Last of the Mohicans

This past weekend, I had the privilege of attending the Gastroenterology and Hepatology Symposium at, none other than the "happiest" place on earth - Disneyland. Although some of the terminology used during the talks were foreign to me, it reassured my decision to pursue a career in medicine. I know it may sound a bit cliché however, the endless possibilities in science and medicine never ceases to amaze me. The research that goes into discovering relationships between potential drug alternatives and the prevention of diseases is amazing... actually, amazing is an understatement. Anyways, this isn't the outfit I wore to such a formal event, obviously. I decided to mix a bit of rebellion into my bohemian-esque attire. My mom bought me this enchanting long cardigan sweater from Anthropologie for Christmas. Do you guys ever buy things, shove it in the back of your closet and rediscover it a few months later? If so, high five! We're on the same boat! Well, to juxtapose the long cardigan, I chose to pair this with a simple black mini dress. To complete my look, I chose black and gold accessories. Hope you like this outfit!

Petal to the Metal

BUSINESS MEETINGS. First order of business, did anyone have the pleasure of watching the 48th Superbowl? Jonathan and I were rooting for opposing teams but my Seahawks did not disappoint. After the first play, I thought the Broncos would turn up their A game but those two interceptions proved otherwise! I could go on about how much I was screaming and cheering however, I will refrain from replaying my precise reactions during the game. Anyways, congratulations to the Seahawks for their first Superbowl championship! As a wise man once said:

"Some succeed because they were destined to. Most succeed because they are determined to."

Most of us belong to the latter and must earn out position in society. In 2013, I earned my Bachelor's in Biology and dared to pursue more challenging feats which have lingered into 2014. Earning my Bachelor's was just the beginning of my educational pursuit and nothing will stand in the way of me and my goals. I plan on doing more in 2014 both academically and in life as an entrepreneur. I cannot wait to discover what I am capable of and what life has in store for me... 2014, be good to me.