Coral Me Happy

PASTELS. Though Summer is coming to an end, I cannot get enough of Easter inspired colors; it's quite obvious what my favorite color is from this post! I spent the day walking through South Coast Plaza and it seems more crowded every time I go. I assume people were trying to catch some steals since summer attire is currently at incredibly low prices. Anyways, many stores have their Fall/Winter clothes on full display but with the weather we are experiencing in California, the thought of trying on next season's clothes seems a bit absurd.  

I will be taking my last Physics Final, EVER, this Wednesday! So I will dedicate the next few days toward my studies. After that, I will be a free bird! Unfortunately, Jonathan starts school tomorrow. Just my luck, I finish Summer Session 2 and he starts his last academic, undergraduate school year. Good thing he only goes to school three days a week! 

As for this particular outfit, I bought this dress about 4 years ago, in Melbourne, Australia, and haven't found the opportunity to wear it until now! The wind makes magic with this dress though it's a bit thin. Furthermore, I wanted to add a "pop" of color so I decided to pair this dress with a purple statement necklace. I kept the rest of this outfit within the same color tone since I wanted to keep the focus on my dress. 

I'm using lookbook again so don't forget to hype my look! Thanks !

// Betsey Johnson Ring // Z Spoke Zac Posen Zac Sac Satchel // Chanel Sunglasses // Marco Santi Platforms //

"Getty" Up

A DAY IN LOS ANGELES. I realized that I start off my of outfit posts by complaining about the weather in Southern California but how could I not? It's not getting any better! Anyways, Jonathan and I arrived at the Getty Museum in the morning however, to our dismay, the museum parking lot was full! It was a pain getting there due to all the construction and the guys wearing those neon construction vests told us to come back at 1:30PM, heavy sigh. Fortunately, Jonathan had his niffy GPS in the car so we decided to explore Beverly Hills. After some time, we went back to the Getty and we spent a few hours observing/analyzing paintings and sculptures. We then walked through the garden and the sun was literally burning my skin. We left soon after and ate at a restaurant called bld (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner... isn't that a creative name?). Jonathan snapped some pictures of me outside the restaurant and then we decided to trek up to the Hollywood sign. I wonder how the residents feel about tourists/explorers taking pictures in front of their property and taking up a lot of the parking spots. Must be a pain to deal with everyday... especially with those narrow roads! 

Acting like a tacky tourist with my map(s)!!

// Zara Shorts // Chanel Sunglasses // Rebecca Minkoff Bag // Poetic License Sandals // 


92° Fahrenheit. My mom and I went to look for home goods so we decided to take pictures in the parking structure directly across Z Gallerie. Besides that, I honestly cannot wait for the weather to cool down! The sun burns me while I'm driving and whenever I get out of my car, the humidity strikes me thus I start sweating profusely. My closet is densely packed with fall/winter attire - I cannot wait to start wearing and uploading outfit pictures on my blog! Coats, jackets, turtlenecks, cardigans, boots, stockings, long sleeved shirts, pants, hats... I'm getting excited just thinking about it :D ! However, I must cope with the heatwave in Southern California for, I hope, one more month. 

When the weather starts cooling down, it's a clear indication that school's in session. I start pretty late, September 27th. I still have to drop a few classes, fill out paperwork to continue research, and attempt to add Virology or Immunology. As of now, I have 2 weeks left of Physics Lab... which reminds me that I should start studying for the practical! However, some poor souls, such as my boyfriend, Jonathan, are starting school in a week, suckers :P !! Stay cool, kiddos! 

// Zara Top // Abercrombie Shorts // Marc Fisher Heels // Chanel Sunglasses // Reed Krakoff Boxer Bag //


EDITED my photos, finally. The only thing I usually do is resize and highlight or remove shadows however, I decided to actually play around with this set of photos. I think these look much better than the originals which were quite bright since the sun was shining directly above me. I'm starting to take fewer photos since it's such a pain to filter through all of them. My mom used to take 600-700 photos per outfit in about 30 minutes! That was, obviously, too much so it's around 200 photos now, whew! Furthermore, I will make an effort to always keep my camera on me so I can document all the little things I do on a daily basis. I believe a quality fashion blog should not only incorporate outfit pictures but also snippets of activities or sights that occurred that particular day. 

It is just too humid to do anything; all I did was go to Physics lab. I decided to wear one of my most lightweight, summer dresses to survive the increasing temperatures! I got this dress when I started college (almost 4 years ago) and I've worn it once or twice. I purchased this dress at a boutique in Orange County... I wish I remembered which one! 

On another note, I should be more careful of the things I consume. My pancreas just started flaring up again which is an incredibly horrible sign for me. I will have to cut back on my vigorous exercises and resume eating healthy, leans foods. That also means I will not be eating out so often... I would rather play it safe and avoid all greasy, oily foods then wind up in the hospital again... Looks like I need to stock up on berries!

// Marco Santi Heels // Reed Krakoff Boxer Bag // Chanel Sunglasses //

Shoreline Village

AN EVENING at Shoreline Village in Long Beach with Jonathan. It's a cute little village with an amazing view of the Queen Mary and lighthouses! I love cruising along the beach but this place was really humid and sticky...  probably because of the unbearable heat in Southern California! The entire village is decorated with colorful shops which reminded me of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans! There's also an adorable hat shop with really peculiar hats! 

Anyways, I have 3 more weeks left of Physics Lab and I will be done with Physics forever! Do you guys start sneezing when it gets really hot? I do and it's really irritating but I digress...

As for the outfit, I've had this top for quite some time but never really wore it since I couldn't find a bottom for it! I opted for some blue shorts and added pops of color with yellow wedges and an orange bag! You can't go wrong with bright colors in the summer!

The Olympics ends today! I won't have anything else to watch during the summer :( ! Men's diving and Track & Field was epic! I actually found those events more intriguing than any event at the Olympics. Congrats Team USA!

// Zara Shorts // Seychelles Wedges // Charles David Handbag // Dior Sunglasses //