Tres Chic

SUMMER'S DENOUEMENT caused a sudden rush of cold air which left a lingering chill. The last day of Summer was quite gloomy and it welcomed Autumn with dark skies and sprinkles. Although the departure of California's toasty heat occurred rapidly, sweater weather is now here! I prefer Autumn as opposed to Summer because I can finally wear layers and coats! Besides, I will no longer feel like I am melting every time I step outside! Anyways, I recently purchased this sweater from Forever 21 and my mom beaded the words Tres Chic for me! I decided to pair this outfit with a studded cross-body bag from Michael Kors. This would be my ideal back to school outfit... yes, including the heels since they are awkwardly comfortable! For those who have yet to see my article about the re-branding of my blog, read it HERE. Hope you guys like the new look of my blog and this outfit!


THERE COMES A TIME  where major changes must occur. After much thought, I have decided to completely change the name of my blog. Although I admire the current name of my blog, which translates to my latest addiction, it is difficult for many people, especially my American readers, to pronounce. I want people to be able to remember the name of my blog and actually be able to say it in its entirety. Therefore, the new name of my personal style diary is: invictus.

INVICTUS is latin for undefeated and unconquerable. Life creates many obstacles that may seem impossible to achieve and sometimes you'll fall down. You may struggle with things that seem effortless to others but you cannot give up. Be determined to get back up and do not let anyone stand in the way of your path toward success. Be passionate about your desires whether its academics, career, life or love. Strive to be better than the person you see in the mirror at this moment. Never, ever admit defeat.

New York State of Mind :: Part 1

THE UNEXPLAINABLE CHARM of New York City has an enormous hold over me. Immersing myself into the culture, people and stores gave me better insight toward the fast paced life in the city. For those who have been reading my blog, I went to New York in collaboration with Bloomingdales x Free People and it was an unforgettable experience. I do not have all the pictures yet but I will post them and tell you guys all about the shoot when they are in my possession! Anyways, I spent the rest of the afternoon and the next morning exploring the Big Apple and in my opinion, New York definitely lived up to the hype. Unfortunately, the humidity made the heat unbearable - nothing I have ever experienced in California!

For my 2 nights and 2 days in New York, I stayed at The James in SoHo. It is one of the newer hotels and it's pretty neat though I must say the atmosphere of the concierge area is a bit depressing. However, the view from the Jimmy on the rooftop was spectacular (first picture). For my expedition, I visited Washington Square Park and then I ventured to the Flatiron Building. I walked pass Flatiron and did not realize I was already at my destination until I turned around! It's unique design held my attention so I did the typical touristy thing and I took a bunch of pictures. When I got back to the hotel, I did some quick research and found that Robert Hooper's Nighthawks replica can be seen at the prow of Flatiron. So the next morning, I went back to Flatiron and was able to capture a picture of it! I then made my way to Times Square and a large amount of tourists were walking around with maps in their hands. I believe it would be better to explore the city when it is cooler... it was way to hot to enjoy the city in its entirety. Most of the buildings in New York have some sort of construction occurring above so random water drops might hit you...ew!!! Also, a plethora of people smoke and some of the streets reek from mysterious odors! Since I was already in the area, I decided to visit my final landmark, New York Public Library. I bet the Marchesa fashion show, which was situated in the library, was breathtaking. It is the prettiest library I have ever seen - made me feel like I was in Hogwarts! Hope you guys enjoy my pictures!

Golden Hour

JET-LAGGED.  If you guys have been keeping up with my blog, instagram and/or twitter, then you already know that I took a mini trip to the BIG APPLE! I am so thankful for the amazing opportunity Bloomingdales gave me and I will never forget the people I met however, I will tell you guys much more about my experience in an upcoming post with pictures! As for this outfit, I received this gorgeous dress courtesy of OASAP before my NYC trip. This dress is perfect for hot and humid days in both California or New York. It comes fully lined so no need for a slip and I could see myself wearing this out to lunch, to school (with wedges or flats, of course) or even to a casual party. I found it easy to accessorize this outfit and you guys can purchase it HERE!

Shades of Blue

DAY IN DANA POINT.  Jonathan and I decided to go out and find the elephants scattered around Dana Point - no, not real elephants, I wish! Anyways, we were able to find a few of the elephant statues but we drove passed numerous statues without realizing it since we didn't use the map. They were a delightful sight and there was one that was extremely peculiar. I don't know how many of you have seen the skittles commercial where the girl contracts, what I like to call, "skittles pox" from a boy since she pulls a skittle off his face and eats it...Whew, talk about a run on sentence. Anyways, there was an elephant that looked like it had a serious case of skittles pox (it is the last picture on this post!).

Exciting news alert! Remember when I said I had some news to share with you guys? Well here it is! Everything has been finalized and I will be going to New York in collaboration with Bloomingdales x Free People!! I will be documenting most of my trip on my other social media sites: INSTAGRAM and TWITTER [Let's stay connected!!]. I cannot wait to share my adventure with you guys! Some of you may have already seen this alert in a previous post however, my laptop glitched and that post was deleted.