Shine Bright Like A Diamond

TWINKLING STAR on my finger. I received this cubic zirconia ring from Berricle a few days ago and I was astonished. Unlike other cubic zirconia rings that possess an opaque tint, this ring is able to refract light and produce that blinding rainbow pattern (similar to an authentic diamond ring) from every angle. I must admit that when I first viewed their website, I was afraid that the rings might not appear genuine. However, the ring Berricle generously gifted me, as seen below, disproves my primary assumption. Not only does it look like a "real" diamond ring but the price for this gem is absurdly low. Any recessionista or luxury fashion enthusiast can purchase this ring without putting an enormous dent in their bank account. Visit Berricle's website HERE to view their products.  

As for my outfit, I decided to pair this ring with a simple black dress. I love the leather trim and bows along with the drop waist (channeling a modern 1920's Gatsby vibe!). I chose to pair this dress with these COACH heels to maintain a classic yet sophisticated look. However, I could not resist adding a pop of color with my teal cat-eyed sunglasses. Have a nice weekend!


PATTERN OF THE SEASON :: TARTAN. This criss -cross pattern of alternating band size seems to endure the test of time. It is extremely versatile in the sense that anyone can pull off this plaid pattern from those who love the 90's grunge trend to girls in their school uniforms. These Oxblood Tartan pants from ZARA exude a sense of rebellion while maintaining a touch of sophistication. To balance this look, I decided to wear leather boots from MICHAEL KORS to add a bit of "tough girl" personality and I topped off this ensemble with a conservative short sleeved turtle-neck with a statement necklace from OASAP. The majority of my necklaces are gold however, I knew I had to have this necklace in my possession the moment I saw it. The overall appearance and intricate details are amazing - I believe these sorts of necklaces will never become a thing of the past. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy my post and your weekend!


ON THE RUN in an attempt to make it to work promptly. My tendency to arrive "fashionably-late" to practically everything developed during my freshman year in high school. Although I am altering certain things to make myself punctual, choosing my attire drains a significant amount of time. I can clearly recall the time when I was able to sit down, enjoy my breakfast and watch the morning news. But then again, I did not wear any makeup or care about the appearance of my hair. I started wearing makeup in college and I am still trying to find something appropriate and suitable for my face. There is so much on the market yet these products serve the same purpose... I will find the right look within time... Aside from that, I received this impeccable dress courtesy of OASAP a few days ago. Let's just say that the details and quality of the dress surprised me - this is something I could see at a high end department store. The colors appear true to what is advertised online and the stitching is exceptionally good. Click HERE to purchase.