Art of Enchantment

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter weekend! People around my area tend to wear casual and comfortable clothes, i.e. t-shirts and jeans, however this holiday brought about a city full of pastels and floral dresses. I just love going to my local arts and crafts store during this time of year! If any of you have watched The Devil Wears Prada, then you might remember the infamous quote, "Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking." I know it might be a bit passé but who can resist a good floral dress, top or jacket? Anyways, I decided to whip out this floral collage dress by Tracy Reese from the back of my closet. To maintain a demure appearance, I decided to stick with the rose color scheme that was already present on my dress.


My style has been very casual and laid back for the past two years. I used to love dressing up even if I had no where to go but then again I hated wasting a good outfit on an uneventful day. I would draw inspiration from just about anything - art, buildings, music and other people. I enjoyed coming up with different outfits and trying to work them at different events but it seems as if that part of me faded away. Not just in style but in other areas of life as well. I have decided that it's time regain what I lost.

Motivation. Determination. Drive. Passion.

This my metempsychosis post. No more excuses. No more slacking. No more hesitation. It's time to take control and hold the reigns of my life again. On that note, I chose to channel the old me! Mixing, or clashing, colors has always been one of my favorite things to do. This peter pan collared top, from W118 by Walter Baker, can be integrated into work attire but I chose to make it playful in this post. Instead of pairing this top with your typical white or black pants, I spiced it up with polka dot pants. Why blend in with the crowd, right? I did not want to wear too many colors so I opted for a red Jimmy Choo bag and blue L.A.M.B. Heels. As for my jewelry, nothing I had seemed right so I wore my flower pin (it's becoming my favorite item!).

Crème de la Crème

The exquisite design at the Getty Villa, not to mention the architectural resemblance to ancient Rome, is phenomenal. Jonathan and I finally found some time to escape in this museum and the exterior was definitely pleasing to the eye. There was this one particular corner room that fascinated me. I cannot recall what it is called however, there was a vast selection of coins and jewelery. I probably found it alluring since I wanted to wear all of the bracelets and belts! After roaming through the corridors and observing the art, we decided to take some quick outfit shots before they closed. This was my "default" outfit since I could not find anything to wear. Do you guys ever have that problem? I wore simple beaded black cardigan and spiced it up with a pin I got from Michael's. I then paired this with a leather, pleated brown skirt that was a bit too big so I added a safety pin in the back! 

Free Spirit

I find myself drawn to gypsy-bohemian patterns and looks when I'm shopping for home goods or clothes. Maybe it's because the most hyped about music festival, Coachella, is a few days away or that summer weather is now in full throttle in Southern California. Though this ensemble has a boho feel, I would not wear this to an outdoor festival with scorching temperatures. It's all about flowy dresses that make you feel liberated, flowers and fringes but I'll save that for another post. As for this outfit, I decided to finally wear this top (I bought this about 5 years ago and this is the first time I'm wearing it!). I love the warm hues of this paisley patterned top and how it just sits on me. To complete the look, I paired it with brown boots and a floppy hat.

Grecian Delight

It's April Fools! I have yet to see any amazing jokes but do you guys know of any cool pranks? As for my latest outfit, I received this "one- size" fits all dress from OASAP a few days ago. I was obviously skeptical about the fit and how it would look like on me. When I tried this dress on for the first time, it was bigger than I expected. I know it isn't a body conscious dress however, it shouldn't be this loose! So instead of complaining, I found different ways to wear this dress. (Whenever I go shopping, I always make sure that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE whatever I am purchasing and/or it is extremely versatile). With that said, it wasn't hard coming up with new ways to wear this draped dress. As you can see, I chose to add a thin gold belt to this dress. I believe it adds more definition and it makes it look more interesting - it was a tad bit plain before I included the belt even though the right shoulder contains some beads ( my hair is covering the details, whoops! ). This works well for a casual party or get-together but if you're looking for something that fits into your daily wardrobe, then I would suggest wearing this dress with pants! That's right! The dress comes fully lined so I tucked that in and rolled up the dress. I then added the belt, yet again, and paired it with linen pants from Forever 21. Hope you guys like this post! Purchase this dress here!