The Quintessential Bag

A Dolce and Gabbana inspired look from the 2009 Cruise Collection; I remember imitating a lot of the looks from this collection during my senior year in high school! I am a huge fan of bows and I have loved the color pink ever since I was a child. 

Anyways, splurging on brand name clothing isn't always ideal so I opt for imagination and D.I.Y. projects! You can always find my mom and I working on something whether it be clothes or home goods! It's actually really fun coming up with inspired looks and making the cheap look chic! I will definitely do more inspired looks in the future :D

And now, I will present the newest addition to my collection of bags... well, actually my mom's collection. I'm just "borrowing" it (: It's a Lady Dior! 

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// I.N.C. top (old) + DIY Bow // I.N.C. Pants (old) // Diane von Furstenburg Heels // Lady Dior Bag // Forever 21 Bracelet // Flower Ring from L.A. // Chanel Sunglasses //

Chained Jailbird

Sorry for the lack of posts! I just finished up the first half of Summer Session with an essay for Scientific Writing. That class was so tedious... lots of busy work! Anyways, now I have some time to gather more information for my research. I only have research and Physics Lab left this summer! 

Today was like any other Friday. I got up early to get ready for research and I ended up arriving late, as usual, since I could not find anything to wear; it's a habit I cannot break! Besides that, I would like to gather more patients for my database (I'm working on the rate of diabetes after particular surgeries). I have some gaps that need to be filled but I do not want to work with this old sketchy program called TDS. I might end up reforming my hypothesis! 

Afterward, I volunteered with Music to Heal. I would really like to play my violin however, it just feels so out of place at a hospital. I saw a violinist in the lobby and she was manipulating scales to make music. Just add some vibrato and a few techniques here and there and voila! I might end up doing that in the future (: As for now, I am on a keyboard that doesn't contain all the keys! I remember messing up horribly the first time I volunteered with this program. My right hand was going up the keys and bam... there was a loud clunk! I literally pounded the keyboard and nearly knocked it over (by the way, the stand holding up the keyboard is pretty weak!). 

// Forever 21 Top // Forever 21 Pants // Harajuku Lovers Heels // Badgley Mischka bag // Dior Sunglasses //

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Red Pepper

I received this amazing dress courtesy of SUGARLIPS which can be purchased HERE! The style and material is definitely of much higher quality than I expected! If you guys are looking for an easy, breezy dress to beat the summer heat, this dress fulfills that criteria! 

 Anyways, I decided to take a break from my studies to take pictures! Even though there was a slight breeze, the scorching sun caused me to sweat profusely the moment I stepped out of my car. Furthermore, I am running out of locations to take pictures that are close to my home! I'm the type of person who likes seeing variety on blogs so I will probably venture to other cities!



Yes, my mom and I took pictures on the street! I bet the cars passing by thought I was a freak! Oh, the things personal style/fashion bloggers do!

// Dress from SUGARLIPS buy HERE // BCBG MaxAzria Heels // Jimmy Choo Blythe Bag //


My workload is slowly piling up! 
I have two assignments (essays) due on Wednesday that I have yet to start... whoops!

I just received this amazing gold necklace from OASAP which you can buy HERE. I have lots of gold necklaces however, none can actually "act" as a collar. This one does an amazing job and I can actually see this becoming an everyday staple! The design on the necklace is quite exquisite and it matches a lot of the things I own!


 // Gold Necklace c/o OASAP- buy HERE // Poetry Clothing Top // Forever 21 Pants // Seychelles Wedges // Chanel Sunglasses // Reed Krakoff Boxer Tote //

Tropical Feeling

My mom and I went to Saks Fifth Avenue in search for an iPad cover- I had my eyes on a black leather Tory Burch cover but I was unable to find it. Unfortunately, Saks does not carry Tory Burch accessories in stores. HOWEVER, the Reed Krakoff portion of the store soon acquired my full attention! I had my eyes on this bad boy when it first came out and now I can officially call it mine!

// Tracy Reese NEW YORK  dress // Reed Krakoff Boxer Tote // Fergie Heels // Chanel Heels // Lucky Brand Necklace // Ring bought in Los Angeles //