chartreuse color is definitely charming against the skin since it has the ability to make you look lighter than you are; it gives you a glow! The florals on the dress tend to flip all over the place since they are thin and only sewn in the center however, the style and design is impeccable. I was debating on whether I should pair this dress with pink, orange or green heels but I ended up choosing these green Marc Fishers' so I could complete this outfit with a hot pink Kate Spade bag. To see more details about this dress or to purchase, click HERE.

What To Pack | Summer Travels

With Summer creeping up on us, I wanted to share some things I would pack for my summer get away. I subdivided these into different categories to make it easier for you guys to see the I attire I would wear to these specific regions. First up, the beach - obviously! Though I am a native Californian, I haven't frequented the beach as much as some tourists to Southern California, yikes! However, I have basked on the beach numerous times this year and I cannot wait until the weather heats up so I can finally wear a bikini. One tropical destination I would love to visit is Maldives. I believe this bright floral bikini, from Dolce and Gabbana, along with some neutral accessories from Eugenia Kim, Gucci, Casadei and Tory Burch, would be perfect amongst the clear blue skies.

Why just have one bikini when you can have two? Another one of my favorites is this black floral two piece which is also by Dolce and Gabbana. When the sun disappears and the moon emerges from the dark, ink sky, a cover-up is necessary! I know those are usually thin and full of patterns and designs but for colder nights, a simple black eyelet dress with sandals will do.
 Next is the Dock/Pier. Although this is literally in the same atmosphere as the beach, I have chosen an outfit I believe works quite well for times when you just want to avoid the sand and stay on land. Whenever I am at the beach, I opt for loose fitting items and let the wind work its' magic - talk about picture perfect! I also want to be comfortable so these Chloe mules (that I have been crushing on for a while) will do the trick!

 Last up is an everlasting (I wish) road trip across America! For me, long car rides scream for ULTRA comfortable clothes. Basic shirts, shorts, boots, sandals and sneakers are a must. For those who are planning on walking through mountains, these black Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers or beige Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers can endure the rough land. One thing I love most about road trips, besides the view, are the pit stops at the most random diners along the way to my destination. For quick runs in and out of restaurants and gas stations, sandals, especially these Nicholas Kirkwoods, are the best solution to provide ease of movement and allow your feet to breathe. One last note is to bring a backpack (I am in love with this one from Salar!) to store all your goods in a secure place!

For those of you who love to look super chic even when you're traveling in a small enclosed place for several hours, why not try a bohemian ensemble such as the one below. Complete with a crochet top from Ralph Lauren, embroidered denim shorts from Dsquared2, an adorable drawstring backpack from Stella McCartney (an item I'm currently lusting for), and simple tan boots from Joie.

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Bohemian Rancher

Hey guys! Jonathan and I went to watch the Pacific Symphony perform Carl Orff's Carmina Burana as part of their Classical Series. I bet many of you know this EPIC piece by ear but not by name - try Youtubing it! Instead of watching their performance indoors, we opted for the outdoor viewing. It was nice to experience orchestral music in a different environment but it was terribly cold! I love listening to classical music and Jonathan just loves being with me so he endures it just for me... Awwww! Today just happens to be his birthday! May all your birthday wishes come true! I wish we had more pictures together so I could post them here. We always try to take pictures when we're out together but they just turn out looking really weird, haha!

Anyways, here is an unpublished post of our visit to Paramount Ranch. It took us a while to get there with all the Los Angeles traffic - Californian's, you know what I mean, haha! Once we finally arrived at our destination, we saw a number of cars and trailers scattered around the parking lot. I was already grumpy since my gluteus maximus was going numb and now this tiny area had a lot of people? Great! Well, we walked inside and guess what? They were filming a Western movie! Witnessing the director call "action" and "cut" was interesting but the fact that we had to be quiet was irritating. We chose the wrong day to go however, we managed to sneak in some pictures as the set moved around the ranch!

PALE - Graduation Attire

Summer is just a few days away and I cannot wait to enjoy some time off! Though I am a native Californian, I haven't dawned a bikini on the beach for quite some time. When I was younger, I would wear bikinis every week since I took swimming lessons. The only reason I do not like baring a lot of flesh is due to the fact that my skin is extremely sensitive. No matter how much sun protection I slather onto my skin, I eventually burn and become three shades darker, seriously! But I might frolic around the beach in the morning. With the perfect weather in Southern California, why not take advantage of it? Plus, I love the fresh morning air!

Onward to this outfit! Since graduation is coming up, I wanted to show all of you what I wore last year! I wanted to keep things simple and of course, I wanted comfortable heels. I didn't want to trip or fall down the stairs as I shook hands with the dean - talk about a picture perfect moment! For all you ladies out there, I would caution you about sky high heels - just stick to comfortable heels you've already broken into. Hopefully you won't have to walk through grass! To see what my graduation was like, check my graduation post here!