Goals have been met! I finally finished obtaining data for my diabetes project! I will begin drafting my paper for this project along with other papers. I cannot wait until everything is submitted so I can finally relax! Anyways, here is a quick outfit post featuring this semi-sheer overlay dress courtesy of OASAP. When I first saw this, I wanted the blue overlay - not this white one. However, the pure white collar contrasted the blue in a very peculiar way so I opted for the white. I believe the white serves as a better canvas and better emphasizes the floral designs on this dress. I wanted to stick with colors already present on the dress so I paired it with my plum colored Proenza Schouler PS11 clutch and L.A.M.B. Nadeen d'Orasay heels. Purchase this dress HERE!

Minty Fresh

The quiet crackle of fire amongst the charcoal, the angry hissing that presumes as raw meat touches the surface of the grill, the intense scent of BBQ filling the air, the sound of laughter, the extended weekend, the sight of American flags at every corner? Sounds like it's Memorial Day weekend - a celebration to all of those who have fallen while serving in the United States Armed Forces. I can recall visiting Arlington National Cemetery with some of my friends in eighth grade through a touring program (Awesome program since we saw all the landmarks in Washington D.C. and visited Colonial Williamsburg). It was a somber occasion where we were able to witness the laying of the wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. Though I have no ties to anyone who has served or fallen, I could feel all the grief around me. I would love to visit this place again someday.

To start off this weekend, I decided to wear this very simple shift dress from Fashion Union. I am a pastel aficionado so this mint dress is just what my Spring wardrobe needed. I wanted to avoid looking like the Easter bunny coughed me up so I decided to go with a neutral Reed Krakoff tote along with pink and purple snakeskin sandals from Diane von Fustenberg. Hope you guys have a safe and happy weekend!

Main Street

Jonathan received his Bachelor's in Civil Engineering this past Sunday! His graduation was longer than I expected and there were quite a number of graduates with a Master's degree. We skipped the morning speech at 8AM and arrived a little later. We ended up parking far away so I had to walk across campus with heels. By the time I reached my seat, the back of my ankles were bloody and my skin was completely torn - it totally hurt! Luckily, I brought some bandages and taped them right up. I took some pictures after commencement (check out my instagram!) but I honestly zoned off in the beginning of the ceremony. I wasn't used to waking up that early and the speaker's story wasn't able to keep my awake! Afterwards, we spent a wonderful afternoon on the beach. Oh, if any of you are curious, this IS NOT the outfit I wore to his graduation. I wore a dress by tibi. However, I did wear this outfit when Jonathan and I were out in Downtown Huntington Beach. After we got bored of the area, we decided to hang with boats in Newport Beach. I decided to wear this hot pink dress from LUSH as a top since the style and color matched perfectly with these elastic sweatpants. I didn't want the top to be close to my body so I decided to pull it up a bit so it could lay or "bubble" on top of my hips. I finished off my look with pink suede heels from Ivanka Trump along with my 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli and Macy's Parrot Necklace.

Blue Mirage

DO you guys ever find yourself wishing for more time? Whether it's to study for an exam, elongate a well deserved vacation or anything of the likes, just try to stay optimistic. Things could be worse! For those of you who read my previous post, I just have so much to do this month and that bright light at the end of the tunnel seems quite far. As if I did not have enough going on, this week will be jam packed with wood replacement on the house, exterior painting, termite extermination, running around getting transcripts, finishning my personal statement and Jonathan's graduation! Whew. Just thinking about it is making my mind whirl but I am maintaining my sanity through music and exercise. I tend to listen to the Am√©lie soundtrack whenever I need to concentrate and it really makes me want to pick up both my violin and piano again. Sure, I play some of my favorite pieces on the piano from time to time but I would love to challenge myself with some new music. 

To all the mother's out there, I hope you had a wonderful day! My mom is my number one supporter and she is always there for me: presentations, performances, you name it! She even takes 98% of my outfit pictures! I know I don't show it all the time but thank you for everything! I love you, mom! 

On that special day, my mom and I both woke up at 8AM with the intention of going out but it took us 5 hours to get ready! We faced the gruesome test of choosing what to wear. I chose to wear this surprisingly lightweight dress from waLG. I just adore the color scheme and hint of flowers! I paired this dress with my FIRST big girl purchase :: Proenza Schouler ps11 clutch! Everything about it is perfection - the color, the shape, the metal and the size! To avoid looking so... p u r p l e and b l u e, I finished this ensemble with pink and orange suede heels from Ivanka Trump. 

 Before we went back home, we made a pit stop at...d r u m r o l l....Sprinkles Cupcakes! Little did we know that there would be an incredibly long line! But then again it was inevitable since it was Mother's Day.  My mom tried to convince me to forget about the cupcakes but we were already there so I basked under the sun (the line was so long it went out the door and into the parking area - Newport Beach location) for about half an hour. 

My Fair Lady

May is an exceptionally busy month for me in regards to my academic endeavors. My desk is cluttered with books and pens... oh, how I miss being a student! I am also trying to acquire the rest of my data for my diabetes article before June - I would like to have a rough draft by then but the university system has only granted me limited access to the information I need. My ultimate goal is to publish my article in a medical journal and present my results at another symposium. But enough with my daily rambles and onward to this outfit! When I first saw this dress on OASAP, I immediately wanted it. Since I received numerous items, courtesy of OASAP, that are "one-size" fits all, I developed a preconceived notion that this dress would fit perfectly. Unfortunately, this dress does NOT fit all sizes. Let's start with the lining. This dress comes with a black slip dress that was ridiculously tight - it is guaranteed to rip if you sit down. It also downplays the design so I decided to wear my own nude slip underneath this number. Additionally, the dress itself has a peculiar cut. I would consider myself petite and boy was this dress short! *Note to customers: don't bend down and do not wear on windy days!* Not only that but the sleeves are floating between 3/4th's and full length. But I cannot degrade this dress entirely. I do adore the style and it is surprisingly comfortable (not itchy at all!). If you guys would like to purchase this dress, click HERE.