The Fringe Jacket

Suede Brown Fringe MURAL Zipper Jacket, Black Sugarlips Skater Dress, Casual Weekend Everyday Look

Happy Holidays! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones! Now it's time to get ready for New Years! Do you have your NYE outfit ready? 2015 is going to be a blast! Anyways, it's been pretty hot in Southern California... don't let this outfit post fool you! Tee- shirts and tanks are definitely a must though nights might call for a light jacket. I got this fringed zipper jacket from Nordstrom a few months ago and I've been dying to wear it! So the occasion and weather presented itself a few days ago when I went out to lunch with Jonathan. This is rapidly becoming one of my favorite pieces! It works with dresses, shorts, jeans.... practically anything (E X T R E M E L Y   V E R S A T I L E)! Plus, it has a bohemian, California vibe - can't say no to that! You may have noticed that I am wearing boots with only a slight heel! A majority of my posts (around 99.99%) feature me in some sort of high heel. But with all the running around I've been doing, I decided to trade in my heels for some comfortable DV by Dolce Vita boots.

DIY Holiday Bows

DIY Holiday Bows
Christmas is a few days away and hopefully you all finished your holiday shopping! I wanted to share a D.I.Y. I learned a couple of days ago! I believe this would add an extra personal touch to your presents! It may take a while at first but once you get the hang of it, you'll finish this in less than 5 minutes! All you need is some paper and a pair of scissors! Let's get started!

Classic Cat Eye

Business Casual - Women's Black and White
Baby it's cold outside! The temperatures are taking a drastic plunge in Southern California - did you guys hear about the "twister" that supposedly hit Los Angeles? Yikes! I hope you guys are staying warm and keeping safe this holiday season. If you guys are still looking for the perfect gift, I have a very affordable solution for you.

Polette sunglasses was created by Pierre Wizman. With only 2000 euros, he soon became a leader of the online optical market and garnered over 2 million euros within a year. Must be wondering how that happened, huh?

Not only do they carry prescription lenses and sunglasses in a variety of shapes and colors, the prices are unbeatable. Polette is able to offer extremely low prices since they omitted the middle man. Once an order is placed, Polette contacts the factory to make and ship the item directly to the customer. Though the eyewear is inexpensive, this does not mean it is of poor quality.

Closet Essentials

The secret to any sophisticated wardrobe comes from acquiring timeless, versatile pieces that can transition into any season. With functional basics in your closet, the only thing to consider is the integration of a few new favorites that offer fresh options. Not convinced? Take a closer look at the creative, and virtually endless, possibilities these core pieces offer.

The word “essential” has come to be synonymous with the term necessary, but the term also describes something that possesses a story, a tradition. A combination of these fine qualities makes the white shirt, the blue jeans, and the black coat a fundamental trio. Filled with history and the ability to exist despite the changes in style over the years, these three staples have evolved into the most versatile pieces in the contemporary wardrobe.

T H E     W H I T E    S H I R T

white shirt with Wolford velvet de luxe 50 stay up tights and BCBGeneration Wool Fedora

 The white dress shirt dates back to the early 19th century when the collar was first introduced. The allure and power of white shirts, which was once associated with men in banking, soon expanded to fit a variety professions. Designed to look sharp and polished, the cuffs can also be folded to create an elevated, casual look. Though the white shirt sparingly shows up on the runway, this simple top can be seen in all classes throughout the world. For a business-professional look, I would recommend wearing this with a tailored pencil skirt or cigarette pants along with some d'Orsay heels. I like wearing white shirts when I'm running errands so I tend to throw on some boyfriend jeans along with my nude high heeled sandals and a tote.

T H E     B L U E     J E A N S 

Blue Jeans: Boyfriend Jeans - J Brand Skinny Jeans, Current Elliot Love Destroyed

Born from sturdy trousers worn by factory workers and refined by Levi Strauss, blue jeans symbolizes youth rebellion, casual-cool, and is still going strong over 50 years later. This American innovation underwent many modifications, from bell-bottoms to skinny jeans, to create strikingly modern results to fit all ages. From James Dean onward, these jeans possess a hint of California cool. With some statement jewelry and high heels, the jeans and tee-shirt combination goes from ordinary to chic in a matter of seconds.

T H E     B L A C K    C O A T

Black Coat

Another staple, the black coat, dates back to an early 18th century French innovation that introduced knee-length coats worn by men. The appeal of long "jackets" rapidly spread throughout Europe due to its' emergence in the fashion industry. The polished black coat offers a sense of protection, credibility and power to those who wear it. Though it was designed for the elite, it has evolved to fit every budget around the world. The coat, particularly in black, is one of my go-to cold weather essentials. Not only does it match every color and look underneath, it will last for many years to come. Want something new to try? Instead of wearing the coat, try letting it sit on top of your shoulders like a shawl. This trend has been seen at fashion weeks all around the world.

T H E      C O M B I N E D      L O O K

Black BP Wool Coat, Hollister White Shirt, TJ Maxx Houndstooth Crop Top, CUrrent Elliot Boyfriend Jeans, Harajuku Lovers Bow High Heels, Chanel Sunglasses, 3.1 Phillip Lim Medium Pashli Black Satchel

If you guys are keeping up with my posts, you may have already seen my "Autumn Crop Top" post (ensemble shown above). I incorporated the three things I believe are the most multifaceted and can be found in every closet no matter what gender. The white shirt, black coat and blue jeans aren't what you would call statement pieces however, the fact that they have maintained their prevalence in society demonstrates their subtle power.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. The lack of an outfit post this week has encouraged me to delve into other creative aspects I would like to incorporate to i n v i c t u s. About a year ago, I mentioned that I planned on adding different sections to my blog such as home inspiration, recipes, fashion tips and tricks, etc. However, I never followed through since I was busy with other matters. But with the impending rain casting doubt on future outfit shots, I plan on creating monthly posts (ideally weekly posts, if time permits) about things that inspire and motivate me. I hope you guys liked this article!

Until Next Time,

Raindrops + Wolford

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I didn't think eating turkey would make me sleepy but I was definitely wrong. My food coma ensued shortly after I consumed everything from bread to apple pie... I could really go for another apple pie right about now! Well, I decided not to do any Black Friday shopping. I know... how could I miss all the best deals of the year? I just wasn't in the mood to do any sort of shopping. The thrill of waking up early has ceased though... many stores opened at 5PM on Thanksgiving day. Now where's the fun in that? 

If you guys are following me on instagram, @adriennenguyenn, then you might have already seen my black and white post in Wolford's Velvet de Luxe 50 Stay Up Tights - which you can purchase HERE. I would love to attempt editorial-like posts for my blog however, it takes a tremendous amount of time to create, setup and process. Anyways, here is my second look with these luxury tights. What's so great about them and are they worth it? I know it's a tad bit cliché but you do get what you pay for! These tights are double-wrapped with elastane in each row to provide the "perfect fit." I do need to invest in a good garter belt not because these tights don't live up to their standards but because I am quite petite and even a size small may sometimes be too big for me. These are the best tights I own and I am not saying that simply because this is a sponsored post but because it's actually true. Don't forget to visit their website HERE. Until next time!

Mens rea

 Gobble gobble! Fall happens to be my favorite season not only because of all the holiday decor and festivities but the food... THE F O O D!! So long diet! For some odd reason, apple pie and cinnamon rolls taste so much better this time of year. Well, to me at least, haha. Do you guys have a favorite hor d'oeuvre, entree or dessert you like eating during the holidays? If I could eat cookies and cake in lieu of everything else, I definitely would! Anyways, for this outfit post, I wanted to give you guys a sense of what I wear to business-like situations. There is a preconceived notion that professionals should wear dark or muted colors - especially if you wanted to be taken seriously. But where's the fun in that? No matter what season it is, I like incorporating my personality into my outfit! Despite questionable glances I might receive, I like wearing what embodies me best. Sorry, not sorry, conservatives! Oh, you may be wondering what my title means but I'm pretty sure many of you have watched Legally Blonde. Just think of this post as an ode to Elle Woods. I did want to become a lawyer at one point in my life! Have a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! 


Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Are you guys excited? I wanted to find some autumn inspired accents for my room but each time I enter a home decor store, I am bombarded with Christmas shenanigans. Don't get me wrong though. Christmas is a lovely holiday that I both celebrate and enjoy but I wanted to find some rustic decorations that could serve as transitional pieces. Despite my later than usual posting schedule, I wanted to post more often so I might include sales that grab my attention, pieces I would like to add to my closet or inspirational interiors. I believe that would allow me to interact with you guys more. Anyways, it still is hot but we did experience some strong winds a few days ago. Even though it was extremely dry, I decided to wear this ensemble. Plum and burgundy are two of my favorite colors. There's just something powerful and dark about it - it has the right amount of seduction, mystery and allure. I centered my outfit around these colors by pairing my plum BCBGeneration fedora with a crimson top and skinny pants from ZARA. By the way, I finally found a wool fedora hat that suited my face! They are usually too small on me but this one was perfect!

Mischievous Black Dress

Despite the brief bout of rain earlier last week, the temperature in Southern California is continuing to rise (90 degree weather in November!). But then again, why am I surprised? As a native Californian, I understand that I am living in an eternal summer with occasional rain. Most people would say I'm lucky however, I actually like the rain - I want to witness the transition of seasons. Whenever Christmas comes around, store decor typically revolves around snow, festive ornaments and who could forget good ole Saint Nick. Though it may be true that society implanted the image of a "perfect Christmas season" into our minds, everything seems so much more magical in the snow, right? The first time I saw snow was when I went tobogganing in Australia. Most of the people my age went skiing or snowboarding but I hopped onto my sled like vehicle and rapidly went down multiple slopes like a gangster, haha. My last encounter with snow was when I went to Big Bear for French Camp but I still haven't seen an actual snowfall. Maybe, someday. But I digress. So onwards to this post. I am in love with this dress I received courtesy of OASAP! It is something I can wear to research, school or out for lunch! If you are following my blog, you may have noticed these boots in my last post. Do you see anything different? The boots looked a bit plain so my mom added some fringe at the top. Gives it a little something extra! I finished off the look by maintaining the color scheme with this heart clutch. I am in the process of working on something exciting with my mom and Jonathan! I cannot wait to show and tell you guys our creation! Until next time!


November started off with heavy downpour but it was definitely nice waking up to the sound of rain! Do you guys like the rain? Cars driving on wet asphalt, rain hitting the windowpane, taking out the umbrella and layering! What's not to love? One place I really want to visit in the future is Paris, of course. Being able to see all the landmarks, trying new cuisine, practicing my French? Oui, s'il vous plaît! I did not take French for four years to let it go to waste! But what does my desire to visit Paris have to do with rain? All the books, music, and pictures I have seen make Paris appear so romantic in the rain. If I am ever lucky enough to venture off to France, not only would I visit Paris but I would also make sure to spend time in Provence, Versailles, Avignon, Strasbourg, and Bordeaux. A girl can dream, right? Anyways, this was my first outfit for November. I decided to wear this adorable black cat wool sweater I scored at Off 5th's! I decided to take advantage of the cold by layering with my silk black top and black wool cape. My mom purchased these knee high leather boots from Nine West over 10 years ago and they've been collecting dust over the years. I do not have any knee length boots so I wanted to see if I could squeeze into these bad boys. Success! I think it complements my outfit very well. What do you think? Until next time!

Autumn Crop Top

It's finally getting cooler - well, at least the mornings are! Gloomy mornings are definitely my weak spot.. it has a seductive je ne sais quoi. This summer was all about crop tops however, I found myself gravitating towards loose button downs and flowy sweaters paired with distressed denim. But for some odd reason, I decided to pull out this houndstooth crop top right when the temperature took a drastic dip. Ironic, isn't it? To shield myself against the crisp, cool morning air, I added this white button down from Hollister.  I used to shop here as a teenager until everyone at school began wearing the exact same thing. I had, scratch that, I still have this mantra which basically reminds me to steer clear of trendy items since numerous people will have the exact same thing. Of course, there are exceptions like my 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel. Even though I own a couple "overrated" items, I just like wearing things that fit my style despite what is considered "current." Anyways, I received these destroyed Current Elliot boyfriend jeans courtesy of Bloomingdales over a year ago and I finally decided to wear them. That's right. This is the first time I incorporated them into an outfit and I must say that they are extremely comfortable! It's described as a relax fit and it definitely lives up to its name since I feel like I am swimming in them! These will be my go to pants for road trips! Until next time!

Dangling Flowers

For those of you who are working, what do you guys like wearing to the office? The typical 9 to 5 workday probably involves a lot of sitting and staring at a screen or walking around to see clients or dealing with chemicals... Well, it all depends on what you actually do but I always try to incorporate a bit of myself into my outfit. So here is a taste of what I like wearing to research though I added a clutch here for the sake of my outfit - I usually carry my 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel. My workplace has restrictions against certain nail polish colors and clothing colors so my options are limited to dark or neutral colors without any bold designs. I thought this top from, courtesy of OASAP, could function well at work as well as a casual day out. I was a bit ambivalent about this top when I took it out of the packaging but it actually looked nice once I put it on! It's a "one size fits all" top however, I found that it was incredibly tight around my waist. It is also a bit itchy but a camisole can solve that problem! Hope you guys enjoy these pictures.

 [[ If you guys didn't already see in my last post, I am sorting out a bunch of clothes from my closet and selling them on Poshmark! I will be updating my account daily with new and gently worn items. Check out my closet HERE. If you guys do not already have an account, use the code BZMGE when you're signing up for $5 credit! ]]

Laser Cut

Looking back at previous Ready to Wear shows has allowed me to see how my style has drastically changed. I used to put a tremendous amount of time and effort into my outfits however, I would say that my style has taken a turn towards the more casual side. Don't get me wrong though. I do not consider the California, laid-back, cool a bad thing. I usually pick a sweater and pair it with jeans since I hate wasting a perfectly good outfit for an uneventful day. Since the weather is beginning to get on the colder and gloomier side, I can finally pile layer upon layer! Even though change is good, I hope to embody the old me in my future looks as the one featured here. You guys must remember Gossip Girl, right? Everyone I knew was mesmerized by Serena van der Woodsen's attire. I was attracted to some of her clothes but to me, Blair Waldorfs' outfits were a hit in practically every show. Each outfit was like a piece of art that exuded a sense of ladylike sophistication and power. I know this particular outfit isn't what she would wear but I am drawing inspiration from her and giving it my own modern flare. Always add personality to your outfit and own it! 

 [[ I am sorting out a bunch of clothes from my closet and selling them on Poshmark! I will be updating my account daily with new and gently worn items. Check out my closet HERE. If you guys do not already have an account, use the code BZMGE when you're signing up for $5 credit! ]]

Casual with Mallzee

With the increasing number of shopping apps on the market, it's hard to know which ones are safe, user friendly and let's face it... many do not have the best selection of clothing. If you guys want to find trendy and current items at affordable prices, check out Mallzee's revamped personal shopping app. Download it HERE - it's free! My favorite brands on the app are French Connection and Free People. If you guys are following me on instagram, @adriennenguyenn, then you might have seen this picture. As you can see in the 5th picture of this post, the exact bomber I wore is now on sale at Mallzee for just 70 euros! If you do not want to purchase something on the spot, that's okay since you have the ability to save and/or share the item. Convenient? I think so! If I need something new but do not have time to go to the mall, I can always refer to Mallzee's trusty app. To view pictures of the app, continue scrolling down. 

This outfit is what I would call, "I need to find a birthday gift and I am running out of time" look. It's definitely comfortable, plain and very simple. Grey and white go so well together but I also wanted to add a bit of color therefore, I paired my outfit with these orange, suede Burberry flats. Nothing feels as good as walking around in flats after a week in high heels! Until next time!

Breezy Bohemian Lace

Hey guys! I just changed the look of my blog yet again! I believe this looks much more attractive and the classic hues of black, white and gold give great aesthetic pleasure. This new bohemian look also plays with the colors present on my theme! Jonathan found this secluded area that overlooked Corona del Mar. It had an interesting gazebo-like structure that served as my shelter from the sun during the majority of the shoot. So as a proper farewell to summer, this is my final summer 2014 look which incorporates a little bohemian, Cali girl vibe. It's a great outfit to go out for lunch with friends, the farmer's market or to do some outdoor shopping. I've had this lace skirt for quite some time but finding a top to match it has been quite difficult. To keep my look casual, I paired the skirt with a simple black tank top and accessorized it with gold necklaces.


When I visit various other blogs, I develop a sense of distaste if it is not regularly updated, the composition is poor or the website itself is not appealing. In no way am I stating that my blog is top tier with excellent photography or page design but I was getting quite bored with my "usual" outfit shoot locations. After passing by my typical spot, I found a brown wall that was pretty bland but different. After turning into the parking lot I noticed some abandoned, or so it seemed, step ladders scattered all over. I immediately ran over and my mom started taking some shots. I eventually found one that wasn't taped up so I naturally climbed the steps. It started wobbling like crazy and I then realized that these were damaged ladders that were thrown out as a safety precaution. Well, those "danger" signs didn't alarm me. They were perfect props for this outfit which gave it some edge. Anyways, I am not a fan of body-conscious dresses but this casual collar dress, courtesy of Blue Vanilla, functions well for school or casual days out. To spice up this dress, I added a motorcycle jacket from Twenty Two Changes from Nordstrom and leather Michael Kors Booties. This exact outfit is something I would wear to go out for lunch or to class. Until next time! 

Casual Day - Halter and Distressed Jeans

Can you believe today is the final day of summer? The sun has been setting much earlier and mornings are gloomy - just the way I like it! Gloomy days conjure up wishful desires of rainy days in Paris, London or New York. For the past few days, many of the interior accounts I am following on instagram posted bedroom pictures with large windows overlooking a very gloomy Manhattan. Now doesn't that just sound nice? Spending a cozy day indoors with your favorite book and a cup of coffee while looking over the concrete jungle... someday, maybe! But enough daydreaming! I finally wore these distressed skinny white jeans to go grocery shopping. White pants tend to increase my width and decrease my height so I usually avoid them. But I had to have these! They're versatile and they can easily transition from summer into fall. Also, jeans never fit me perfectly in length so I always cuff them. Most of the time I roll them in but I decided to expose my cuff for these jeans. One thing to note, for petite girls like me, over-cuffing can make you appear shorter than we actually are! So cuff wisely! To give the impression of longer legs, I paired this outfit with Realove heels from Steve Madden. Anyways, I cannot wait until Fall comes in full swing! I have lots of  past season runway outfits I cannot wait to re-create! Until next time!

Feeling Yellow - Mixing Prints

My style has been quite bland lately so I decided to spice it up by reverting back to my old ways of mixing prints! As contradicting as that may sound, I miss creating outfits and wearing things in a way other people wouldn't. If you have been reading my posts, you may remember an article I wrote stating that I would start a tips section on my blog. Well, the lack of a photographer and time are my enemies so I might start doing "The Runway, My Way" posts in lieu of regular ones. I enjoyed reinventing runway looks in high school with things I had in my closet - some looked very similar while others followed the same color scheme or theme. Although fashion month is in full swing, they are showcasing Spring/Summer 2015 looks. Autumn is right around the corner so I will be utilizing looks from last year's Fall/Winter 2014 shows and possibly earlier ones too. 

Now onward to my outfit! I finally found heels to replace my old BCBG Max Azria's. It usually takes me a while to break into new shoes but these are surprisingly comfortable - I hope I didn't jinx myself! But I am a fan for nude, beige, or tan heels since they make me appear taller than I actually am! Though these brown heels don't fit that criteria, they're mighty comfy. Fashion and comfort working together? Who knew that was possible! Anyways, I actually wanted to pair this Lovers and Friends floral top with the yellow skirt featured in one of my most recent posts but it looked quite plain so I opted for these houndstooth shorts from Forever 21. Until next time!


Even though it has already been one week into September, it feels more like summer than ever. The humidity is making everyone seek refuge for any air conditioned room and this heat is making it extremely difficult to do anything outdoors. This outfit post was taken in the morning but even then, it was still hot. So I ran around and about for a few snaps until my makeup started to melt and my hair decided to take on a new style. I have been debating on how to pair this top and I ultimately settled with these high-waisted, wide legged pants by Kensie. It's a simple outfit that can be worn to the office or a lunch meeting. Besides, I am a fan of anything that can elongate my figure.

With the year coming to close, I decided to reflect on my life and I realized that there is still so much I want to accomplish. But with every thing I aspire towards, there always seems to be a road block. Whether it's finances, academics, time, and resources, I hope to achieve all my life goals.

Brighten Up- Zodiac DIY Scarf Top

I cannot believe that it's the first day of September! To celebrate the the end of a hot and humid summer, I wanted to wear something bold and bright. I had a bit of trouble coming up with something that would match this skirt so I decided to work some magic with my zodiac scarf. As in my other d.i.y. scarf top post (Check it out HERE), I wrapped it around my body and finished it off with a bow in front. I also added two shoulder straps to ensure nothing was accidentally exposed! I actually paired this outfit with the Zac Sac from Zac Posen but I forgot it at home - yes, I forgot my bag at home! My hands felt so empty during this outfit shoot but I worked with what I had. Anyways, I cannot stop wearing this crystal necklace courtesy of 9th and Elm (whoops, double negative). This website is unique unique since it features handmade and independent designs from numerous designers. Until next time!

Fresh Florals

Dark skies? Gloomy Overcast? Seems as if Autumn is just around the corner! It's time to dust off those boots, pull out those scarves, and find those coats in the back of our closets! Even though I love sunny skies and maxi dresses, I sure do prefer being able to pile on layers of clothes. Besides, cooler weather permits for much more outings without sweating to death. Since it was a bit on the cooler side today, I decided to wear this jacket I recently received courtesy of OASAP. When I first saw this embroidered jacket online, I honestly thought it would be thick - as in wool blazer thick. Contrary to the item's name, "jacquard jacket," the jacket has digitally printed florals and it lacks woven patterns - minus the embroidered flowers in the abdominal area. However, I should say that it does look nice in pictures and works well with jeans thus why I paired it with these flare ones. To give this look a hint of summer, I decided to wear my yellow espadrilles from Seychelles. As for my bag, it's the Madison Messenger Bag by Erica Anenberg. It's the first time I've worn this bag and I really wish I had this during college - it has enough capacity to fit a laptop or textbook! Hope you enjoy this post!

A Lacy, Peplum Affair

A casual outfit fit for the first day of school. Yes, I have worn outfits as such to school before - heels included! This lace, peter-pan collar top is a modest option that I find acceptable at any day occasion. Although the peplum adds a sense of shape at the waist, I wanted to accentuate my curves with this Betsey Johnson belt. Instead of pairing this top with basic white, black or bold colors, I chose to stick to neutral toned shorts, with a hint of black, from Forever 21. To finish off my look, I chose to wear nude heels to elongate my figure... which also reminds me that I really need to invest in some nude shoes since the BCBG Max Azria ones, pictured here, are a bit frazzled. 

Back To School - Olive Parka

'Tis the season of heartache for many for the long school year awaits. But then again, Autumn and Winter fashion is so much better, don't you think? The art of layering and throwing on coats with cute boots is just thrilling - feel that adrenaline rush! I used to actually "dress-up" when I went to school. I had a Blair Waldorf phase from high school till about my second year in college; the ease of sophistication she possessed was definitely alluring. For those of you who follow my blog, you can tell that my outfits still revolve around this classy sentiment. But once my third year started and the classes got more involved, I was always "on the run" so my outfits consisted of many basic items such as the ones pictured in this post. These Zara combat boots have been with me ever since the beginning of college and I still wear them to this day. Even though there are some prominent imperfections on the boots, i.e. tons of scratches, I just cannot let them go! 

I recently found this lightweight parka from Soft Joie and it is extremely versatile! It can function as an accessory around your waist, beat the cool, breeze on a Southern California night, and store a ton of things! Speaking of accessories, I finally started wearing a backpack, during my third year. That's right. F I N A L L Y. I have been a crossbody, messenger bag, satchel, handbag kind of girl all throughout high school and college until I met this backpack from Marc by Marc Jacobs. It's holds everything I need and it's super chic for school! I decided to accessorize with a crystal necklace courtesy of 9th and Elm. This website is unique unique since it features handmade and independent designs from numerous designers. More back to school looks to come! Enjoy!  

Crop it Like It's Hot

Can you believe it actually rained in California this weekend? I'm what you would call a pluviophile. I actually just learned that word through a tumblr post which means a lover of rain - someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days. Even though we experienced some summer rain, it was still incredibly humid. Now onwards to my outfit. I received these floral shorts, courtesy of OASAP, a few weeks ago. I tried numerous tops but none seemed aesthetically pleasing. White seemed to offset the shorts in an odd way, red seemed boring, green made me look like I walked right out of Christmas, and my striped shirts, juxtaposed to the floral shorts, made me dizzy. So I pulled out this Anne Klein halter top from my "to-donate" pile and cropped it to give it some edge. With the whole crop trend this season, why not take advantage of it? I decided to accessorize with a little gold infinity necklace courtesy of 9th and Elm. This website is unique since it features handmade and independent designs from numerous designers. To get details of my outfit and links for purchase, scroll to the bottom of this post. Enjoy!

Enjoying the Scenery | Southern Belle

With the increasing temperature in Southern California, the number of outdoor activities rapidly diminishes. Though the beach is my go to spot when I have nothing to do or no place to venture to, I'd rather not burn under the sun. Besides, the parking situation is dreadful. So I have been staying at home or seeking refuge at any air conditioned spot. Today was a bit cooler so I decided to finally wear this Southern Belle ensemble. I do not know how many of you watch Hart of Dixie on the CW but it is one of my favorite shows. Not because of the very interlaced storyline but because of Lemon Breeland's attire! I was mesmerized by her style from the first episode and I cannot wait until the new season begins. Anyways, I received this scenic skirt and pink statement necklace courtesy of OASAP. The touch of aristocracy this skirt exudes is undeniable plus, the bold necklace adds a special touch of elegance. I decided to pair this with muted salmon platforms and my Proenza Schouler PS11 Clutch. Oh, just remember to look at the skirt measurements before purchasing - it runs smaller than your actual size... MUCH MUCH smaller! Click here to purchase the skirt or necklace or see my outfit details at the end of this post.

Summertime Greens

 I hope you're all having an amazing summer thus far. With the peculiar, cool and cloudy weather in Southern California, I always want to be outdoors. I received this emerald maxi dress, courtesy of OASAP, about two weeks ago and I have been quite busy so I did not find any time to post this until now. I love the irregular cut since the sides just fall down towards your sides as well as the pleats! I can see myself transitioning this piece into an autumn staple by piling on a sweater and possibly a coat. Anyways, I had some trouble trying to find accessories for this dress. Nude colored heels seemed to simple to be and yellow made me resemble the Brazilian flag. I wanted to find some royal blue heels however, the pumps I had did not match. In the end, I resorted to some brown leopard slingbacks and belts - I avoided adding on a brown bag to prevent myself from looking like a tree. Anyways, to view more details or to purchase this dress, check out OASAP here.

Scarf Top + Pencil Skirt

Taking full advantage of the cloudy overcast in California even though I still have a nasty cough! Although it may be cloudy, it is still quite hot...Anyways, I received this hot pink midi skirt courtesy of Vault Lifestyle. When I first tried on this skirt, I wanted to make my outfit "stand out" from the norm. The typical black or white top was out of the question for me so it was now a task of how I could make this unique. After some contemplation, I decided to play around with my scarves - I have a ton of scarves that are just occupying space in my drawers. To my luck, this was the first scarf I pulled out. I created a makeshift head scarf however, my mom suggested that I turn this silk floral scarf, from TJ Maxx, into a top. So with a simple twist, voila! This skirt is great for casual outings and is extremely stretchy! To purchase or learn more about the company, visit Vault Lifestyle HERE.

// TJ MAXX Scarf worn as Top // IVANKA TRUMP Suede Heels // DIOR Sunglasses // PROENZA SCHOULER PS11 Clutch // VAULT LIFESTYLE Midi Skirt c/o //


With eyes burning from charcoal smoke and illegal fireworks lighting up the sky, I hope all of you had a wonderful Fourth of July weekend! Unfortunately, I caught a nasty cold of some sort from my colleagues at research. I was asleep for half the day and I felt miserable when I woke up so my weekend wasn't as merry as I wanted it to be. I am slowly recovering though I somehow developed an irritating cough and extremely red eyes... Anyways, here is an outfit post from one of my better days! This sheer, white top is becoming one of my favorites since it goes with practically everything. As for these scalloped shorts, I have had them for about a year but I could never find anything top that worked with it until this one came along!