Creme Puff

SCHOOL'S IN SESSION.  It is time to gather all your energy and force yourself to wake up early in the morning to attend class - such a lovely feeling, isn't it? Well, this is a typical outfit I would wear to class, minus the platforms of course! Since the humidity in California does not appear to be disappearing anytime soon, this outfit is ideal for those of you who have classes all day long. A backpack would appear a tad bit awkward with this outfit so I paired this with a messenger bag from Fiorelli. I am not a fan of crossing bags over my body so I usually raise the strap and loop it into a tight knot. For a simple summer look, I decided to match the bright color scheme of my skirt to my cardigan - the colors actually match prefectly! Anyways, I was debating on whether or not I should continue adding my titles in my pictures. Do you guys like it?

A Midsummer Night's Dream

BOHEMIAN ALLURE!  As Summer reaches its' conclusion, I wanted to take advantage of California's last bout of humid weather. Whenever I think of California, I conjure up images of palm trees swaying in the wind, watching sunsets on the beach with a live bonfire, taking a road trip through the desert in a convertible.... the list goes on. However, I also associate California with bohemian-like clothing. I can imagine a close group of girls dancing in a vast field at sunset in lace maxi dresses with feathers in their hair... but then again, that's just me, haha. So that thought inspired this look. Even though I am not in a maxi dress, I decided to pair this lace top with wide-legged pants from Forever 21. To give this ensemble a little something extra, I decided to take an old necklace from Limited Too and turn it into a headpiece. As for the news I have to share with you guys, I, unfortunately, have to make you guys wait a tiny bit more as things are being finalized!

Jailhouse Rock

ASTONISHED! I have some exciting news I cannot wait to share with you guys! I am not obliged to keep it a secret however, I am choosing to wait until everything is finalized. As for this outfit, I decided to FINALLY wear my Prabal Gurung for Target heels. I scurried to a nearby Target on the release day to get my hands on these babies before they ran out of my size. I honestly forgot about them but as I was searching through some belts and trinkets, I found these still wrapped in the original box! I must say that they're extremely comfortable (hooray!). I do not usually clash prints but I believe that this top works well with my heels, don't you think? This top was a total score at TJ Maxx!

Cherry Blossom

CALM BREEZE in August. It is gradually getter colder in the afternoon and I cannot believe Summer is almost over! I used to grieve over the end of Summer however, I am now studying independently and working. I was debating on whether or not I should take more classes to be a more competitive candidate but that can wait until later. Anyways, grades from my summer class recently came out and I am extremely satisfied! As of now, I am reading numerous health related/medical blogs and following many on Twitter to obtain inspiration. I am constantly checking statistics of graduate schools and the competition in California is preposterous. So many questions are looming in my mind... such as: Where should I apply? Do I have the right experiences? How can I show my leadership abilities? What quality does each medical school look for in an applicant? The list goes on... but first? What will become of my blog? Don't worry! I have lots of posts that are waiting to be published!

Onward to this outfit. I immediately fell in love with this dress when I saw it HERE so I had to have it! However, I must say that it is IMPOSSIBLE to drive in. Unless you have someone else driving you around, I suggest you do something else to it... which is exactly what I did. The last picture demonstrates what the unaltered dress looks like. The sleeves are pretty long and I have this constant fear that if I sit down without scrunching the dress up, it will RIP. So to make driving and maneuvering around easier, I decided to use the two sleeves to form a bow that sits at the waist. Creative, huh? Haha. Hope you enjoy my pictures in this post!


DAYTIME ALLURE on my post after my final! For those of you who are following me on Twitter, you already know that I took my last Undergraduate final on Tuesday - I can finally relax! Anyways, I finally renewed my TB shot that was long overdue! Time to start shadowing and volunteering again! As for this outfit, Jonathan and I decided to take some quick pictures. I have only worn the dress, featured in this post, once for Baccalaureate in high school. It was a special occasion that demanded something more so a chardonnay colored bow was added; focusing on minute details and adding accessories can sure change your outfit! I would consider this as one of my more casual dresses however, it can definitely be worn to a party. I am quite petite so I decided to pair this dress with a pair of pale salmon platforms to elongate my legs!