Off Duty

ALL BLACK ERRTHANG. I know most of you are probably tired of hearing me rant about the weather in California and how warm it is at the moment but it's just perfect... how could I not? I am usually meticulous about shielding myself against the sun's UV radiation however, I have been soaking in every single harmful and beneficial ray. Well, many of you may know that Lunar New Year is this week. My mom and I have been organizing and buying things in preparation for the festivities. For those of you who personally know me, you know that you will never find me around "Asian" areas. The only time you will see me within the vicinity is the week before Lunar New Year since I utterly despise that particular community. Not only are the people rude and possess a minuscule amount of manners, the stereotypical horrible Asian driver is vividly evident. Anyways, this is my typical go-to outfit for errands. I tend to keep my attire simple and well, my inner gangster desires to reveal itself! I hope you guys have a wonderful week!


2O14 - NEW YEAR, NEW PERSPECTIVE ON LIFE. I hope everyone is keeping enjoying 2014 and keeping warm - especially those on the East Coast! I feel so fortunate to live in toasty California since the weather is perfect all year round! Anyways, I usually compile a list of things I would like to accomplish in the new year however, my goals from 2013 are transferring over to 2014. All of my goals are academic and I am working hard to make them reality. Are you guys able to check off every item on your list?  I know the typical resolution revolves around fitness and the desire to reduce your body mass index but I never felt compelled to make that my primary goal. Whatever your goals may be, conquer them with passion and devotion. I know this may sound a bit peculiar but I usually make everything seem like some sort of macabre game. For instance, if I make it my goal to run for 30 minutes and I begin losing my breath at 25 minutes, I start saying to myself, "If you don't complete this, something truly devastating will happen to some one you care for...." Obviously, I do not want anything horrible happening to anyone I love so I utilize every ounce of energy that is left to finish it. You probably think I am insane but it works... for me at least! As for my outfit, I decided to start off the year with a casual outfit post. Unless I am going out with my mom, I am more prone to throw on something comfortable. I have been studying and finding refuge in libraries or classrooms so this is the perfect attire for just that!