EVER DREAMED ABOUT GOING TO NYFW? I was ecstatic when I received an email from Fashiolista stating I was chosen as one of the 30 up and coming bloggers in the running for a chance to attend NYFW! I could not believe that I was chosen as a contestant! I am running against some of my favorite bloggers with enormous followings so it is such an honor to be included!

Here's a once in a lifetime opportunity to join yours truly at NYFW this February! The prize includes 1 return ticket from NYFW, 3 nights stay at a hotel, 2 fashion shows, and an outfit styled by Miss KL. Only Fashiolista members can vote so if you don't already have an account, please make one and vote, vote, vote! This contest ends January 14th. 


The Spark of Light

2012, A YEAR TO REMEMBER. I mean we all survived the over-hyped "end of the world," we watched the Hostess Bankruptcy play out, we saw President Obama win re-election, the New York Giants won their 4th superbowl, we all watched a snippet here and there of the London Olympics, the iPhone 5 came out, Space Shuttle Endeavour made its way to California (I have pictures on my Twitter!) and how can anyone forget Gangnam Style? However, America was hit by tragic, violent acts that resulted in the lost of precious lives and Mother Nature's wrath. With that said, 2012 is coming to an end and it's time to look 2013 with our heads held high and see what it has to offer. I know applications and personal statements are definitely going to consume me. 2013 will also mark a pivotal moment in my life since I will be graduating with a Bachelor's of Science in Biological Sciences. Do you guys have anything planned for 2013?

The Quintessential Cape

EVERY GIRL needs a cape - at least that's what I believe! I bought this cape about a year ago however it never felt right to wear since it was never "cold enough" in Southern California. It's my favorite cape and it's very versatile since it can be paired with anything and everything! I went out to Fashion Island a few days ago then I left for Sprinkle's Cupcakes and finished the night with revolving table Sushi! As I started eating, the owner of the sushi shop came out and said there was a shooting at Fashion Island! Shocked and curious, I googled it and it happened about an hour after I left! The entire mall was evacuated, according to Google! Fortunately, no one was injured. With the recent shootings in China and Newtown, Connecticut, I bet everyone is a bit anxious about  leaving the house. It's tragic how the lives of so many people were taken especially during the holiday season. I cannot imagine the kind of pain and grief the entire town of Newtown is facing. My heart and prayers go out to all of those who were affected by this random act of evil and violence.

Dark Knight

WINTER BREAK is finally in full swing! I suffered from an intolerable cold yesterday since I was out in the rain all day in shorts, a thin cape, and a tank top - I figured that it wouldn't rain but Mother Nature decided to put her wrath against me. However, after being under covers and being forced to take medicine, (I usually let things take their own natural course but my mom made me take medication since I sneezed over 20 times consecutively!) I am 100% better! Anyways, I received this dress courtesy of Sugarlips about two weeks ago and I finally had the opportunity to go out and take pictures! I was definitely surprised at the quality of the fabric and design. I thought it would be a typical dress you see at Forever 21 but I underestimated it. You can purchase it HERE.

Miss Violeta

THE SUN ALSO RISES even though it's been raining in Orange County. Oh, as a side note, that novel was one of my favorites in high school by Ernest Hemingway. Finals are in less than two weeks and the end of my undergraduate years are starting to hit me. It's time to devote more time to school and get rock solid grades. I am planning on staying at research longer so I can update my database to have enough information to present at the symposium May 2013, doing more clinical work, and becoming more active in community service (I haven't been able to do a lot this quarter since I'm taking pretty dense courses...which is pretty unsettling since I love volunteering). I will update my blog to the best of my ability but I must say that school is more important to me. However, I can promise that I will have a new post up by December 14th at the latest. Hope you guys understand!

As for my outfit, I received this dress from Sugarlips which you guys can purchase HERE. When I received this dress, I have to admit that I did not like it. It is not something I would even try on at the mall if I saw it on the racks but I wanted to make it work. I went through my accessories and tried to mix and match things to see if I could make it "mine" and put my own personality into it. After scouring through jewelry, belts, and shoes, I finally found the perfect combination and this is the result.