White Out

SUMMER WHITES. Even though Summer is right around the corner, it is still pretty chilly in Southern California. If you guys have been visiting my blog, you may have noticed some changes to my layout. I am still not satisfied with my layout or banner but I do not have time to change it at the moment. For the past few weeks, I devoted almost 100% of my time to research. Yes, I procrastinated and waited two weeks before the research symposium to get ready... I was scrambling around to organize and make sense of my data which I will presented today! For those of you who don't know, the annual undergraduate research symposium is an opportunity to show professors, students, visitors and anyone interested in research what you have been working on for the past year or so. I posted some pictures of my poster onto my twitter and instagram. I personally think it looks good :D

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Floral Mélange

LAST MIDTERM as an undergraduate! I am officially done with midterms! Well, that is if I decide not to take any summer courses. Though I am a bit relieved, I still have a lab report to write and I have to frantically organize my data to make a poster for the Undergraduate Research Symposium next Saturday! My project is entitled "Incidence of Postoperative Diabetes Following Distal Pancreatectomy vs. the Whipple Procedure." The lack of sleep is draining every ounce of energy left in my body. However this is my last quarter and I am going to end it strong. My research is literally scattered all over my desk and in various USBs so I am going to work day and night to have it done, hopefully, by next Tuesday. Fingers crossed!

As for this particular outfit, I received the floral pants pictured here courtesy of Chictopia and LuLu's. Although spring is reaching an end, I can't get enough of floral prints! As you all may be aware, coral is "in" this season and it matched perfectly with these pants. When I first received these pants, I did not have anything to pair it with so my mom decided to take apart an old top and use it as a pattern to make a new one! Yes, the top I am wearing is another one of my mom's designs!