Prim and Proper

Taking a quick break from studying to make an outfit post! 

Looking for locations to take pictures at is definitely a challenge. Sometimes I put in a lot of effort to choose a location does not offset my outfit but other times, I just want to find a unique looking spot. Lately, I find myself choosing business/corporate complexes. Yes, I take outfit pictures when there are still people inside the building-working. They probably think I'm a total freak for taking pictures in front of objects they see on a daily basis. Haha. Little do they know that these "every day objects" make remarkable backdrops! 

It is starting to warm up in Southern California so I might be taking pictures at the beach soon. I decided to take Physics Lab and Scientific Writing in the summer so I might visit the beach before or after my classes- it's only about ten minutes away!

I first wore this dress (by Zara) to the Melbourne Spring Fashion Show. I never made a post about this dress so I decided to pull it out from the back of my closet (:



// Zara Dress // Diane von Furstenburg Black Calf Rhiannon Block Heels // Dior Sunglasses //


I did EXTREMELY well on my Microbiology quiz! But I will not slack off, I still have two more midterms in two weeks so I will be studying a bit each day to stay on top of things! 

As for today, I went orientation for Music to Heal and it took a lot longer than I expected. I went to get my badge first and my picture looks pretty gross. I never turn out well in pictures... The picture is really pixelated and it makes me look "high." However it was great! My friend gave me a tour of the place and where she likes to perform. Though I have yet to start playing with this program, it seems amazing. I really want to pick up my violin again and this is just perfect for me! I get to be immersed in the medical field and bring, hopefully, joy to patients when I play my violin!

These pictures were taken in some random industrial complex near the railroad tracks in my blog post Aviate, Navigate, Communicate


// Nick & Mo Top // Kensie Pretty High Waisted Flared Trousers // Guess Heels // Badgley Mischka Hat // Chanel Sunglasses // Jimmy Choo Bag //


Terribly sorry for the time lag between posts! 

I went out to take pictures this weekend but I had absolutely no time to filter through them! I was busy doing Mastering Physics (Physics Homework) and studying for my Microbiology Quiz which occurred today! Anyways, I hate talking about how I felt the exam was afterwards because I usually jinx myself! Since I pushed Physics aside for about a week, I will commence my studying for my upcoming Physics midterm!

I will try my best to maintain constant posts. As for now, I am off to do homework for Physics Lab. Oh what joy. I just want this week to be over!


// Sunny Leigh Dress // Vince Camuto Bracelet // Adrienne Vittadini Bag // Andrea Sandals // Saks Fifth Avenue Ring // Dior Sunglasses // Jones New York Necklace //

A Delightful Sight


I wish I got more studying this week but I have been quite busy. I walked across campus 4 times yesterday because I forgot my calculator in lab, dropped off things in my car ( I'm not a big fan of carrying loads of books around school), met up with people... Anyways, Thursdays would have to be my most dreadful days (8AM-5PM). I have a 4 hour gap in between, that is, if I don't finish Physics lab early, and the library is always full ): 

I cannot believe exams are already coming up! I have to go into crunch mode and memorize a bunch of things for Microbiology... I'm afraid I might overlook a detail that ends up on the exam! As of now, it is currently raining in Orange County and I have 1 hour until class. If the rain lets up, I might take pictures of my outfit!

My mom made this dress for me! I wore a similar one HERE but it was colorblocked as Green, Blue, and Off White. My mom and I are planning on starting an online website specializing in clothing and accessories so be on the lookout! We are still debating on a name but once we finalize our decision, we will start printing out labels and I will make a big announcement on my blog!

// DIY Dress by my mom // Chinese Laundry Heels // Z Spoke Zac Posen Zac Sac Satchel // Dior Sunglasses // 


I wanted to add a touch of pink to this outfit but I decided to keep it "classy and sophisticated" by keeping it black and white! To make my outfit look more chic, I decided to add some opulent details with gold accessories.

My mom made this top when she was young so I thought I would wear it now and add more own spin to it! She also made this skirt which matches with any color top- it's extremely versatile!

// DIY top by my mom // Diane von Furstenburg Black Calf Rhiannon Block Heels // DIY Skirt by my mom // Chanel Sunglasses // Vintage Bag //