The Dainty Flower Blouse

MODERN ROMANTIC. Do you guys ever ponder about what life and culture would be like if you lived in another era? Well for some odd reason, creme colored clothing reminds me Paris in the 1950's or the Shakespearean era of Romeo and Juliet. I recently received this meticulous blouse from OASAP which you can puchase HERE! Though it took over a month to arrive, it was definitely worth the excruciating wait! Everything about this chiffon blouse from the crystallized buttons, to the beaded flowers on the collar, to the 3D flowers screams elegance and sophistication. If you are not already aware, I am a extremely attracted to lady like attire. And who says you have to spend an enormous amount of money to look good? It's like the good ole saying:


As for my routine complaints about life per post, I still have a lot to accomplish. I have an upcoming midterm, lab reports, quizzes, requirements to finish for my induction into Sigma Alpha Pi, research information to gather for my presentation at the Undergraduate Research Symposium in May, graduation this June!! The rest of 2013 is going to be fun. I will continue posting as often as I can! Hope you guys enjoy this post! Until next time!

Aquamarine Lemondrop

LAST QUARTER OF MY UNDERGRADUATE, SENIOR YEAR. Thrilled, petrified, and restless of what the future holds. This will probably be my most stressful quarter to date... memories of taking the SAT, applying to colleges as a junior in high school and writing personal statements are coming back to haunt me. Oh, the life of Biology students is never without a dull moment. Anyways, Tuesday marks my first day back to school and I am still unsure of what I will be taking (this happens every quarter... I usually enroll in a bunch of classes and end up dropping some by the end of my first week). However I will be taking Molecular Biology lab as my last upper division biology lab... Every one I know believes I am insane since there are quizzes twice a week and labs due practically every lab session - hardest Biology lab at my school - whoo hoo! Pardon me if my posts become less frequent within the coming months... school is REALLY starting to consume me!

As for this outfit, I was feeling pretty tropical even though it has been quite gloomy in Southern California. I ran toward my drawer and pulled out this skirt my mom made some time ago. I wanted to pair this mint polka dot skirt with a bright top so I chose my old neon yellow Zara top! I also wanted a chance to finally wear my mint cat-eyes sunglasses which matched perfectly with my skirt!