Pastel Mirage

ADIEU SUGARS. I am ending collaboration post with SUGARLIPS. I, like the majority of bloggers, find myself developing some sort of intense infatuation when I receive gifts. The sensation of opening up a new package with a garment or piece of jewelry waiting inside is quite pleasing. Reviewing products is something I truly enjoy doing however, negative reviews are bound to occur though most bloggers do not publicly engage in... how should I state this... "abominable" reviews. Throughout my collaboration with Sugarlips, I have received many items that were up to par and looked exactly as they did online. Unfortunately, the zipper on my "MISS VIOLETA DRESS" HERE was broken. I do not know if that was because of poor quality or it was simply a sample for bloggers to try on and promote. At that point, I was a bit disheartened. After that, they sent me this dress featured in my "DARK KNIGHT" HERE and "QUINTESSENTIAL CAPE" HERE. That dress fit perfectly and I found nothing wrong with it. Unfortunately, something major happened with my most recent item. I tried the blazer, seen here, on and mixed and matched my clothing with it to see what looked best. I was on my way out when my mom stopped me and told me the entire back was ripped. That's right. The entire middle seam running down the back was ripped - thread was flying all over the place. After some emergency sewing, it was good as new. I know I am supposed to promote this product but how can I after something like that happens. You guys can see or purchase this blazer HERE. This blazer is really light weight and I would pair it with any pastel colored item. Though it is big, its' ease and color makes it fit for Spring. 

They say when one door closes another door opens, right? Well, it happened faster then I could imagine. eShakti is continuing to sponsor me! I thought my collaboration with them would be a one time thing but we are continuing our relationship. They have an amazing concept since the clothes are made "just for you!" Customization services are offered and this dress, featured HERE , fit me like a glove! If you guys use the PROMO CODE: DRENNENGYE , you will automatically receive 20% off your order! Hurry since this promotion ends on March 1st!

Linton T. Simmons :: Purple Zig-Zags

CIRCULATING MEMORIES. My mom and I were in Garden Grove so we decided to make a detour to my old elementary school. Though I did not spend my entire childhood academic career (K-6) at this school, it contains some of the memories I will hold on to for a long time if not forever. I can recall every injury I received while I was at this school from monkey bar blisters, scratches from accidentally rolling down the slides (literally!), handballs bouncing around and hitting me, to a girl stabbing me in the hand with a pencil... the lead piece was lodged into my hand which I still think is there... ANYWAYS, elementary school laid the foundation of my musical passion. I began playing my violin in 3rd or 4th grade, I was in the school choir, and I played in after-school music ensembles (I loved playing the xylophone!). I then joined the school orchestra after developing my skills and that was the catalyst for my appreciation of classical music. I was that girl who you always found in orchestra year after year. In high school, I ended up becoming concert master! Thinking back, I should have taken advantage of my "power." Yes, I know, live life without any regrets however, I was too naive to actually understand the importance of the position I held. I enjoyed being part of an ensemble and I truly do miss it. I decided to join an additional group and I met incredible violinists in the Vietnamese American Philharmonic. I wish I had more time to enjoy the simple things in life. 

When I laid this outfit out, I wanted to add a pop of hot pink but things always look radically different when I put it on. Does that ever happen to you guys? You think it looks good on the hanger and then you put it on, look at the mirror and your immediate reaction is WHAT THE ****!? Haha. Following that reaction, I decided to pair this outfit with some pale pinks. Of course, I could not resist adding some bold color into my outfit thus why I have carrot sunnies on!

The Giving Tree

SHEL SILVERSTEIN'S The Giving Tree was one of my favorite children's book. Thought I would mention that since I am wearing brown and green together in this post! So the weather in Southern California could not be any more awkward than it has been this past month. Last week, I had to wear lots of layers and coats to keep warm however today was completely different - I think I would have been okay with a light cardigan, tank top, and shorts. 

At the moment, I am working on my lab report. Do you guys prefer doing things online or by hand? For this particular lab, Developmental & Cell Biology, I have to turn in reports via Sparklix - an electronic lab notebook. At first I felt a tad uneasy since I like writing things out however I actually prefer it now since I can copy results from a previous lab into my current report - makes like a bit more easier! As for my major classes, I take notes in class via iPad and paper then I go home, re-listen to lecture (yes, I am one of those nerdy people who brings in a voice recorder and records lectures), take notes on PDFs or Powerpoints, and then write more hand notes. Time consuming? Yes but I know the material inside and out. 

After I finish this report, I am off to study for my midterm in Virology and Immunology next Tuesday. Lots to do! Fingers crossed this studying pays off :D